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is there a way to make the logo scalable? I tried using percentage but it’s not working very well, my problem is that my logo is pretty wide in ratio so in order to work at smaller sizes I have to make my logo pretty small (280px wide) so that the browser won’t show horizontal scroll-bars at the mobile sizes (320px) but at the larger screen sizes like 1920×1080 which is very common my logo ends up looking rather small

Please email me your logo ( I will do what i can.

Sent, thanks.

Change Made and sent.

Thanks for the overall great theme, i have one small question. I need to decrease the size of the black circles with the icons (I think its this element but im not sure outerCircle) on the Services page by 50%, iv been browsing through the CSS file but cant seem to pull it off.

Thanks for purchasing our theme.

Add the following in style.css (i perfer add it below 843 line)

#mainContent .singleService .outerCircle .icon190 {
width: 120px;
height: 120px;
font-size: 50px; //play around font size.
line-height: 120px; //must be same as height value inorder to center icon

/* I added custom rule for rotate1 as example for animating cricle borders, I hope you can yourself for rotate2 and rotate3 */

/*rotate 1*/
#mainContent .singleService .sepCenter .outerCircle.rotate1 {
background-size: 75px;

#mainContent .singleService.hover .sepCenter .outerCircle.rotate1 {
background-size: 136px;

/*rotate 2*/
#mainContent .singleService .sepCenter .outerCircle.rotate1 {
background-size: 75px; /*play around with this to get better animation */

#mainContent .singleService.hover .sepCenter .outerCircle.rotate1 {
background-size: 136px; /*play around with this to get better animation */

/*rotate 3*/
#mainContent .singleService .sepCenter .outerCircle.rotate1 {
background-size: 75px;/*play around with this to get better animation */

#mainContent .singleService.hover .sepCenter .outerCircle.rotate1 {
background-size: 136px; /*play around with this to get better animation */

And i recommend to change class span3 to span2 in its container.

<div class="span2 alignCenter">
                <div class="singleService">
                    <div class="sepCenter">
                        <div class="outerCircle rotate1">
                            <p class="icon190"><span class="icon-beaker" /></p>

Thanks again, Shahul

This was hands down the fastest respons iv ever got on ThemeForest, thanks a lot!

I see the modifications required a bit more thinking than i thought. I implemented what you proposed, everything is working good, except i need another little thing. The icon is out of place, it is not centered now, check the image for reference:

Thanks for your comment!

To center icon set line-height value same as height in ”#mainContent .singleService .outerCircle .icon190” rule. Example below

#mainContent .singleService .outerCircle .icon190 {
   width: 90px;
   height: 90px;
   line-height: 90px; /*must be same as height value in order to center icon/*
   font-size: 50px; /*play around font size.*/
If it still not centered than add ’!important’. Example below.
line-height: 90px !important;

I see the blog but i does not work, what should I do to make it work?

Its is html/css, if you want working blog you need to buy WordPress version which will be released in few days.

I see the blog but it does not work, what should I do to make it work?

I´m waiting for the WordPress version

We are fully finished and currently verifying everything.

Are the PSD files included with this theme?

No, actually we design this theme using Adobe Illustrator. If you want i will ai files after you bought the template.

Hi there,

Will all of the web icons be available after purchase? For example, I’d like to switch out just a couple that you’ve used throughout the site. So they match what I’ll be describing. Otherwise, this site is fantastic!



I think just one final question: my contact page has some of the php code displayed on it. I haven’t touched it yet. Here is the code that shows on the page: ’ . ”\r\n” . ‘Reply-To: ’ . $email; mail($emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers); $emailSent = true; } } ?> Please check if you’ve filled all the fields with valid information and try again. Thank you.

Email Successfully Sent! Thanks for contacting Us. Your email was successfully sent and we ‘ll be in touch with you soon.

This is between Contact Drive section and the contact submission form.

Can you tell me what is wrong with the php as I don’t see it?


PHP will not work locally you have upload it in your server or use wamp or mamp to use pc as localserver and test it. I tested it contact page should be fine.

BTW If you have more questions, Please contact us via our profile page ( Its much easier for us to reply.


Thanks again.

is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.8 and wpml plugin? Hi

Theme is optimized for WPML, so i recommend wpml.

Hi, I’ve no answer from envato, could you please send a message to explain the problem? Thank you.

Sorry I’ve received my money, now I’ll buy WP version

Hello – I purchased DRIVE – nice good job! How do I make this theme multilingual?

Please contact us via our profile page (

Hi I noticed that the slider is not responsive. I see the image and text in a slider over the text of the next item. Any idea what to do? I tried this on a smartphone as well as a nexus 7 tablet


Never mind this comment, i placed it in the drupal version comments, where it is supposed to be.

Hello, is there a way to make it boxed? thanks!