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This theme isnt working on Categories do not appear on product pages. Cannot turn on specials. Getting these errors: Undefined variable: product in /vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_view_theme_dropshipper_template_product_product.tpl on line 243 Undefined variable: product in /vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_view_theme_dropshipper_template_product_product.tpl on line 262

Please help asap

What kind of changes did you do with vqmod? The theme does not use vqmod, so it might be with a third party extension you are using.

Hi, Will you update it to the last open cart version ?

It has already been updated to

Thank you for your reply , I did bought this product but I have a problem , I don’t have Categories on left side like is on demo ( in extension category I have Column Left and enabled ) also on header i have Shopping Cart 0 item(s) – 0.00RON like this not like in demo where I don’t see the price and it says My Cart even so I put the common language and there is My Cart . I went on the tutorial 2 times . Waiting forward for your reply, Thank you

You don’t have the purchased badge. Where did you get the theme from? Perhaps you are using and old version.

@raviG I am AlinLeonard , I am using the latest on OpenCart

You mean the language file? I’ve already sent you that. I will send it again in a bit.

Interesting , I just checked I did not had any new email , I also checked at spam.

Open the language file cart.php and change $_[‘text_items’] to

$_['text_items']    = '%s item'

Any plans on releasing an update with responsive css?

I am currently finishing a new theme. I will try to make it responsive after that.

Hi Ravi, Any plans to update for OpenCart 1.5.6? I would really like to update my OpenCart but won’t until you have released an update. Your theme’s are awesome! Keep up the good work!


I tested it and it is compatible with 1.5.6. I forgot to add that in the item’s description.

Thanks :)

Thank you Ravi! I will upgrade then. Cant wait for this theme to be Responsive :) I don’t mind waiting as it is a great theme.

Hi Ravi, I just bought your theme and followed all of the instructions properly. There are 2 problems. Firstly the category list do not appear on the left in Home page.

Secondly the following error appears on viewing a product: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sku’ in C:\wamp\www\foodstore\catalog\view\theme\dropshipper\template\product\product.tpl on line 32 Sku: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sku’ in C:\wamp\www\foodstore\catalog\view\theme\dropshipper\template\product\product.tpl on line 334

For the first one, did you set the category module to show on the homepage?

For the errror, which version of OpenCart are you using?

Thanks ravi! the category list is now fixed. It was not set at homepage.

But the second problem persists. Using opencart

I will double check this issue and report back asap.

I installed,There are minor problems. On the main page “all categories” dropdown doensn’t work. Product page; Comment on the java problem. Heading down tabs, doens’t work.

Waiting for support.

Do you have categories enabled? Please post a link to your site.

Yes enable :) give me mail adres promblem dateil send;)

Send it from the contact form on my profile page.

I get the following error on log . Version Opencart :

2013-09-23 17:59:17 – PHP Notice: Undefined variable: product in /catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/product/product.tpl on line 249

On Line 249: <input type=”button” value=”<?php echo $button_cart; ?>” onclick=”addToCart(’<?php echo $product[‘product_id’]; ?>’);” class=”button” id=”button-cart” />

if you go to the product page , on every product at every refresh you get that error.

Hmm. I will double check that again and get back to you assap.


Hello. Can you please make template responsive?

it will be really good and i think it comes with new customers.

Good point! I will try to do that during the weekend.

There is a new version of the theme though. I’ve fixed some bugs.

Yep, i am already customize it :)http://gmbox.by/


g3e Purchased

How long should I expect to wait for support, I emailed an issue with the lang entries in 1.5.6 that other people are reported. I’m not sure why the listings say it’s compatible with this edition as I’ve found several issues, the product.php doesn’t work and had to include the function seperately to the original php file.

I did reply to your email the other day.

There will be an updated version of the theme. I’m working on the bugs right now. It should be ready to download tomorrow.


g3e Purchased

Thanks! I checked my mailbox and spam folders, didn’t get the reply.


g3e Purchased

I’ve put the new template in place and I still have all the lang issues.. search_input search_all etc?

Did you update the language file english.php?


g3e Purchased

I just overwrote the entire folder with your theme files.

Still not working? Open the file english.php from the package and copy the block of code after //Dropshipper. Paste it in the enlish.php file on your server.

Let me know how it goes.

Hi Ravi,

I have an issue and I have double checked all your answers for 1.5.6 and mine is unique.

I will email you now as I have your email address. Otherwise you don’t know whether I have purchased the theme or not.

Keep up the good work :bigsmile:

Just send me a message from my profile page.

Thank you for the great service Ravi! Answered all my emails quickly and fixed the issue quickly.

You’re welcome :)

Hi raviG,i follow all steps from the description,but i have this error if you click on some product: Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelCatalogProduct::getProfiles() in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/catalog/controller/product/product.php on line 455 can you help me? REGARDS

raviG whats happen? its still not work

I fixed the issue you were having. The problem was that you did not update the file product.php.

There is another issue on your site though and I’m not sure where this is coming. It is the SKU part on the product page. Can you send me your admin credentials?

hi raviG,i send you before 2 days the details,its still not resolve the bug,any news?

Hi i send you to question from you contact form .. my email its jonathan.orahdjkian@gmail.com i got problems after i install the template

Hi raviG,same problem here … But I update the product. php … /home/*/public_html/**/catalog/controller/product/product.php on line 455 can you help me? REGARDS

please, when will you upload the fix?

I’m waiting for the reviewer to approve it. You will receive an email once it is ready to download.

You can download the updates.

Can’t wait to get this theme rolling.. looks amazing.. just sent you an email about an issue.

Thanks. I just replied to your email.

Hi Ravi,

Sent you 2 emails.. I’d like to confirm that you’ve received them?

On the 05/12/2013 I sent one with FTP access to my site…

Then on the 06/12/2013 I sent another asking if you have received the FTP details.

Would there be any chance of telling me how I can get your theme to work?

Many thanks.


Sorry I was really busy. I got your email for the FTP. I will have a look at it asap.


Ok, do you have an estimated time/date when I can expect some help?

Many thanks

Hi Ravi, it’s been 7 days since I first asked for help…

Looking forward,

Ravi it’s been over 2 weeks since I asked for your help.

Please help me get your theme working correctly.

I’ve sent you an email and updated the theme. See the fix I sent to you by mail.

One of your themes is giving me this error:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sku’ in /var/www/virtual/rinf.com/store/htdocs/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/product/product.tpl on line 32 Sku:Warning: Illegal string offset ‘sku’ in /var/www/virtual/rinf.com/store/htdocs/catalog/view/theme/dropshipper/template/product/product.tpl on line 333

I have emailed you multiple times in the last few weeks and am in contact with Themeforest about your lack of support – support which you advertise at the point of sale.

Making false claims like this is against the FTC guidelines.

I’ve updated the theme on December 26 and this have been fixed.