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Just bought and installed the Dryer theme on Joomla 2.5.6. Got a few problems, the first one is the most critical for me: 1) The dropdown menu needs two clicks (it only reloads on the first click) to show the menu items and child menues. I would expect the menues to display already on hover (or click on iPad). 2) Pictures don’t automatically behave reponsive with the rest of the content. A page that appears naturally on a PC screen, is not very gracefully presented on iPad or iPhone. To avoid this, I manually set picture size in html mode to width=”100%” height=”auto”, but then the code doesn’t validate. Any tips? 3) The widget kit (slideshow) doesn’t work with the responsiveness. It either displays blank or overlaps other modules, on horisontal iPad2 or lower screen sizes. This may be related to bullet point 2. My test site is: sommerseth.me/prototype2

All support questions are answered in webthemer.com. Please write there, and why are you writing this in WordPress and not in Joomla.

I was in the navigation loop on your site searching for answers. Thanks for nothing!

Please start a thread in the forum on the webthemer.com amd i will help you in there. I am curently without internet connection and canot test things

Hi! Does this theme word with wordpress 3.4?

Just Pushed the update to ThemeForest version 2.4 works with WordPress 3.4.

I’ve installed the theme, but it looks totally different from what I’ve seen! the slideshow, the sidebards…

All the sidebars appears at the top corner instead of being on the right-hand side!!

Any solution?

I have posted the tutorials on the Support Forum

I think that I found the theme that I want! But I have a question: can I put the blog’s posts in homepage like a grid 2×2 or 3×3 and the categories of the blog in the main menu? My intention is use it just for blog, but the categories need to be exposed in the homepage (main menu)...


Yes you can do all that

Is it possible to have the menu under the slider?

Yes its possible

how can i make the theme in RTL ?

Please use the support forum.

Hi, I am very much interested in purchasing this theme as it seems to suit my needs exactly but I am a little bit put off by the fact that there hasn’t been an upgrade in 3 months and you are not an elite author. What guarantees do I have that I wont be left in the cold if I buy this theme?

I will issue a huge update i 5 days so please wait for the update to see what new stuff will be in the update and it will be a lot more easier to start from scratch then updating.

The theme if fully supported and you will not be left in cold i am serious about theme development. The support is on my site webthemer.com/forum

Ok, Thanks. I look forward to it

Any chance that this can come as just a site template to be modded into a custom framework?

Sorry, but we have no plans to do HTML Templates, just WordPress and Joomla.

:\ Ok thanks anyway!

12 days ago you mentioned a huge update in 5 days. I’m waiting to get started on a project with a fresh update of dryer for WordPress… any word on when it may be ready?

Love the theme so far… I have tested the current version and like the idea of working with the familiar WARP framework.

I am uploading it in now. When it will be approved i will post on my support forum.

The update 2.5.0 is available for Download form ThemeForest.net

Hello, you can remove it for the page title, author, date and the number of comments? A blank page!

Yes this can be done by simply by erasing it from php file i can give you the instructions. But i am planing to make this available in the next update so you can turn this on/off by specific page/post. I have no ETA on this. Please make a post on the support forum ( http://webthemer.com/forum ) and i will be glad to help.

Hi, I purchased the theme yesterday but when I uploaded it to my wordpress site an error occured stating “Broken Themes The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.”

Can you help please?

Ok do like this:

When you download the zip file from themeforest please unzip it to the desktop and open the folder in there are 6 folders open the Themefolder and in there you will find dryer_wp_v2.5.1.zip this is the theme upload this using theme install or unzipit in the themes folder .

Thanks, I got that sorted. Could you tell me the best links to get everything up and running?

For Warp framework read the documentation on http://www.yootheme.com/support/documentation

Reading through the recent comments here, I see support is directed to:

http://www.webthemer.com/forum/ – which contains no support and has been moved here: http://help.webthemer.com/categories/21376/forums/84490 – and there are no 0 support topics under the “Dryer” section.

So, where is anyone getting actual support for this theme?

I’ve never seen redirects to support (on themeforest), where there isn’t any apparent support.

I always check this before purchasing.


The old support forum is readable and you can search it. If you need anything ask away and will give you help:)


Could you please give me the direct link to the “old support forum” which is searchable? I cannot locate it.

Thanks again


It says “Sorry, registration has been disabled by the administrator.”

How can I register? Do you contact each buyer with credentials to create an account? Or, can no one else ever register?


If you need support for my Products you need to go here this is a new support system (help.webthemer.com), but if you want to read old posts then you must go here: webthemer.com/forum.

Please read this post and it will be all clear:


I am currently doing tutorials for the Solutions section of the new support system.

If you have questions feel free to register on help.webthemer.com and i will answer all of them.

Not a fan. Terrible support. Wish I had never bought this.

Why do you say terrible support did you ask for support did you open a ticket on help.webthemer.com, or even write in the forums on help.webthemer.com, please do one of those things and you will see that support is not terrible.

I even provide support on the weekends when i can. I hope to hear from you so we can figure it out what the problem is. :)

how can i update theme without make changes?

Please open a ticket on help.webthemer.com and tell me from what version do you wanna update.

Give me the direct Download link to Warp Theme Framework 6.4.0, i can’t find.


Please send me the url, username and password and if it need to be installed data for ftp and database and ill install it for you and set anything that need to be set and help you with the process of modifying to suit your need and will update the framework to 6.4.0 make a ticket on help.webthemer.com and i will assist you.

Next month i will make a huge update to the Dryer with lots of features it will be more multipurpose, blog, corporate, and magazine thing.

I don’t want to give you my ftp access. I want a Theme whordpress woking.. Or my money back.. This theme never work.

I ask you one more time what is not working? I need to know the problem to solve it?

I just want to say thanks to the developer. He’s been very responsive to my issues and has solved them satisfactorily. Dryer has been a great theme to work with, though there is a bit of a learning curve if you’re not a guru. Thanks for keeping it updated, too! :)

Thanks, Mayor update is coming by end of next month.

Great looking theme with so much but toggles/accordions. Just wondering why you didn’t include them.

Mayor update is coming by end of next month. It will include all of those and much more. Its a surprise.