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Hello, i was thinking about buying this template but i realised that the custom block on the product page ain’t responsive. (doesn’t show on mobile view)

Can this be fixed?

also, does your theme support multi languages now, as this is a deal breaker for me. And i’m sure for a lot of others…

Hello umdt,

Yes, you can enable it. You have to change 1 css class from “display:none” to “display:block”. Our developer will point you to needed file.

Multi language is default OpenCart feature. Read more details here –

Best regards, support team

Yes i Know multilanguage is a stock option ;) could you maybe enable it on the template demo so i can check the styling?

Hello umdt,

I enable it on demo. Clear your browser cache if you don’t see changes.

Best regards, support team

Is the custom block multilingual?

Yes, multilingual.

i’m sorry but i can’t see the language selector on demo after cleaning cache

Hello umdt,

I will add additional language on my demo. Please recheck demo in 2-3 hours.

Best regards, support team

I just saw your change log. What did the update “some “hard code” texts’re made as variables” do?

Hello dtblingerie,

These texts were done for Newsletter block

Best regards, support team

i have seen in your updates: “increasing compatibility with vqmod” is it fully vqmod compatible?

Hello umdt,

We include theme files in .tpl and it didn’t work with vqmod.

Now it fixed.

Best regards, support team

Hello, one last question, is it possible to easyly change the behavior of the hover effect on products on all pages exept the product page? What i would like is an opacity O.7 layer that apears on mouse over in all pages showing the products, with html capacity. like those: This is a must have for my shop. Is the css code easy to add to your code? And is there a custom.css file that overide other css files, to make my changes, so any update of the template does not erase changes? Thanks,

Hello umdt,

It need custom changes.

I don’t study css code in your example. As for me it’s not an issue to change rollover effect in Dresscode theme.

Theme doesn’t have custom.css file for now. We will think about this feature in future updates.

Best regards, support team

I just bought the theme. I’m new to opencart so a simple question: When installing your theme i realised it was overwriting system files, what will happen on the next opencart update? thanks,

Hello umdt,

We will release theme update compatible with new OpenCart version.

Best regards, support team

Ok, but if i have highly modified the theme,changes will be lost… Is there a way i can make changes without having to document everysingle change to apply them again when the update comes… PAINFULL :) Any solution?

Hello umdt,

We provide SVN .diff files within theme package. Read more about diff format here –

You can also use versioning control system for your code changes. It will help you to merge modified files.

Best regards, support team

A suggestion…

It would be very useful to most Opencart users if you could at some time in the future add instructions on how to use the Diff file to upgrade.

Most purchasers do not have any idea of how to use SVN etc. unless they are developers.

Perhaps you could add the info to the Theme Readme html file?


Thank you for feedback.

SVN is quite complex technology and out of scope of theme support. It’s bonus files for people who are familiar with SVN technology.

Best regards, support team

Is there a way to make the slideshow pause when a user hovers over a slide?


Please submit ticket to our support system


I am fuming, I have had enough of this template and wondered how I would go about removing it, as I just seem to have more problems than anything. Thing is when I am trying to change it, it wont work with any other template now, so please could you tell me how to get it sorted asap.


Hello EyeCandi,

Please submit ticket to Our developer will reply you ASAP

Best regards, support team

I have the latest version of Opencart (1.5.6) and your latest update that was posted on the 15th; however, I am still having the following problems. I agree with EyeCandi – I have spent more time resolving issues with your theme than I have working on my site!

Manufacturer SEO Url – my .htaccess file is setup correctly and all of my urls are SEO friendly EXCEPT manufacturer SEO.

Your theme does not have a link to get to Gift Vouchers or Brands

How do I resolve this issue: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare loo_parse_queries() (previously declared in /home/content/29/11681029/html/vqmod/vqcache/loo_functions.php:3) in /home/content/29/11681029/html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-admin_controller_setting_setting.php on line 19

Hello dtblingerie,

Thank you for feedback. It’s very important for us. Can you email ( ) me more detailed list of issues you are facing with our theme (ticket ids, etc). I want to analyze it and find core issue.

For your current error please submit ticket at Our developer will reply ASAP

Best regards, support team

I am on 1.5.6 without any other mod and installed this template. I have some minor problems that were fixed in 48 hours.

It works flawlessly now.

One major issue though :


a file that shows which files and what code have been modified.

I am sure you know and understand that everyone buying your theme is modifying it.

Now that there is a custom.css override so we can make changes.


where is that .diff file i don’t see it included in your latest package? what’s the best software to use : ?

Yes, this software. You can find .diff files in www- folder.

Best regards, support team

ok great thanks !

I have tried to go back to the default template to check something, and it appears , once the template is installed it’s impossible to select another template, is this right?

What do i have to do to have two templates installed and switch from one another whenever i Want. This ain’t luxe…just a normal behavior for me and i’m sure for a lot of others too.

On another matter, I have a serious problem with your template:

The stock opencart “featured” module doesn’t work on your template.

The stock featured module allows you to select which products to add to the slider, NOT RANDOM ONES.

Your template DO NOT HAVE any slider module where you can select which products to display.

All stock features should work flawlessly on the template.

I haven’t heard anything for my ticket since more than 48 hours about that SERIOUS matter. Can you help me with that.

I have a lot of work ahead of me and i need to stop loosing time on stuff that shouldn’t be an issue, ESPECIALLY for a PREMIUM 45$ template suposedly by an elite Author…

Hello umdt,

We put it into todo list. I think we can make it in 1-2 weeks.

Best regards, support team


thanks much

My client (I’m a freelancer)told me to remove the text link section below the slider (above the New Product). These are in information section. But even If I remove the Information, it stays in homepage. Though the link not find the page after clicking on it. He wants to me to remove that. I can edit php file, but not understand which are controlling these links.

I did not purchase the theme, he did. So I don’t know whether you answer me or not.

Hello montasirahmed,

Ask your client to send you theme purchase code. And submit ticket at Our developer will reply ASAP

Best regards, support team

I know that you will not gonna answer my question.

I’m going to purchase it. Then you have to answer this and all other question here. As I’ll purchase it from here, all your answer will be here. If you want to answer question in you have to create payment gateway there to purchase. If you want to know the copyright laws, search Google. All the people purchase here has right to get answer right here.

70% of your answer is like that, even if someone purchase it here. All people purchase here has 100% right to get answer here.

Hope I make you understand my position.

Hello montasirahmed,

It’s very inconvenient to provide support via comments. That’s why many themeforest authors provide support via dedicated forums or ticket systems.

Best regars, support team


when are you planning to upgrade the software version?

Hello eekostas,

What version? Theme is compatible with latest OpenCart release 1.5.6.

Best regards, support team

Oh ok…it isn’t written on Software Version.. :)

Fixed :)

Hello, I just realised a BIG problem with the custom block on the product page.

You can’t specify the products where you want the specific block to apear neither the categories.

This means that you create one block that will apear on EVERY product page. Problem : you can’t display specific information for different products

Is there a way you can add a simple product chooser option like there is for the STOCK Featured module for example?

Hello umdt,

I will think about this feature in future updates.

Best regards, support team


Is there a documentation on how to add a google font? thanks,

Hello, umdt.

Please, submit ticket – Our developer will answer your question.

Best regards, support team

Is it possible to respond to my mail that I’ve submitted at your support website, please..? Here is my Ticket Nr: Ticket #106254

Thank you in advance

Hello, marzenaslonko.

Already replied.

Best regards, support team

Hello, I need to know if this theme works for version of opencart. thank you

Hello mauricioramisses,


Best regards, support team

is adding extensions to this theme easy .and what all things is customisable in this theme?and i wanted the product pages to be continuos rather than have page numbers?

is adding extensions to this theme easy .and what all things is customisable in this theme?and i wanted the product pages to be continuos rather than have page numbers?