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Love it! GLWS!

Thank you so much.

Clean graphic-design, congrats :)

Thank you so much.

Nice work, when you will release the Wordpress version.

Well it depends upon the sales, we will develop Wordpress.

Thanks, Shahul.

Hi – I’m interested in buying your template, but would need to add a search box in the top right somewhere. The breadcrumbs are located in the conventional location for the search box (top right), but I see how it fits your design. Since you did such a great design on this template, I’d appreciate your opinion on where you would add a search box.

Also, I only saw one bootstrap css file, so I’m assuming you edited the base file? If so, what happens when I need to update Bootstrap to 3.0?

For the portfolio, is there a lightbox option or only a link to a page? Can the portfolio be used also as a gallery for a slideshow?

Thank you. It’s a really nice design.


Sorry for delay reply. I was in holiday, so i didnt check your comments. So i didn’t able to reply you immediately.

About Search Box:

I prefer to add search box in top right of the page near social media icons, because most of the buyer only use 3 to 5 social media icon. So top right is the ideal position for search box. If you add search box in the place of breadcrumbs, then it will not look good in mobile.

About Bootstrap Files:

If you download bootstrap from (which redirect you to official bootstrap site), zip file contains 4 css files bootstrap.css, bootstrap.min.css (minified version of bootstrap.css), bootstrap-responsive.css & bootstrap-responsive.min.css (minified version of bootstrap-responsive.css). Since we used Font Awesome ( which has 250+ and easily scalable), we only removed icon styles from bootstrap.css and other rules are untouched.

So you can update to any bootstrap version easily using bootstrap custom download. To remove icon style simply go to and uncheck icon checkbox which in base css category and download.

We keep all the responsive styles in responsive.css it only contain basic bootstrap grids for responsive and custom responsive styles. We keep it in separate file so that responsive layout can be disabled easily if user doesn’t wants responsive.

(If you are not a developer, please ignore below comments) If you are a developer you also want less files, we also didn’t touch bootstraps less files. We only edited variables.less and boostrap.less files. We add new variables and adjust existing variable value in variables.less and only removed icon import statement bootstrap.less. Other files are untouched.

Besides we update the template if new the bootstrap version released.

About Portfolio

We didn’t add lightbox until now. And if you want, you can use portfolio as gallery but there is no slideshow option in portfolio page. We didn’t think about gallery page until now. Sorry for that. But we ready to add gallery page with lightbox option for you and update here. so all the peoples get benefit of it. If you want add anything else, just comments here. We will do our best to helps our customers :grin:.

If anybody wants to add more features, please leave comments here. We will do our best. :grin:

Thanks for you nice comment about our design, and for asking wonderful questions about are template which might helps lots of users.

I hope i answered you questions well,

Thanks again, Shahul.

Hi Shahul – Thank you for your quick and very thorough response to my questions! What great pre-customer service!

Thanks for your suggestion on where to put the search box and for your willingness to add a gallery feature!

A few more questions for you, if you don’t mind. I ran your demo page through W3C validators for css and xhtml code and found a few errors that I could probably fix (mostly simple: Not sure if these are unique to the demo? But, bootstrap base.css generates a lot of errors in W3C: I know this isn’t something you can fix since it’s bootstrap base. Should I ignore these errors?

Thank you!

Yes please ignore these errors. Definitely it will affect anything.

sorry for mistake…

Yes please ignore these errors. Definitely it will not affect anything.

Hello. After looking sifting thru lot of templates templates, I decided on yours (it’s very well-designed), only to find that this isn’t a Wordpress template – rats! When will you be offering this and will you be able to provide a wxr/xml file of the demo site content for easy import into a new installation? Thanks!


Thanks for comments.

Yes we just started WordPress, this will be finished in two weeks.


I wish it was done in wordpress too. I’ve been using wordpress so long that I forgot how to even use dreamweaver :$ Either way, it is an awesome design so it’s worth it. I do ask though, is there a good way to edit this visually? I opened it in dreamweaver and well, it’s messy lol. If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it…

Thank you in advance, Adam

Thanks for the help!!!! Great support with a great theme! Best of luck and I can’t wait to see the wordpress version!!!!

- Adam

Thanks you so much.

- Shahul


Please do not forget to rate our template.

Thanks, -Shahul

Love the template and plan to purchase. How difficult is it to change the color theme to a custom color?


Thanks for your comments.

Changing predefined color is pretty easy. All colors css files are in color-css folder. To change the theme color first pick a color from our demo site. And search for default.css in <head> tag and replace default.css with the color you pick (eg: surfie-green.css) in all pages.

For custom colors, simply duplicate default.css files and change the color (OR) If you know how to use less then open less folder and open variables.less. Adjust color variables and compile color.less and style.less files to get your own color.

Thanks i hope i answered your question,

- Shahul

Hi, I would like to purchase this template as it looks fantastic. i just saw you are going to release an update soon so wondering whether to wait for it or would i be able to get the update even after buying it and customizing it. Also – do you have a 404 error page as well? Thx!

Sure, i will add 404 error page with this update and yes you will get update even after you the template. We simply going to extend the current template. So it very easy to customize it.

It your choice to wait for update or buy it now and then get update. Follow us twitter and Facebook to get notified as soon as update released.


- Shahul.

Just bought this item thinking it was for wordpress and then realized it’s not! I saw in your comments above that you are developing it for wordpress. Will I have to purchase it again, or will the one I bought be able to be updated?

Sorry to say you have to buy WordPress version again.

Very good template !

Thank you so much

An update is planned with Awesome Font v3?


Yes, both bootstrap 2.2.2 and font awesome 3.

Hi new update available.

Hi there. I am finding that when I attempt to remove Frames from the slider, it breaks the slider. Is there a way for me to have less than the default number of slides?


Thanks for purchasing our template.

Yes, you can remove or add frames in slider. It will not break. But you need make sure you changed the preloader setting in footer correctly.

In index.html footer you will find below code in line 475.

var options = {
    autoPlay: true,
    nextButton: true,
    prevButton: true,
    animateStartingFrameIn: true,
    autoPlayDelay: 3000,
    transitionThreshold: 500,
    preloader: true, 
    preloadTheseFrames: [1],
    preloadTheseImages: [
       /* you need to change this to your image location or simply change to preloader: false in above line. */ 
                "another image location" 

you need to change correct image location in preloadTheseImages: or simply change to preloader: false.

Let me if its helps or please mail me your test site url (from profile page I will take a look.

Thanks, - Shahul.

great theme, good documentation and GREAT support (which is for me is the most important part). Our site will be launching in the next couple of days thx to this theme and the support. thx!

Thanks a lot.


Congratulations for such a great theme. Is there any predefined style which allows us to place 5 of those out-rotating icons instead of 3 (on the main page between sliding banner and featured works sections) or shall we define a new one?



Thanks for contacting us. Yes you can add new one, but you can’t add 5. But you can add 4 or 6 (For six item you need to adjust little css to fit the icons.)

Thanks again,

- Shahul

When will the wordpress version be available?


I could get the HTML version, but for the kind of project I’ll be working on the wordpress version will be the best choice. Still waiting :)

Wordpress version update?? thanks

Thanks for waiting for long time, your wait about to be over. WP version will be available in couple of days.

Well Done,FalconCreativeStudio Yep, simple and clean that what I was needing thanks. :)


Hi is there an easy way to modify the navigation since my webpage will have about 5 pages? or do I have to replace the navigation page by page?

Thanks for purchasing our theme.

Yes, you have to replace page by page.