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Hi Ravi,

I upgraded my Opencart from 1.5.6 to Now, my website cannot proceed to checkout because of browser compatibility issue. I would like to upgrade my theme to the latest

My question is: Is there a way I can upgrade my theme without overwriting the changes I made for the website?

If so, kindly provide a step by step procedure?

Thanks, Marlon

Hi Ravi,

I sent you an email.


Hi Ravi,

I am able to resolved the issue now. Thanks for the help

You are welcome.

Few Problems :

1) Categories on Left do not expand 2) Search does not work 3) Description shows in BOLD when clicking sub-categories 4) Reviews – says “text_reviews”

Maybe more, but this is in the first few hours. Hope to hear back, also messaged you.

Able to fix the search myself, but please help for the other. thx

Which version of opencart are you using?

I’m using

Most Kinks are worked out and were my problem uploading a file in the wrong folder. Template is great.

Just the one thing i mentioned to you via email about “Bold” search results. Thank You

Hello, open cart version 1º in List product after click on a category the productos shows disorganized, If i click on grid or list mode it show ok, but in default list mode it show not well.


Hello, did you recive my email? still wait. i download this template last week

Yes, I just replied to your email.

Hello still wait a solutions…

Hi Ravig,

I really love the theme.

Quick question – How do I get the category description to show up on the category page? It is not working on my website.


Can you please send me a link to your site?

hi i have a problem with the installation

can you help me to resolve the problems? the site is www.donsaldos.com


Update the default language files as stated in the documentation file and follow the steps provided for positions of each module.

hi raviG ,did you recive my email? i sent you a pic of the issue about searchbutton?wait for your reply?thx

Can you please send it again.

we had told about the question in mails.it was solved.maybe you forgot it .all of tings is ok ,now i am waiting your update .thanks.

you replied me the day before yesterday .

Is “Dropshipper OpenCart Theme” ready for xml integration? If not, have you something to suggest me? I m looking for a OC Template with redy xml integration with cron jobs. Thanks

Hello, is it possible to change the All Categories menu item to look exactly like left side category module? Like a multi-level dropdown menu?

Also, I added some images to the left side category module manually. So is there an easy way to just show this module on the header navigation? Best place would be where the new box displays when we hover the All Categories item.

Is it doable or should I simply use some extensions? Any ideas?

Another question. Is it possible to change the language of date formats?

On the special products module, the countdown timer has the letter “d” for day. I need to change it to “g” if possible.

Tried changing the date_format values in languages files (both for admin and catalog) but didn’t work.

Hi Ravi, I have sent you a message about my website problem using this theme…Please resolve my problem..TQ

ok, thanks ravi….I have uploaded the language updated file, then everything is ok now..TQ very much for your support..

This theme is great but it is not responsive yet? Hope you can make it responsive in your next update? tia

Great theme! I wish you can update this theme and make it responsive.. I will buy this once it is responsive already. TIA

opencart 2.0 compatible?

It is not compatible yet.

opencart compatible? Thanks

Yes, it is compatible with

Do you guys have a website instead Theme Forest? because when I am trying to pay via PayPal it doesn’t work.

Contact support, they will help you out.

Can you apply any COUPON plugin inside this theme ?

coupons valid for specified time ; valid for specified product ; valid for specified amount in cart ; can be used only one time per user

Thank you

I am not sure if there is a plugin for that. You might want to do a search from the extensions section at opencart.com

Can you UPDATE this theme to hte newest OPEN CART version ??

So this theme will work with 2.0 ? (it is stated “Compatible with OpenCart 1.5.6 &”)

How long it will take you to update this theme to ?

No it won’t work with 2.0. I am updating it for I can’t provide an exact date when it will be available as I am still working on it. You will receive an email when the updated version is ready to be downloaded.


how can i hide expired product when special countdown end

Hello. www.erzanci.com where is problem?


I want to upgrade my oc page from to but now i got a blank front page and this in admin -> system -> error log

2015-05-27 15:16:23 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: mpn in /home/dasonia/domains/dasonia.com/public_html/test/catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 30 2015-05-27 15:16:23 – PHP Notice: Error: Table ‘dasonia_oc2.category_path’ doesn’t exist
Error No: 1146
SELECT COUNT AS total FROM category_path cp LEFT JOIN product_to_category p2c ON (cp.category_id = p2c.category_id) LEFT JOIN product p ON (p2c.product_id = p.product_id) LEFT JOIN product_description pd ON (p.product_id = pd.product_id) LEFT JOIN product_to_store p2s ON (p.product_id = p2s.product_id) WHERE pd.language_id = ‘1’ AND p.status = ‘1’ AND p.date_available <= NOW AND p2s.store_id = ‘0’ AND cp.path_id = ‘72’ in /home/dasonia/domains/dasonia.com/public_html/test/system/database/mysql.php on line 50 2015-05-27 15:16:24 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: tag in /home/dasonia/domains/dasonia.com/public_html/test/catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 23 2015-05-27 15:16:24 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: ean in /home/dasonia/domains/dasonia.com/public_html/test/catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 27 2015-05-27 15:16:24 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: jan in /home/dasonia/domains/dasonia.com/public_html/test/catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 28 2015-05-27 15:16:24 – PHP Notice: Undefined index: isbn in /home/dasonia/domains/dasonia.com/public_html/test/catalog/model/catalog/product.php on line 29

Are you planning to make this theme compatible with OC ?