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Awesome Theme :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)


I have two questions in order to purchase the theme:

1. Does the theme modify any core files of opencart? 2. Any idea if this theme will be able to work with the blog manager system created by Qahar:

Thank You in advance for your feedback. :)

By the way AWESOME theme!



We will reply you asap.

Best regards, support team

Thank you so much regarding your quick reply. How can I rate the theme! :)

You can rate the theme in your TF account download section. Thank you.

Best regards, support team

I’ve found live implementation of your theme, maybe you (and your future clients) will be interested:

Great job!

thank you. interesting website.

Unishop – Responsive for opencart will comming soon?

Hello thanhson,

I will think about this.

Best Regards.

There’s a spelling mistake mate on the cover where it says “Unlimited Colours” Just letting you know :) Regards,

Thank you. We will fix this issue.

Hey there! This is awesome and I might be purchasing, if I have my question answered:

Can I add VIDEO to the Main Slider at the Homepage? I’m a professional xhtml/css/php, so I won’t have problems related to codes. But I have to know if it will work.


Hello, BeatyMann

Our main slider on the header should contain only images. But you can replace it with some other slider which can proccess video files (for example parallax). This is not dificult update if you familiar with html/css.

Best regards, support team

thank you!

Hi, By changing the template to dresscode I receive the following error :

Notice: Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘DELETE FROM ?:setting WHERE `store_id` = ‘0’ AND `group` = ‘affiliate’; DELETE ’ at line 2 Error No: 1064 DELETE FROM oc_extension WHERE `type` = ‘module’ AND `code` = ‘affiliate’; DELETE FROM

I see that the sql statements are not complete. Is this a bug , how can I fix it?


Hello, kocaer

Please, check if you have upload files of our theme in binary (not ASCII and automati?) mode. If you still have problem, submit ticket with this issue here – Also, provide you ftp/admin credentials. We will check it on your webserver.

Best regards, support

faulty theme do not support bad dealer

Hi, markaadresi

What did you mean? If you have any problems please, submit ticket – We will check the issue on your webserver.

Best regards, support team

Hi please i wanna purchase it with arabic language


Hi, multilanguage is the default functionality of basic opencart software.

i know that but some themes i downloaded didn’t support arabic lang and i can’t convert it 2 arabi is yours support that ?.

You can install unlimited number of any languages. But during theme developing we’ve created additional blocks, in which additional language constants were implemented. When you load other language, you need to copy in it all these additional constants from English and translate them manually. Anyone who uses any non-default theme need to do the same actions.

Best regards, support team


I notice the details say this theme is compatible with OpenCart 1.5.5, but is it 100% compatible with Version

Look forward to a quick response.


?i, yes of course. It is fully compatible with this version.

Hello “etheme”,

Congratulations for your nice theme.

I just have a few, but probably very easy questions to solve. Forgive me if they are too simple but I’m new in all this.

I was checking the Live Preview and using it as if I was a customer. It seems that there is no way (or at least, I don’t find it) to check the product comparison list, other than having to add another product to the list. Then, it will appear the link for it. What about if, as a possible customer, I don’t want to add a new product in order to get to the comparison list, but I want to access to it directly from the top menu as there is Wish List or My Cart buttons?

By the way, once a product is already added to the comparison list, but by mistake you click it again, is it possible to change the message that appears saying “You have added…to the Comparison List” to the more appropiate (I believe): “This item is already in your Comparison List”.

I guess for the Payment method would be possible to add many others and not just the one that shows on the Live Preview (Cash on Delivery), right?

On the bill, is it possible too to specify the Taxes and not just Price and Shipping Rate?

Is there a demo for the Theme Administration?

I’m sorry for all the many easy questions. But, like I wrote before I’m a real beginner. :-)

Hello, Findings

1) Ok, we will add Product Compare link in the header according to your reccomendations.

2) We will think about your offer referring already added products to the comparison list.

3) Of course there are a lot of other diferent options in the Payment method. Everything is measured only by standard opencart functionality. The same answer is for the bill question.

4) Unfortuntately there is no demo for the Theme adnistration. We will think about this option.

Thank you for your feedback.

Best regards, support team


Your theme is attractive.

I would like to know can the heading & footer background color change from black to others? If so, how to change it?

Thank you

Hello, mttmm

There is no such option through the admin panel. But this is easy update through the correspondent css file. May be we will add this feature to the admin panel in the future updates.

Best regards, support team


I followed the instruction guide to install the theme and come across problems.

The main page of top banner slider does not show correctly. It shows the banner image of default theme instead. I followed the guide of part 5 “slider – top(#contents)” to config the slider (System -> Design -> Banners), but it does not have the Top Slider for choose, it only shows HP Products, Manufacturers & Samsung Tab these 3 banners name for choose.

The image layout of main page does not like your live preview demo. It shows static block of featured and brand name images, just like the default theme. And the images show vertically rather than horizontally.

I can send screenshots for the above problems if you want.

Also, would you please reply what size of product photos are suggest for this theme to use?

I want to change the heading & footer background color from black to other. Which css file correspond to this part?

Thank you

Hello, mttmm.

Please, submit ticket with this problem here –

Also, provide ftp/admin credebtials. Our support stuff will check the issue.

Best regards, support team

Very nice work! Good luck with sales

Thank you!

Hello Vlad,

How difficult is to add on the Products Another Options (such as Size) and not just Quantity, as shown on the demo?

Thanks for the quick reply earlier. :-)

By the way, the top banner seems to not be shown correctly or the pictures (with the info) appears to be cut half on, at least, small tablets. How is it possible to solve this?


Hello, Findings

The process of adding different options/atributes to the product is usual and standard (as on the default magento software). Referring noncorrect pictures, can you send me the screenshot Please, keep in mind – you should turn off frame when you are viewing theme on mobile devices.

Best regards, suppport team


Nice work !!!

Do you have french language available on your theme ?

Or do we need to do it manually ?

Thanks for your quick reply


Opencart is multilanguage software. We are using default features of basic opencart software. You should install french language manually.

Best regards, support team

any admin demo?

Hello, venturenet.

No, we haven’t admin demo.

Best regards, support team

Does this theme modify any core files of OpenCart?

Hello, NBA1325

No, we didn’t modify any core files.

Best regards, support team

Sory, some core files were modified. Those updates were caused by nonstandard veiw of our theme.

Best regards, support team