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i am dropshipper theme on opencart 1.5.1, everything works well for me until nou. i just have a little question that i can’t find the answer. in the search bar how can i change the word “within” or delete it ? where is located ? and another question where can i find the “all categories” button in the drop down top menu ? thanks

hi i would like to ask the same question as alexandruburtan.. thanks.. the search / filter panel looks have problem.


I message you about problems with search button and categories, please answer me. Thanks.

You know, it’s really nice idea make disign responsive, cause we sell electronics and via analytics about 10% of our customers use mobile or tabs.

We are having an issue with our opencart running this theme.

When a user tries to modify his/her address the State/Region drop down doesnt get populated. I am referrring to Edit Address under My Account. index.php?route=account/address/update&address_id=1

Would appreciate a proper update or a quick fix ASAP.

I am using

Still awaiting your response. Its been 4 days now. Also need to ask you. Is this a bug? Price for a product excluding tax is generally less. On your demo and after setting up the theme at my end it shows the same price for $125.00 Ex Tax: $125.00


How long do I have to wait to get an answer mate?

Hello! everything will be exactly the same as the demo? I need a drop down menu of categories as in demo

Hello! Can you fix “add to cart” button here (Grid dispay varriation) http://themes.webiz.mu/opencart/dropshipper/index.php?route=product/special Second problem, it’s no border in checkout page first page. Screenshot: http://s11.postimage.org/89ftsvif7/Capture.png Please give sujestions and fix it in future versions. Thanks!

Hello! Please fix product compare summary line. Probably this row should be dynamic or smth like that. Otherwise product fit almost all page and comparison page don’t have sense. Thanks


Hi raviG,

I have an issue with the top header not displaying correctly + the sku number only showing the first digit.

How can I pm you the url so you can have a look?

Thanks James

same problem as mentioned kesseba

before product.php Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelCatalogProduct::getSpecialStartDate() in /catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/module/special.tpl on line 43

after upload product.php Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelCatalogCategory::getCategoriesByParentId() in /catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 527


hye raviG, thanks for the theme but my web site are not working properly in OpenCart 1.5.4

this theme work not properly on, , and :)) it is very interesting,? try all those this opencart version and had an error all the time !!!


when using the search bar I get the error on screen.

Search Criteria Search: Notice: Undefined variable: search in /mnt/stor7-wc2-dfw1/521615/524174/www.bpcomputersolutions.co.nz/web/content/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/product/search.tpl on line 13 Notice: Undefined variable: sub_category in /mnt/stor7-wc2-dfw1/521615/524174/www.bpcomputersolutions.co.nz/web/content/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/product/search.tpl on line 42 Search in subcategories Notice: Undefined variable: description in /mnt/stor7-wc2-dfw1/521615/524174/www.bpcomputersolutions.co.nz/web/content/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/product/search.tpl on line 49 Search in product descriptions

You can view this at:


I need this fixed ASAP

I have not even touched the template yet and I have all sorts of errors from the top navigational error not working to this

Why have you listed a non working theme for sale, it wastes every ones time…


Hi raviG! I have purchased dropshipper theme. And have solved many problems so far (with non-english language, search panel etc…). But there is another one.

When I create subcategory:
Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelCatalogCategory::getCategoriesByParentId() in /home/html/catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 527
The 527 line of product.php is:
$categories = $this->model_catalog_category->getCategoriesByParentId($data['filter_category_id']);

P.S. product.php from dropshipper theme.


how did u solve the search panel problem?can u explain ?

Really bad author!!!!!!!

@neconeco You mean FULLTEXT error?

@elmaximus when u search something etc apple,nothing finds and give me a error


1. Open phpmyadmin 2. Select your Opencart database 3. Click on oc_product_description in the table list on the left 4. Click on the SQL tab at the top so that you can execute a SQL command. 5. Delete everything in the query box… it may have this in it: SELECT * FROM `oc_product_description` WHERE 1 6. Enter this command: ALTER TABLE `oc_product_description` ADD FULLTEXT (`tag`);

thanks very much elmaximus =)