Discussion on Drex - One Page Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on Drex - One Page Portfolio WordPress Theme

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Hi, I have installed the theme and everything is fine (some display problems on mobile but fixed through css), I need to use the same theme on a subdomain but it forces me to buy another license as it does not detect that the domain is the same. This is the first time this happens to me, normally the theme can be used multiple times as long as the domain is the same, please help.


Subdomain not allowed for a single license. You can install the theme only in one domain or a subdomain.

Thank You.

Important: If you are using WordPress version 5.9.1, Login via cPanel/ FTP. Go to the wp-content > themes and delete the drex folder. After that, reinstall the latest version of the theme.

Hello I like this theme! I have 2 questions.

Is it possible to slow down the wave effect?

Do you make any other themes with a wave effect?

Thank you.

Hello Guys i was long time off i bought your theme long time ago and i installed a lot of themes so far… i used your one Click importer on the Typwriter template and thats what happend www.moniquesimon.de any idea ?


Somehow menu is missing.

Send me your wp admin login details by using our item support form. I will setup a demo site for you.


Hi team, just want to ask how could I update the 1.6 theme version, cuz it shows “Automatic update is unavailable for this theme” , where should I upload the 1.6 zip file?

Reload admin panel and try to update again.

Hello, ive installed the new version for testing with no plugins…and its not Browser kompatibel. If i click at Home 2 times not loading, my live Site i must change in other theme now. i loved the theme but loading with firefox 1 times ok second times not. in firebug i have a CORS Error, (Sometimes) i cleared htaccess nothing help. if u can solve the problem i buyed a support or i buying a new license key no problem but can u solve the problem?

You installed new version in same domain or a new domain for testing purpose?

the template is live at moment in my live site and it is sometimess endless loading.

if iam in the Site i go too footer section and if i click Datenschutz not loading. Sometimes is loading. Somnetimes endless loading with no frontend.

I cleared all htacces and all plugins nothing help sometimes load sometimes nothing.

My system is: win 10 pro / i testing with laptop too same problem i testing with iphone 11 it is loading but if i click again other page or loading the site reloading endless.

i was testing the theme in new wordpress installed version with no plugins same problem. i dont now i buy support or not or i buy new theme.if u want u can look if u say i can solve it i buy a support ticket now. at the moment i was visit my site and its loading wow, if i click other page endless loading or if i click to home back endless loading too. if i refresh broweser cache its loading. i dont know what is that problem sometimes load sometimes not.

Send me your WP admin login details by using our item support form. I will check that.

Hi, I just bought the theme and try to install it, but it fail.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme installation failed.

What should I do?

got it, thanks^^

Is there any user guide that I can use, it seems a bit difficult to get what I want

Send me your wp admin login details by using our item support form. I will setup demo site for you.

Check doc file for one page version.

Hi, I really like your theme and would like to buy it as soon as possible! I need only a little information: I like the “wave effect” very much but I am afraid that it will be excessive over time … by chance, can this option be excluded?

That effect can be removed but overall design will not looking good.

Is there a preview of the multi page demo? This theme is slick but I would like to have about page and services pages have their own page. Also can there be different images in each page slide slider? I love that the side video becomes a background video on mobile, but does that require a Vimeo plus account to get that working or can i use a self hosted hero video to display the background video on mobile as well?

Sorry Multipage demo not available. You can use all elements in separate page.

Multiple images not possible for per section. You meed to use one image for per section.

You can use youtube.


Thank you. I will purchase. I did notice that your YouTube video demo does not work on mobile iPhones, but the Vimeo does. I know YT changed their API but could I just self host the video and have it still play in the background like the Vimeo demo?

I just check it my iPhone and it’s working perfectly. Sorry self hosted video option not available.

Hi there, does your theme have multilingual support? Is it posible to use polylang or WPML?



Yes you can use both plugin.


Great,thank you.

Hey there, frist of all thank u for this Great Theme. Amazing Work… Sadly im to Stupid to Change the First Page. i Picked the TypeWriter Demo and installed it.

After that i tried to Change i set it up like in your Dokumentation. but when i change any Text i always get the Drex Demo typewriter effect and i also cant change the picture… i really dont get it … ive send u a mail with my Login.

thank u guys

Hi support team will check that soon.

For now go tp Pages section and edit each page you want to edit. For example all separate section is a different page. If you go to Pages section then you will get all pages list. For Home Section you need to edit home page and all intro options is available there.

Let me know if it’s helpful for you.

Hi, I want to replace the MailChimp shortcode with a Contact 7 shortcode. Can you provide the CSS for a contact 7 template so that it adapts to the styling within the MailChimp popup please?

Hi, Please send us a mail by using our item support form. Support team will help you. Thanks

Hi Team Webredox, really nice team. Thinking about buying it, just a quick question is it possible to slower the wave animation in your theme or do I need to go into the code ?

Many thanks ! And GLWS

Thanks for your quick answer mate !

Hi there, what the place for support questions/F.A.Q ? thanks

Hello, I just bought your theme, imported demo, installed theme plugins, but is not working properly, the text near slider shows 3 times, desktop and mobile is not ok, how can we fix this? also first image is not showing on slider, on mobile is just black, i like the theme but if is not working properly i will ask for a refund. check my link here https://kactus.ro/new/ and let me know how we can fix the issue

Send us a mail by using our item support form with your WP admin login details.

Hi very nice template i love it…ty very much! I will go in 2 days Online i hope. Pls check my Support E-Mail, i dont have the options In Backend for logo Upload in Light Version. In your documentations i can see the options for Uploading 1 for dark logo.png and 1 for light logo.png. But i dont have the Second (for Light-Logo.png) ty very much.

ty very much

Hi me again,

In your Demo if i change Viewport i can see a white logo. Before i buy i checked first the Responsive Viewport and looking from Smartphone. And from your Demonstration its Look nice!

I buyed this look yourself: http://drex.webredox.net/demo6/

Problem is now: they is a picture Black/White if u go now responsive Smartphone view u cant see the Logo because the picture is Black/Grey and Logo is Black/Grey too.

But: In your Demo if i go smartphone size you have a white logo.

The Clients today is more smartphone using.

know i must doing all alone….child theme…coding vieweport ect. it is not good Deal. i dont have the Time for searching. Or u can tell me what I should to do i try myself.

I am waiting for your reply and hope u can resolve misunderstandings about that. And i Hope u can Help me about that, because i love all your works and waiting for your answer.

ty very much




We will check for that.


Know i do myself within customizr custom css. Of course yes the theme is very very good and work very fine…IT IS really Amazing Template… it is new theme and all is fine looking very nice. With Logo yes it is very important but all good :D

Good work Good Luck


Congratulations! Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks :)

Hi, is the landing page included?

Demo landing page is not a part of main theme. It’s just a html landing page. If you need then we can provide html version’s landing page.

Nice Work, GLWS!

Thanks :)

Nice work! Good luck with sales!

Thanks :)

Pre sale question…Can the menu buttons be linked to an external site (open in new window)

Yes you can add external url.

One last question, can the color be changed from pink? Does it have unlimited colors? Just making sure since it isn’t mentioned in the description.

Yes you can change it to any color. Option available.


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