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Hi, I have purchased your theme. It’s all OK but I have to change background image for different page/post, not always the same. How can I do? Thanks.

Hello, thank you! You may try to rewrite the code and use featured image as post or page background but it might be tricky.

Hi, how do i change the order in which albums appear in the discography section? right now it’s only in the order i add them in

Hi, you may sort by several parameters like metakey, category, tax, tag etc. Read here:

Back again! Thank you for your response before, I am now wondering how to only show a specific category in the blog section.

I have a post category that i only want displayed in a certain location however it shows up in the blog section too. I would like the blog to only show posts categorised under “blog” or similar.

Hello, as you know, theme modifications are beyond theme support. All answers you will find in Codex. Link I gave above will help you a lot. Thanks.

Hello, do you’ll make a update for this theme?
I run my website on WP 4.4.5, but I’d like to update it.
Thank you.

Thank you so much!

Hello, could you please update to WP 4.8.x? Thanks!

Done, thank you!


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I am trying to insert this youtube link to media library widget, but it is not working.

I also tried // Nothing seems to work. Could you, please, help.

Ah, ok, fine, thank you very much for letting me know!

One more question…. Can I insert the video file that I uploaded media library to media widget? I could not figure out how the video source will look like…

Thank you! No, if you mean widgets on Media Page, they are all links, not uploads through Media lIbrary. URL of video looks this way: //