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Hey i’m looking at buying this theme

couple of quick questions – if i change the colour scheme to say orange and black will i have to manually change the colour of any “bullets” etc as i had a lot of issues with a different theme!

thats it actually

Hello techforce,

In admin panel you can edit color for only for main areas. You can’t edit “bullets” color’s in admin panel.

Best regards.

Hello , How can i change home page products “on Sale” ??

Thanks Alot 4 Your quick support : ) Best Regards .

Hello OmarKaBoo,

To edit “on sale” and other titles edit file – \catalog\language\english\english.php

To add products to “on sale” tab, please refer to documentation.

If you have more questions please submit ticket to

Best regards

Hello, i need your help. How to configure the Slider Module? Do you have a video, tutorial?

Hello, webmazieri

We are working on video tutorial right now. It will be ready soon. Please, submit tthe ticket – We will send you screenshots with the explanations.

Best regards, support team

I add language but character code problem rise? where is the character code? or do i need change the fonts?

Hello, maxcrandale.

Try to change the fonts.

Best regards, support team

from css you mean? Thanks

What fonts did you mean? Heading fonts can be changed through the admin panel.

Best regards, support team

work on

hello, sendyy.

Yes of course. It is fully compatible with this version

Best regards, support team

can show the demo on

We have separate package for the in the source package. Don’t wory, its demo is the same as on 1.5.5.

Best regards, support team

Hey, I’ve bought the theme and i like it! how do i go about changing colours though?

Hello, techforce.

You can do this through admin panel. Please, review our section with documentation for the theme (Theme Settings).

Best regards, support team

Hello etheme,

Sorry for my bad english. I have a problem. I installed this theme but not work fine. The sliders don´t works, footer scroll, disengaged web, etc. CAn you help me please?

Note: I´m a expert user

Thank you

What is the number of the ticket?

thank you etheme #45747

Hello Grafical,

Replied in ticket.

Best regards.


I’d like to know if when a buyer look up at a product and browse the available colors, if he picks lets say green, will the picture of the product change to green?

Hey yes I’m sorry I had a hard time to put my question together… Basically I’d like to know if you have this function like on the website . See, if you click on a color, the t-shirt appears on that color. Will it be the same with your product?

Also I have an other question. The slideshow shows 2 pics each times. Is it possible to make it 1 long picture instead?

1. Referring the colour options – no, unfortunately we haven’t such feature. But we will think about such update.

2. About the slider – we haven’t such option through the admin panel. But this is quite easy update via correspondent css/php files.

Best regards, support team

hello Author , you sent me an update with 3 DIFF files, Do i upload this to my server or i desregard it, if to install, then which folder to upload to on server. thank u.

Hello, 1Dannykay.

Please, submit ticket with your request – It wil be forwarded to our programmer.

Best regards, support team

It it possible to take tax free price from template?

Hello masama1,

Yes, if you set in admin no taxes. So, you will see price without tax.

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best regards


I have 3 questions:
    I read through the documentation and said there is 8 psd files where else I only found 1 psd file (DRESSCODE_1200.psd). How can I get the remaining 7 psd files? How can I permanently open “see more” section on the main page? For the cloud zoom on the product’s page, can this theme able to make the zoom out of the photo box?

Looking forward for your reply.


Hello madfozi,

I’m sorry I write previous comment for Magento version.

Here is correct answers.

2) add in the end of file – \catalog\view\theme\dresscode\stylesheet\dresscode.css code: #footer_higher_content{display:block !important} #footer_button{display:none} 3) edit zoom type on product page editing in the file – \catalog\view\theme\dresscode\js\cloud-zoom.1.0.2.js find and edit zooming option: position: ‘inside’,

Allowable values are ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘top’, ‘bottom’, ‘inside’.

Best regards

Thanks. All your instruction perfectly applied.

Another question: 1) Any tutorial on “Product Custom Block”? I noticed that each line will produce certain images. How I can manage it/get the perfect image as per my keywords 2) How can I show up the filter’s block on the product page? Is it controlled by your theme or by opencart? 3) The default “Add to Cart” block positioning really annoyed my me. How can I arrange it at the same column with “Product Custom Block”? 4) Specification’s content on the Product’s page were not properly arranged. The description’s text were aligned centered while the attribute’s text gap or box size were to big. Is there any plan to clean up/re-arrange on this tab? 5) How can I manage add/remove link (ORIGINAL PRODUCTS – FREE SHIPPING – CASH ON DELIVERY – 30 DAY RETURNS) at the main page?



Hello, madfozi.

It would be better to submit ticket to our support –

Best regards, support team

Is it possible to have random products tab as default to frontpage?

Hello masama1,

Yes. But it needs custom work.

If you have more questions please submit ticket @ Best regards

hello author, the customed pro slider is not working as it should, ive uploaded 6 photos but not appearing on website.

Hello 1Dannykay,

Please check if you use the latest version of theme. We fix it in latest version.

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best regards

hello, i wanna to edit the custom product block and custom menu block “titles” can you help me

Hello pleply,

To change custom menu box and custom product box titles please edit files

\catalog\language\english\module\dresscode_custom_product_box.php \catalog\language\english\module\dresscode_custom_menu_box.php

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best Regards

I’m interested in purchasing this item but does it have a shipping calculator of sorts rather than a flat shipping rate?

Hello timelrd,


This is OpenCart native feature. By default it has 10 different shipping modules and only 1 enabled. You can enable/configure it via admin panel.

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best Regards

Have Turkish language support

Hello sscetin,

This is OpenCart feature. You can use free extension to translate your store –

Best regards

Hi, how do i get rid of or change the phone number 1 (234) 5678900 on the very top header of the site and the Contact phone:321321321, 321321321 CELL phone: 321321321, 321321321 E-mail addresses: SKYPE:, shop.test and the bottom in contact info ?

Hello Adultpleasures4u,

- phone number – \catalog\language\english\common\header.php - original products, free shipping, cash on delivery, 30 day returns and other texts in the file -\catalog\language\english\english.php - almost all texts, for each language, in the folder -\catalog\language\english —social icons in the footer, copyright text in the footer: \catalog\language\english\common\footer.php - on sale, newproducts, bestsellers – \catalog\language\english\english.php

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best Regards

Many thx for the support all was fixed. Now i gotta change them all again after the new update LOL

I would like to know how to modify custom.js to have the “footer_higher_content” open on load, not closed.

Hello lvalics,

Check this comment for solution –

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best Regards

Hello! tell me how difficult is to install the template? and whether the trial data that I could change it to your own? And it is difficult to localization into Russian?

Hello tippro,

If you OK with default OpenCart installation, template installation is easy. We have detailed instructions @ docs.

Default OpenCart has trial data.

As easy as install free extension –

Best regards

Tell me, what kind of filter products suitable for this pattern?

Hello tippro,

“rus” in Search field.

Best regards