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Awesome theme, glws Dragoneel! ;)

Thank you csspress :D

Hey, is there a Wordpress version of this template? I realy like it!

Thanks, Alondra


Thanks for your nice comment Alondra.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a wordpress version of this theme.


Hi Dragoneel,

I think this theme needs to be updated. The Live Preview is much different from the file I received when I purchased this theme yesterday. The alignment of the wrapper divs was totally off, the twitter widget doesn’t work, and the logo upload doesn’t work.

There was also some simple, default internet markup that was blanked by the CSS. Like the strong tag not making things bold, and the ul & ol tags not having their normal margins or list-styles.

Also, this isn’t a bug, but it’d be nice if the header was coded to accept larger/wider logos, rather than having such a strict size limit of 270×60. There’s no reason why the navigation needs to be floated left with a giant margin to separate it from the logo, when it can be floated right and open up something like 200 additional pixels for logo-width.

I was hoping this would be a simple plug-and-play theme, but between the necessary coding fixes and having to tweak the header to accept my logo I had to spend an additional 2 hours just knocking this theme into shape. Someone who isn’t familiar with HTML or CSS would be completely lost and stuck with a wonky theme.

Hi, Thanks for your comment ..

The twitter widget is working fine, just put your id, and for the upload logo i just fixed it. Can you please show me the wrapper alignement default, i didn’t see any bug.

In the html version the logo is floated to left and the navigation to right, i had some problemes with the tumblr tag, now its ok.

Send me a mail then i will send you the updated file.


I love your theme. However I can’t get bold text to show up on my posts. Am I doing something wrong?


I also can’t get some of the line breaks to work. Also how do you make the text in a video post just look normal? I don’t want it all big and blue :(


Send me a mail so i can fix your problem.

And sorry for the delay, i didn’t see your comment