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Looks great.

I have customer that I just finished building up a WordPress theme. How would this template/design/theme work with a WP site? Or I should say if visitors to my customer’s WP website would be directed to this mobile site when using their mobile device.

I hope I make some sense. :)

Congrats Enabled , looks great as always :)

Awesome template, glws mate! ;)

Very nice design, well done :) Good luck.

Thank you rv_designer

Hey, gorgeous design! Nice work with the menu!
All the best for sales

Thank you! :) Much appreciated theunexpected1!


I would like to buy “Drohp Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp” Theme in Themeforest.com.

I have few question :

1) Drohp Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp—Is a i Phone Native Application? Or 2) IPhone Mobile Web Template ( Web Application ) ?

3) Drohp Mobile Retina | HTML5 & CSS3 And iWebApp—Will Support Magento System to Customize the Web Template ?

Can you please clarify above question that would be better to buy the template.

An iPhone native application costs roughly 25.000$ so, the answer is no on that one it’s a bookmarkable WebApp :). Secondly, this item is a template, connected to the proper CMS it will work! At the moment it’s just a template! :)

We’ve managed to work through most of the issues we were having; however, we still have two items outstanding:

1) You can only have a single “toggle” on a page based on your current design without adding extra css/js.

2) Adding a “select” dropdown on the contact page looks rather bad; can’t find the styling causing the issue.

Outside of those, everything is now rockin’ and rollin’.

Got the style “somewhat” fixed. Replicated the CSS you had for the other form elements; however, the actual dropdown arrow for the select box is only appearing on “some” devices.

Still looking for a way to add multiple toggles without have to deploy custom css/js for each one.

Hey there, sorry for the late reply, but during the weekends I take some time off to relax, can you please contact me via my profile and we can discuss more! You should be able to add more, I will nevertheless test this and get back to you via mail!

Waiting for your mail! :)

is it possible to make the nav menu sticky? if i scroll down the page i need to scroll all the way up to access the menu. this is the first thing that came to mind when previewing it.

After adding to the phone’s home screen, clicking an image in the gallery stops it from working. Rather than pulling up a swipable image it displays the full page image with no options.

That is an iOS limitation! We’re still waiting for Apple to release a OS version that allows multiple JS functions in WebApps

So the web apps that this function works in aren’t running JS on the app already, correct?

Only the gallery suffers from this Apple defect. The rest of the elements are working properly.