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Since I upgraded to wordpress 3.9, I don’t see the short code generator anymore on the page edit toolbar.

Is this something you’re working on fixing for 3.9 or is it something you no longer support?

Thank you.

We fixed it. Please update to latest version.

I am having some issues with the menu. New pages are verrry slow to update to the menu and then the menu will not save. Are there any particular plugins that may cause an issue like this that you are aware of?

Hi, I wanna buy it. Just wanna know is it possible to keep the logo and top menu up to the banner? I tested with crome browser with (-) margin and worked well. If I do that will the responsiveness harm? Please let me know little fast. Thanks.

Sure, I will help. Please contact via our profile page.

I already sent a ticker but no response. I need it urgent that’s why comment it here.

Please give me the ticker response little urgent.

This template has revolution slider server but when I change the images are not shown because they know


I didn’t what you are saying, please contact via our profile page.

Dear Author I am waiting here for last 5 days for any response! Can any one help me? I already send few tickers.

Please wait we will reply you in 24 hours

Please do me this favor. I am already running out of time. :(

What is going on with the site? Is has a problem of “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded”, I can´t view it anymore.


Sorry to say, our hosting bandwidth limit exceeded. Our site will be in online on 1st July. Let me know if you need any help.

Thank you! I´ll wait till 1st july!


is it possible to set the link of the button within the intro_box shortcode to target=”_blank”? I do not get it.

Kind regards

Thanks for purchasing our theme, please contact us via our profile page. Our dedicated support team will help you.


now I need an upgrade: Within the intro_box I need 3 Buttons instead of 1. Can you help me? They should be arranged horizontal.

Thanks in advance.

Nope you can’t 3 buttons in intro box shortcode :(


Do you have PO files?


nevermind, got it already

Hi, is there a chance to have the staff display like the portfolio instead of the slider? we have a staff of more than 20 we would like to show everyone on the same page by scrolling down.


Thank you, will do.

Sorry for the inconvenience, This theme don’t have this feature We ll add it in future update.


permalinks do not work. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot

Hello, I bought the theme and it´s awesome! I tried to contact you, you asked me about the Wordpress log, I sent you and got no response yet. I´m not a web developer, so I don´t have the expertise to edit a lot of things on the theme. I couldn´t install the shortcode generator and i´m no t able to change the clients logos. can you help me? Thanks.

Please contact us via profile page. We ll reply within 24hrs

hi, quick question, under the portfolio-item page, how can I increase the height of the image in general, all my images are portrait layout instead of landscape. I dont know where to modify this height, if you can tell me what file and line, I can take care of it…. thanks a lot!!!

Please contact us via profile page. We ll reply asap.

I’ve got a problem with the [icon_box] shortcode. It is not possible to set a linkt to button_link=””. It always goes it to #.

hi, quick question. I have a quick question.. How can I change the IntroBox background color right underneath the Slider in the homepage? I tried everything and I cant see to be able to change the color… Thank you!


I can see that the theme hasn’t had an update since Ages ago, will that change anytime soon since I am interested in purchasing few copies (like 20) for different companies in our country. Since I will be developing the Wordpress websites I have been chosen to select a Theme and I can see that this is more than fitting one for Driving schools. The last update was like 2013-2014 and that’s like 3+ years.


We will update the theme tomorrow with bug fixes and plugin update. :)