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hey, Nice theme- is it relatively easy to change the colour of the menu and logo background ?

Please send me a ticket of what you would like to change and i will tell you how can you do that. The version one had the ability of this but its easy to do this manually just tell me what you want to do in the ticket. The version 2 is better because users can change the css files and make changes they want.

I know how to change the CSS …I didnt think that was viable given the gantry framework…

Its not exactly in admin though is it? My client wanted something THEY could customize in future…

You can change the Body Font, The Link Color, The Font of the header, menu font, and the style is easy to make. The best part is that you can make a child theme and make you modifications of the color and patterns and when there is an update your style will stay as is.

Is the h1 title ready?

The H1 titles are ready in the Version 1.1 Update it will be soon online. You can check the demo if this is what you needed.

Love the theme – it’s beautiful. Curious though, where did the graphic elements come from?

Thanks, on what graphic elements are you referring?

The main banners really are eye catching!

I just purchased it and downloaded it and the version is still 1.0

Its uploaded now.

Can you tell us how to setup the widgets in order to have the results shown on the demo page?

Today the videos are coming how to make the demo page

Is it possible for you to please provide a link to demo content that I can import then work form that shell for my site. I am just finding it hard to configure the theme from scratch and thats how i usually work.


There will be videos on how to make a Dryer Demo theme from scratch in a couple of hours still working on them. When you see them the adding content and configuring will be a breeze.

Is there a way to set title><?php wp_title(’’); ?></title> in header.php ?

Most SEO plugins don’t work right now..

I believe not the gantry Framework has this built in $gantry->displayHead();

Thanks for the theme… What do I need to change in the CSS to have my logo stretch across the header? It currently gets cut off at 185 pixels width thanks, c

Also- none of the videos are workiing in the documentation..Ive searched through Gantry documents but its not very clear… How do i create a slider on my homepage?

If you are just directing users to Gantry for guidance it should be upto date and also pages/links relevant for each section…

Thanks you- and that’s the wordpress version? You flagged my last comment as offensive and I have no idea why?

Are you meaning to not answer my query about my logo size? I have asked twice now…

Sorry i hit the report by accident, the logo will be easy to set in the version 2. It will be a video on how to do that on Monday and also how to set the slider and all.

Ok awesome thank you- ill look for the download on monday


I just purchased this theme but upon installing, this came up:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Any help appreciated -Des

For support please use support.webthemer.com

Hi! great theme. I am going to purchase the theme. I have a pre-purchase question: what happens when I install the buddypress plugin? Will it work properly?

Thank you for your help


The BuddyPress plugin is not yet supported, will be in the future releases of the Theme.

Ok I am gonna get the theme. Can you tell me a date when you think the buddypress embedding is ready?

one more thing: With Safari and Chrome I see in your online demo the contact link that goes down one line from the menu. It is not showing properly…

are the videos up?

Yes check the http://support.webthemer.com/Knowledgebase/List more videos are on the way.

how do you get the slider to work when installing from scratch?

Will make a video for this today

From the looks of it the Gantry Framework is a plugin and not a parent theme, therefore I guess it is still possible to create child themes for Dryer? By that token editing the CSS should be fine. I don’t have much experience with Gantry.

Also will this theme work on wordpress MU sites?

The MU is not supported at this point.

Coming soon The Dryer Version 2.0: The Dryer will be ported to a new Framework in a few days. It will support BuddyPress, HTML5 , CSS3, Mobile support (iPhone, Android), Semantic Rendering, Full support for RTL right-to-left language etc..

Will be available for Joomla Platform.

Installed theme and my dashboard page is blank. Any Ideas. I cant edit or see anything in back end. Thanks

Please use the support.webthemer.com

I need to configure the Nivo-slider with images for the banner top, but would not like to see pictures of the blog, only for the top images. how can I do this? I have other questions about the theme. I see your support, but i can’t find my responses. thks

Hi wait until the Monday and we will have a better system in place with slider and everything.

Webthemer says:
“Coming soon The Dryer Version 2.0:”

If I buy the version 1.1, Could I get this version 2.0 when it will release ?