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I cant seem to get to get my tagline to appear. How would I go about doing this?

Send me a ticket with username and password and a screenshot of the problem help.webthemer.com


Is there any way to see exactly which files were changed from update to update?

I changed some css and a bit of layout so I would sure appreciate if there is any way to know which files were changed so i can update the theme without overwriting files i made changes to.

thank you a bunch!



And another question.. is it possible to put a big picture into the background like shown in the link? http://www.diggit.si/

thank you…

Sorry for the files i don’t know what where changed from that version, i have added verify file from this last version now when you install 2.6.0 and changed template files you will see what you have changed. The image is possible to add like that open a ticket and i will let you know help.webthemer.com.

hello, where can i get version 2.6.0, i have 2.5.2 and this version is still advertised here. and what are the changes to it, compare to 2.5.2 regards

The version 2.6.0 is available on themeforest just download the package again

Hey there!

Bought your theme and I’m very satisfied so far. However, I have a little problem and wanted to ask if it’s a bug or if I’m doing something wrong ;-)

The problem concerns the path in the breadcrumbs widget which always shows HOME as the parent of every page, no matter if the page is a child of another page or if it’s a page at the top of the hierarchy…

Can you help me?

Send me the url and username and password and i will try to see what is wrong. help.webthemer.com

Ok I wrote you an email to support@webthemer.com. Did you receive the message?

Yes i did and waiting for replay.

Hi There,

Any way to get the Open Sans font of the latest version in to the 2.0 version? I’ve copied all the files and added the proper strings to the config.xml. I can now select the font, but it gives me Times new roman (I Think) so I’m missing something..

Any help would be appreciated!

Also I seem to have missplaced my search box… (it’s still there but the styling is gone)


What template are you using?

can I put bbpress in this template? thanks

For now not but version with bbpress is coming soon.

Hello, I need to update the framework … how do I?

Write in the support forum and i will tell you how! http://webthemer.com/forum/

Hello, I need to update the framework … how do I?

Write in the support forum and i will tell you how! http://webthemer.com/forum/

Item Purchase Code: 1310797b-09b7-450….. Purchase Date: 2012-04-13 10:59:41 UTC

But how I logging!?

Sorry there should be now login form and register link on it, check again.

We would like to inform all our current and future customers that we have a new support site online you can check it here: http://support.webthemer.com/

If you didn’t register you can do so here: http://www.webthemer.com/my-account/

Please use the support portal for problems, issues and ThemeForest comment section only for pre-purchase question.

Regards Damir Webthemer.com

Maybe you update this theme?

Yes it will get updated with new framework and all sometime this year … but i don’t know if it will be new release or update of this one …

We create a games detail page?

What review plugin will you use?

well i didn’t test this so i don’t know if it will work …

Hi, We’ve installed the Dryer theme, but we’re missing the Warp Framework & the demo content SQL, where / how can we get it? Thanks

Send an email to this: support(at)webthemer.com

hi sent email 3 days ago still waiting for reply

Dondor did you got a reply?

hello, I have some problems with “line breaks” in the posts. I use TyniMCE Advanced Editor in Dryer Wordpress Theme. When I write a post, I use paragraphs spacing, but in the front-end, there aren’t the line breaks: I can see only a single block whitout interspaces. How I can fix this issue? Why, this theme “not can see” the ENTER?

Can i see the URL?

I have fixed it, adjusting the editor settings (settings -> advanced options -> keep paragraph tags). Thanks anyway.


ambrix Purchased

Hello, I’m using dryer on a test web space (offline site). Now I have to migrate to the final domain. However, I’m having problems with the Dryer. Can it be linked to a problem due to the change of domain?