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I installed the theme, but I get a huge error and can’t seem to get rid of it. It happens after installing the pluging.


Please help…

Please use support.webthemer.com for support

Hello, Is v2 ready for download? The envato download link still gives me the same file as far as I can tell.

It will be online in 6 hours.

When will v2 be available?

It will be online in 6 hours.

I’m still waitting. I Love this THEME . Thank Webthemer

In 6 hours

Any news?

I Can’t See Any News :(

Webthemer, When will v2 be available? Thank You!

In couple of hours making the final touches


Thanks for the theme … but I have a problem. The nivoslider works fine but how do I get it to fit into the frame, as shown on the demo page. I have white space on three sides.

I got version2 coming with better slider and all i am currently uploading it. Will notify when will be available for download.

This whole theme is built on widgets? This is ridiculous. I have used a whole variety of themes is this strays so far from the pack, I don’t know if I even want to bother using it.

When will the v2 be available? You said Monday, but I don’t see it. Will it still be using this gantry system? Or will it be made like all the other themes available here?

OK I have finished the Version 2, you can check the demo here


The front page slider is new and easy to set up i will have videos later today to show you how, with the pack there is a demo installer available with all demo content.

Yes and the theme is fully compatible with RTL languages.

Will upload the theme in a few minutes when it clears the queue i will let you know.

Thanks for waiting. :)

How difficult will it be to create a contact form page?

The contact form will be in the next update 2.1 in a week or two.

I’ve been waitting so long. Thank!

Thanks, the videos are coming later in a few hours, but if you would like to know how things are done in demo, install the demo pack. Its a regular WordPress installation just with Dryer theme and Demo data just like on the Demo page.


What is Theme_Demo_Pack and what is full demo setup of your theme?

Thank You!

Did you mean after install wordpress and install theme then, we need to reupload Theme_Demo_Pack to server then?

No this is a wordpress installation that contains the theme and demo content. Try installing it as standalone just put it in folder in localhost and runit in the browswer the wordpress installatio will begin.

Will add video for this later so you will know what it is.

Thank you Webthemer!

How can I add Logo at the top of page ?

Upload the logo to wp-content\uploads folder, use the text widget and add this to text widget <img src="wp-content/uploads/logo.png" width="220" height="100" alt="logo" /> , add text widget to logo widget placeholder.

I got error: Save failed! when i make a change of Dryer – Theme Option – General At: http://domain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=warp

Please use the support.webthemer.com and send me the domain and username and password.


Was looking at your theme yesterday and loved it. Looked today to buy and layout has changed. Also it’s missing the nice styles for the tabs (I need those and loved them in the old version). Also the beautiful infoboxes are gone, the little twitter bird also gone (was a nice little touch) menu changed and are shortcodes still available? Also missing the beautiful Quote and Pullquote. Altogether typography seems not as styled as in the old version.

While I still think this theme is VERY good, I LOVED the look of the other version much better. So now I am on the fence about buying. Can I still get the old version?

Thanks for your help.

The Theme is on the new Framework, we will not use the shortcodes anymore just plain html and css, as for the tabs and quote and pull quote i will put them back in the next update. And the twitter bird will come back in the next update didn’t have time to put it in version 2 it will be in 2.1.

Can I get the new slider to grab the images from the most recent posts? I can only get it to show some predefined images.


Can I get the new slider to grab the images from the most recent posts? I can only get it to show some predefined images.


No the slideshow don’t have that ability.

Thank you, webthemer! I will wait till the new version then.

Thank you for your help Another question please :

How do I change the font size?