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This is a good template, sorry about posting here, but I got an issue and posted it on template’s maker support forum and I have received no reply: I think the template has a bug, here’s my post: http://bit.ly/P1KJdd Thanks for your help,

I have replayed in Support Forum

Kind of dissapointed, theme is great with core Joomla but with other extensions just doesn’t so nice, the output of any other components simply have no margins, tried JomSocial, Easy Blog, MaQma Helpdesk, etc. Should have a minimum style so that the output from other component at least gets better. Hope you can improve it.

Update is coming to this ASAP .

Viewport meta tag should have , and not ;

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>

Update is coming to this ASAP .

Hi there, i saw in comments that k2 has no support, it means i cant install k2 in your template? i want to buy the template but i dont find information about this, please let me know

You can install the 2K but Layouting will need to be fixed. I will soon Issue a Update where Zoo from YOOTheme will be integrated.

Good job !!! Very nice template. How could login on support forum?

Thank you

Just register and you are set.

Hi, website is not loading well on IE8 . I tested your themeforest link too Could you check? Is very important for me.

Thank you

I see what you mean, i must look into it.

Thank You.How long time will take you to fix this? I keep my site under construction till then

Bye the end of the month

I am buying this :) In few days, this template is mine! Great work!

Thanks, Glad you like it.

Upravo kupljeno, jedva cekam da ju upogonim :)

Hvala na kupnji!

People seem to be buying this and having one or two issues.

Is this worth the $40 or should I search for another theme.

I will issue an update by the end of the Month with some new features and fixed bugs.

The update will contain:
- Warp Framework update to 6.2.5
- Widgetkit Lite update to 1.2.2
- Styling for Widgetkit Lite and Widgetkit Pro
(You need to buy separate license from YOOTheme for Pro version if you would like to use it.) - RockSprocket integration and styling
- RokPad integration
- Some design refinements to JomSocial and the Dryer design.
- Some new functions to the Theme Options Panel
- More content styling elements
- And if i get to it i will integrate K2 Custom Content Management if not it will be in the next update.

Will the update be emailed and is it just a question of ftp’ing the new files to the theme folder and replacing what ever files need replace.

I’m working on a new site and I’d like to have this theme on it.

You have an image slider on the preview, does that come with or will i need to get my own. Ie. Advance Banner Rotator

Image slider is part of the Widgetkit Lite its GPL and its free you can use it and it is responsive, the update will be available in the themeforest download section. If you will make changes to the theme like in the documentation then it will be all nice and swift. http://webthemer.com/forum/threads/108-Customizing-our-Themes

that way all your changes will not be overridden. I will be adding an updated quickstart to the pack as well so you can see how all its done.

Excellent, thanks

one more thing? The part at the top where the logo is, can the height of that easily be adjusted. I’d like the height to be higher with instead of a logo a wider image.

Yes it can be adjusted simply.

Good Theme, Only 1 issue I’ve had so far is. The drop down menu on the top menu bar only appears when the link is activated. How do i make the down arrow appear on all menus activated or not?

Hi, Please use the webthemer.com/forum for support. Thanks


A mistake on my end was the issue (ooops!)

This guy went out of his way to check it out and fix it. Very Good Theme. Highly recommeneded.

Definetly the best theme I’ve used on Joomla to date.

Template still not working well on IE8 . I think this is a major bug and you said in site description is compatible with IE8 . I think you should fix because I paid $40 and really want to work on IE8 .


I am currently working on this, will let you know in a few hours …

I have checked on the Windows 7 IE8 browser that i downloaded from

and it all works fine how did you checked the ie8 compatibility?

Come on. You know is not working. See your message that u sent me 16 days ago on forum” I see what you mean, i must look into it.”

Website is not loading on IE8 and u can check on http://browsershots.org/

If you cannot fix it at least remove compatible with IE8 from template description because any client have to know before buy it. I am very disappointed .

When i said “I see what you mean, i must look into it.” I tried with the browsershots.org and ietester application which is the application on browsershots.org and the site don’t work i don’t know why something to do with javascript.

Then i downloaded an VirtualPC image from Microsoft with windows 7 and IE8 installed on it and it works all fine, you can try it if you don’t believe me.

Download Virtual PC and http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=11575

Here is the screenshot of the Joomla Version of the Dryer on Windows 7 IE8 : http://i.imgur.com/Q4rLx.jpg

I am user of this template for a month now, and I have only good words for it, works in all browsers as stated in item description, and it looks great!

I would buy it again.

Thanks, There is an update available to 2.1.0 with framework and widgetkit update and known bug fixed.


Are any update for joomla 3 ?


Its available for download in ThemeForest. Please test it and tell me how it goes its located in theme folder dryer_j30_v2.1.1.zip.

What about support for mobile devices and tablets. It appears to load as an RSS feed on the Samsung SIII in Opera and on an iPad the layout is not as it is on a normal browser Thanks

How can i add a facebook like box?

In theme settings Facebook Button turn it to ON