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great theme good luck ,bookmarked ..it will be my first joomla :)

Clean, lovely design ; congrats :)


Hi, great template. Have some question 1. is it possible to change backround pic (I see 5 prebuilt styles, can I have my own backround) 2. Any other module variation? Thnx (prelijepa ti je tema za joomlu :-), svaka ?ast)

Yes, you can make unlimited combination with modules, and you can make your own style with background image and all. (Hvala!)

Great work, I’ve bought and rated 5 stars

Just a technical question, I would like that the image background remains fixed, I tried adding in style.css: “position: fixed;” but does not work well. Is there any other solution? Thank you very much

First every correction that you will make please add the css to the theme options page under custom css that way it wont be overwritten when you will upgrade to a new version.

Try adding this: background: url(../images/patterns/body/pattern-16.png) repeat fixed;

presale question does it have a quick start / demo install ?

Yes it have.

I like what I see, but how can I try it before I buy it? I’d like to see/try it from the back end.

Also, do all the Widgets described come with it? If so, how are the Widgets administered? Are they in the components section?

You can see the template admin options in the screenshots, the widgets comes with the theme, they are administered in component section. If you need some additional screenshots i will be happy to provide it.

This theme supports Virtuemart? if it does please make me know it, I’m buying it right now!!!!!

It will be in version 1.5 by the end of the month.

i agree with sensationalfix if support responsive for vm I’m buying it right now!!!!! thanks.

Where can I find a modules placement layout of the Dryer template?

Hi thanks for buying, can you please use webthemer.com/forum for support questions.

The virtuemart will be in version 1.5

This is a gorgeous theme with lots of room for content. I’m planning on creating a classified site and would like to know if the plugin Ads Manager will work smoothly with the theme?

Didn’t try, will try tomorrow and post the result.

I have just installed the theme and am having trouble with getting the font to change to anything but Arial. I have change the style to yellow and the body font to Lucida through the template settings but it will not change. I have also tried over-riding with the custom css bit, but that doesn’t work either. I then tried to change the font in the actual yellow stlye.css but the Arial font stubbornly stays. Can you please help??

Also, the header does not appear – how do I enable the site header?

Please use the support forum on webthemer.com

Hi i´m really interested in your theme, but i have one question first.

Is there any problem or conflict if install plfugins such as joomlistings? Will this plugin in adpat to the style of the page?

This is the actual website of my clientÑ http://www.corchoanuncios.com/ Givi it a look and let me know Tnaks in advanvce

I believe that it will need some work on the styling, for the joomlistings, it is not strait compatible.

Hi, does this – or can this in an update – work with JomSocial in a responsive manner? I’ve been looking everywhere for such a theme, but no luck so far.

Thanks in advance.

I will look into JomSocial Integration.

Hi Webthemer,

Before I purchase this template, I would like to know if there is any possibility that to have a header like arcturus’ http://demo.demente-design.com/joomla/arcturus/. Logo in the middle with date below it.


Yes the header can look like that.

Does this template support K2, Acymailing (Newsletter)? Thanks.

The K2 is not supported and will not be supported. We will integrate Yootheme ZOO wich is better then K2 by the end of summer.

Hi, great theme.

Does it have support, even with third part plugin to vídeo gallery, and poll ?

I didn’t try it.

Is that possible to resize the header above the horizontal menu, and change some colors?

Yes its possible to re size the header, and colors can be changed by editing the css files.