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hi, a beautiful theme you have. just wonder: in the homepage there are 2 sliders area: the mouse over slider and featured slider. is it possible to remove the featured products slider so i just have the mouse over slider with the enlarged width?

and is it possible to use logo with bigger size without breaking the layout or having to modify the code?

also can i change the color scheme and upload product in bulk with excel .csv?

and lastly, can you provide access to the demo admin?

need to know the answer to these questions before purchasing the theme. thanks:)

Hi. Thanks for the feedback.

1. You can disable the featured products from the admin. For the slider you will need to alter slideshow.tpl and the css file.

2. If the logo is bigger in width it will not break the site.

3. You can alter the color scheme from the css file.

4. I’m not sure if you can bulk upload from a .csv file. You might want to ask in the opencart forum.

5. Can’t provide access to the admin, sorry. The theme is easy to install and configure. Everything is well documented.


hi, thanks for replying. about this:

1. You can disable the featured products from the admin. For the slider you will need to alter slideshow.tpl and the css file.

can you help me alter the slideshow.tpl/css and change the slider size, or at least tell me how to do it myself? if not, can you quote how much it’s going to cost me for such work?

i’m not a programmer that’s why:)


Just send me an email from my profile page and I will revert back to u.

Hi RaviG

I’ve just purchased your theme, but after following your instructions in the documentation, when I try to view my store in a browser window I get the following message:

“Notice: Uninitialized string offset: 1 in /home/sites/xxx.co.uk/public_html/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/common/footer.tpl on line 6”

Any ideas what to do about this?

Hello There

Which open cart version are u using? At line 6 in footer.tpl it is looking for the welcome module. If the module is not installed u might get an error message.


hi again. please check this out: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=887&filter_search=import&sort=e.date_modified&order=DESC

can you tell me whether this will work with your theme? thanks a lot:)


If the module is compatible with 1.5.1, it will work with this theme.


Great quality. Well done.
Keep the OpenCart themes coming!
Best of luck with sales

Thanks! :D

More themes coming soon!

Hi, This problem is very bad please help me


internet explorer

The theme works fine with IE8 . I have not tested it with earlier versions of IE.


hi, i want to know if your theme is compatible also with opencart or not berfore buy it…

No it is not. It will work with version 1.5.1 only.

There seems to be a problem with IE8 . With the ‘Special Deals’ items on the homepage, the orange button that usually displays ‘X% off’ instead displays “Warning: Division by zero in /home/sites/xxx.co.uk/public_html/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/module/special.tpl”

Also, the ‘change currency’ buttons at the top of the page don’t seem to do anything!

Did you set the “end date” of the special product? I specified that in the documentation file.

Can you provide a link to your site?

Hi. Its possible to add category module in product detail? I mean on left or right column… In demo is in product detail only banner.

You can add the categories to the right column on the product detail page.

Very nice theme. Thank you very much. I bought it. but I can not use the browser for the mistakes. I look forward to the current version of the theme.

Thanks! :)

What do you mean by “you cannot use the browser for mistakes”?

The theme not works with IE9 I am waiting this : )


Nice simple looking but very innovative theme. I am considering your theme for my bookstore.

For now, I am going to make the Brand field the publisher, but did not notice that in your demo. Did you take it out altogegther?

Cheers, Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the feedback. :)

What do you mean by “Brand Field”?

will i be able to change the colour theme of the site to light/baby/sky blue? and how would i have to do that? through CSS or..?

Cheers, look forward to your reply and buying the theme!

Thanks for the interest in the theme. :)

For the color scheme, you will have to alter the CSS file.


Hi RaviG,

I’m having problem with the special price. I got this error:

Warning: Division by zero in /home/username/public_html/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/module/special.tpl

How to fix this error?

I’m using OC version

p.s – Starting date and end date have been set but the problem still exist.

I’ve found the issue of division zero. (on line 22)

It seems that if we are using different “currency”, then the special.tpl will cause the error since you set the currency symbol as $.

Could you provide an update code which can be used for any currency?


p.s – The count down still not working on my site.

Thanks for pointing this out.

I have uploaded a fix for that. You will be able to download it later today.



I just tested your demo and I find few bugs. Please check image:


Order detail is not formated, between bredcrumb and header is big white space, same is on some account pages and affiliate registration.

It might be an unclosed DIV tag somewhere. I will fix that in the next update.

Hi RaviG,

The countdown is working now. Thanks!


I’m thinking to buy this theme but I have a question.

What happens if the time reaches the end? The product stays unavailable or the price returns to the old one?

Regards, Tiago Castro

The product will still be available with the old price and it will not show up under “Special Deals”.

Hello, install this theme because this error?

12Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘includes/curLang.tpl’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;C:\xampp\php\PEAR’) in C:\xampp\htdocs\1\catalog\view\theme\default\template\common\header.tpl on line 12

both locally on the host feel the same = (

You are missing the file. I just checked the package and the file is there. Try downloading the zip again.


I have 3 products with special price, start date and end. activate the module but I get this error. Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelCatalogProduct: getSpecialStartDate () in C: \ xampp \ htdocs \ pcofertas \ catalog \ view \ theme \ dropshipper \ template \ module \ special.tpl on line 37