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I wanted to come back here and post this information because it has amazed me how many people have been trampling this theme and complaining. I understand the frustration going on because of the lack of documentation and I had the same INITIAL frustration as well but I also took the time to do some RESEARCH .

Dryer theme uses the WARP FRAMEWORK and WIDGETKIT system developed by yoothemes. It states this clearly in the FEATURES drop down on the Dryer demo site. If you click on those links it takes you to the yoothemes website where you can read ALL ABOUT the WARP FRAMEWORK AND WIDGETKIT and also see their DOCUMENTATION ON HOW TO USE IT . Their documentation is very simple and clear and has great pictures explaining everything. It took me about 5 minutes to understand how to work it and everything on the demo site is EASILY doable. In fact the Warp Framework is something I wish EVERY theme had installed.

I understand there is a level of inherent laziness in a lot of people and there are expectations of ease and documentation when you purchase a theme … but the documentation IS AVAILABLE and the theme is quite easy to customize once you read it. The problem is you have to go to the Warp Framework developer site to find it and THAT IS NOT CLEAR . However, the link is readily available on the Dryer demo site if you care to click on it.

I would like to know whether this theme is seo optimized or not.

Yes its fully SEO optimized and Semantic, its Fully HTML5 and CSS3

How do i install the social media icons?

For an answer i wanted to look at your forum. But i need an account to watch the topics. So i try to create a new account, but i need a purchase code. Totally complicated.

But i like your theme. :)

The social icons will be added automatically in the update 2.1 Later this week if you don’t want to wait please paste this code to text widget and put it in the headerbar widget place holder. <div class="follow-social"><a class="facebook" title="Follow us on Facebook" href="#"></a><a class="twitter" title="Follow us on Twitter" href="#"></a><a class="google" title="Follow us on Google +" href="#"></a><a class="vimeo" title="Follow us on Vimeo" href="#"></a><a class="youtube" title="Follow us on YouTube" href="#"></a><a class="delicious" title="Save to Delicious" href="#"></a><a class="rss" title="Subscribe to RSS" href="#"></a></div>

Thank you for your support. I can wait. :)

Hello, I have 2 questions:

1- how do I set the homepage to show me the latest post of the blog, and at the same time I have a BLOG page in the menu, right like you have there in the demo

2- How do the breadcrumbs work? I put pages B and C as child of page A and also from the menu I have A as main and B and C under A. In the breadcrumb it comes out like this: Home > A Home > B Home >C it has to be instead like this: Home > A Home > A > B Home > A > C How do I reach this result?

Thanks! great theme!

Please go to the webthemer.com/forum and i will answer this question there and walk you trough it.

We uploaded the latest version of your theme, and now have to start our work over again, because you said it would fix the slider.

Well our slider is up in the header area, skewed off to the right – not exactly where we wanted it.

I need this fixed http://test.thegetsmartblog.com/


Yes you will need to set the widget style to “blank” in the Dryer > Widget Options.

If you need help send me the username and password to support@webthemer.com and i will fix this for you.

@GSG I think you need to set the widget style to “blank” in the Dryer > Widget Options. I had the same issue with mine and edited that which resolved it :)

Great theme.

But how do you make a full width page ? I can’t choose the template for the pages

Hi You need to uncheck the display in widgets and then you will get the full width page without the widgets in the sidebar. Please check this:


Ok I got it, that’s strange… But why can’t you choose multiple options, like if I want to disable it only for 1 page I can’t ? (by CTRL clicking)

I am sure that Yootheme will make this in future development.

2.1 Version is coming today with mobile theme for iPhone and Android.

Very beautiful theme and beautiful menu :)


Hello Webthemer

Is it possible to set a background image (preferably hi-resolution) in this theme ?

My client wants something like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_IAkNXN9EHwU/TFvhkPyOjzI/AAAAAAAAACo/BqMcZ-O7mzQ/s1600/THE-PARTHENON-AT-ATHENS-Fig-45.jpg

But with just 2 columns and the roof.

Is it possible to make room for the roof of the temple ?? (Background image) I mean my client wants it visible and among the two colums they want the content of the site, they want these in every page of the site.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can set the image in background and make this that you want easily using css and a little tweaking.

Ok excellent !!

I’d like to translate this theme into Spanish, is it difficult ? (only the front-end)

Its easy i will show you how.

Purchased this theme… definitely complicated to use but I’m slowly getting it to where i want it. I have some questions but you constantly just say to go to webthemer.com/forum with your purchase code. I’ve tried it half a dozen times and it says my purchase code isn’t valid though i got it from the License Certificate. Soooo… what do i do now?

Send your questions to support@webthemer.com

Where can i download the Version 1.1.1 ?

You have 2.1 version available. The 1.1.1 is not available any more.

The Version 1.1.1 is the one i bought thats the one I want I tried the other version and its nothing like it, it changed everything it dosn’t work for me that way. Please give me a link of the version 1.1.1 or all have to ask for my money back

Send me an email to the support@webthemer.com

Hello Webthemer.

Is it possible to add or insert some flash animations (images and sounds) like this site ?? http://filadelfiadelatribudejuda.com/

In where would you need to insert them? In post or in header?

Hi, I just bought your template. It’s great and not as hard to configure as people said. I just have one question

Can I create grid version of posts on homepage? For example 3×3 I want to make 3 columns of news. Can you help me here?

Sorry for my english, I’m still learning.

Please send me the url to the support@webthemer.com

In where would you need to insert them? In post or in header?

Well our client wants to update his website, which is this http://filadelfiadelatribudejuda.com/

But he wants to keep those animations that fall down over every page… we tried to explain and convince them not to use those animations anymore but they insist on keep them.

So if your theme supports or is able to reproduce/adapt those animations just as they are or at least something very close to that, then we’ll buy this theme and began to work on that as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance.

That flash animations can be applied to Dryer with no problem the code just need to be inserted into every page that needs to run it. i believe that there are 3 animation?

Hi, Thanks for the nice design!

Just want to ask if you can host the RTL version so that I can decide if I need to purchase it or not?

The Theme have Full Support for RTL Language.

Yes I know dear, I just want to check how it looks like, can you host the RTL one and send me the link if you don’t mind?

Thanks in advance :)

This here is a version in RTL http://www.surcity.net/

That flash animations can be applied to Dryer with no problem the code just need to be inserted into every page that needs to run it. i believe that there are 3 animation?

Yes, there are only 4 .swf files in that site, and another one that makes that sound I think…

I mean, I need to find a way to reproduce those .swf files over the entire page from top to down when a user enters the site/page… or at least reproduce .swf inside a post.

I opened those .swf files in flash professional and they are very simple animations with 2 or 3 images, they are no longer than 3 seconds.

Thanks for your help.

how do i add a Sidebar item? when i add it to Sidebar-a or -b … the Footer Grows to undefined height. Very confusing, please help!

EDIT : and also the footer a div on its own… not connected to the main body… and its taking up the whole width… and also how do i setup the footer part?

Support forum on webthemer.com/forum will be up in a few hours please write in there and i will help you with everything that you need.

Hey your forum is still not up yet… can’t you help? can i email you ? My client is doing a campaign tomorrow, I need this up and running by today!