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hi, i have upload dresscode themes to my web, but dresscode theme top banner , bestseller slider module, new product slider module, special slider modul can not work, please correct my wrong web

Hello, jeremiajefri.

Did you review our installation video manual –

Please, recheck your installation. If you still have problems, submit ticket – Our developer will try check it.

Best regards, support team

in my local computer dresscode themes can work correctly, only in my web hosting server can not work

Can you install default magento on your web hosting? If you have dificulties with the defualt magento software, you should contact your webhosting provider support with this problem.

Best regards, support team

Hello, purchased it… great. So i need help. Please see the Ticket #53903

very thanks! bye

Hello maurotto80,

Replied in ticket.

Best regards, support team

is it possible to change the “search box” background colour? where it says “im looking for” and is it possible to change the background colour of the main navigation bar? not the roll over the default colour

Hello techforce,

Yes, you need to change styles in the file – \catalog\view\theme\dresscode\stylesheet\dresscode.css.

For navigation bar style – .nav-container;

for search box – #select_top .sbToggle{...}, #header input[type=”text”], #header input[type=”password”], #header input[type=”email”], #header textarea, #header select{...}, #header .button-search{...}

If you have more questions please submit ticket @

Best regards, support team

Does the theme RTL support ??

Does the theme RTL support ??

Hello Salma7amed,


Best regards, support team

I have bought this theme in this morning, but I can load it correctly, becouse in front end, I dont know why, but not all scripts load correctly.


All files are in host, but i shoud guest that there are scripts conlicts, I dont know, can you take a look? :)

Hello ITMgroup,

Please submit ticket @ with your installation steps.

Best regards, support team

Hi, I have a problem with languages. – when I enable another lang as EN, phone number is “text_phone_number” and “LOG IN” as “TEXT_WELCOME_DRESSCODE” and other texts below banners. Where I translate it?

Hello, globalvea.

Please, submit ticket with your problem here – Our support stuff will help you.

Best regards, support team

hi etheme, thanks for dresscode awesome theme, i have one question

how to change “static brand / manufacturer” on “search” column (search on the top) it doesn’t related with real manufacturer opencart link, where can i set them ?

many thanks before

Hello, fily.

You can change them in the file \catalog\language\english\common\header.php (for English) and so on for each language

Best regards, support team

Hi i have plans to buy your template. It,s seems that you have a good support. Leak of support is crap. For ex. this:

Im going to try your tampelate. It,s look good.

Kindly Mikael A – Vallgruppen – Sweden

Hello, Vallagruppen.

I’m glad that you like our theme. Will try to satisfy all your needs.

Best regards, support team

Hi it seems nice. :-) Where can i find this: © 2013 DRESSCODE. All Rights Reserved. Designed by

Cant find it in your docs.

You can edit it in the file \catalog\language\english\common\footer.php( for each language )

Best regards, support team

Hi… Thanks for your quick answer. Thats really good. Good support is worth everything

Kindly Mikael A – Vallagruppen – Sweden

Please, submit ticket if you have any questions – Our support stuff will help you.

Best regards, support team

Hi, Is your template suitable to function as a B2B Webshop? Meaning: 1. Prices are only shown when the user logs in 2. 2 types of prices can be added to products, namely: procurement prices and recommended retail prices

Hello, rotteveel.

We haven’t such options. But we will think about them.

Best regards, support team


how to change the phone number in the header

thank you

Hello, Cherie1178.

You can edit phone number here – \catalog\language\english\common\header.php

Best regards, support team

Hi My website with your theme have some problem, could you check it? My site: text_phone_number text_original_products



text_day_returns… codes were shown on the page

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hello lydia2012,

Please submit your question to We will reply you asap.

Best regards, support team

can you please answer to my tickets 58295?

Hello hemery23,

Our support is available 10.00 – 20.00 GMT + 2 (Monday – Friday). We will reply asap.

Best regards, support team


This is nice theme. Can you tell me how can I remove that “EN” from the header area? It is next to phone number area. I was able to remove the phone number but could not find the way to remove “EN” from it. It really looks weird.


If i want to add two rows of 4 products each on home page under all three blocks (new products, on sale, bestsellers). How can i do that?


where can i find the license number in my purchase file?

I only have “Download” and “Get Hosting” links on my download page of themeforest.. i do not see “licensing” on my download page.. I also checked licensing folder of my downloaded package.. i do not see the licensing number..Thanks

Please, review the screenshots from this page –

Best regards, support team

I know that but i think themeforest has changed the look of download page so there is no “License Certificate” on the download page.. Please find the attached screenshot here..


You should click on “download” button and will have dropdown menu with “License Certificate”.

Best regards, support team


is there any possibility to have a look at admin panel? So far this is the only theme I’ve seen where it is not possible to test admin area, and I feel reluctant to buy it…

Is there some particular reason for this decision?

I am not very experienced user, so it would mean a lot to see it, and to asses it’s user friendliness. Even youtube video would do…

Thank you, Alex

Hello, sasanomad.

Unfortunately we haven’t such option. In this case we should organaize separate webserver for demo needs. We will think about such option in the future. Now we are making video manual about theme customization and it will be ready to the end of the week.

Best regards, support team

I have been working on a website for a friend and I cant seem to get themeforest off of the website and her own facebook page on it. Could you please advise me on how to do this as after 25 likes you choose your own name on the facebook page

Hello, EyeCandi.

At first when you don’t have your own name you should insert your facebook ID. After received name, you can insert instead of it.

Best regards, support team

I installed the theme as mentioned in the installation video. But I faced 2 problems:

1- The navbar doesn’t appear 2- After adding a new language, I get the the second language button with the flag while the English with the initials. the English language button is always marked as active although I flipped to the other language ?

Hello, azab1987.

Please, submit ticket with your request here – Our support stuff will help you.

Best regards, support team