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in your documentation you say :product pages can have sidebars

“Once you’ve activated the WooCommerce plugin, you will find a new sidebar (widget area) in your Widgets’ page through the WordPress Dashboard. This new sidebar (Shop Sidebar) controls the widgets that will be displayed in the listing and product pages.”

you also have outdated information:

“1. Under the “Styles and Scripts” heading of that page, uncheck the “Enable WooCommerce CSS styles” field and hit Save Changes.”

Can my product page shave sidebars as I need them?

Also, in both musik and dustep your prodcut pages wont read woo shortcodes : eg [add_to_cart_url id=”182” sku=”54422”]

can you help please

Hello! Thank you for the heads up on the documentation!

Regarding the other issues, could you please open a ticket on our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com and we’ll be right there to help!

Do you have a demo I can log into and test before I buy, or can I download a demo that I can install?


Hello, it’s live :)

Hello, how do you show the new event categories on the front-end of the website, I can’t find it anywhere? I would like to show them in the sidebar for example like the standard post categories. Then I can access the urls for the event categories which I can’t find either.

Do i need to open a ticket if I would like to show the day of the week on an event? Also, show the time and a thumbnail of the event in the lister template?

Thank you.

Hello and apologies for the late reply, for listing the taxonomies like categories you can use a plugin such as https://wordpress.org/plugins/taxonomy-term-widget/ (since WordPerss by default doesn’t support it). For the other matter and any future please if you could open a ticket at our official channel if possible, you’ll get a much faster response in regards to support issues :D Just paste the question and the support guys will see how feasible it is http://cssigniter.ticksy.com

Thank you!

Hi I really like your theme but the thing is missing for me is Venue information. Has the theme got a page for Venue info for example address, map and contact details. If not do you take jobs to add features to the theme at extra cost?

Hello, I’m afraid Dubstep does not support this out of the box and it’s currently out of our scope of what we could take on as custom work. I’m terribly sorry to disappoint :(

Hi guys, i think the dubstep but i hace only question. The template save a history to all my past events and why see this list of past events? Regards and wait for your answer.

Hi there,

Some users keep an archive of past events and this is the reason why we have this in place. We do provide an option so you can turn this off (the events won’t be deleted, they just won’t be displayed) though :)

I need you to see the history of all events have had on my website and I posted on my website I need show history to all events posted in my web site. as past events are displayed can show me an example to view it please…

Have a look at this page http://www.cssigniter.com/vip/dubstep/events-3-columns/ at the very bottom you will see a list (currently only 2) of past events.

Hello !

In the zip there is no childtheme. Is it normal ?


Ok I could manager following this : http://www.cssigniter.com/docs/article/creating-a-child-theme/

In the full archive, I cannot find any demo data. You are not proving it neither?

Ok I found how to import in the theme option

The link for the demo data is in the settings as stated in the docs I believe, and you can always find it here www.cssigniter.com/sample_content/dubstep.zip :)

Hello, I have a question about the Artist Sidebar widget.

Can I choose which Artist is featured in the Sidebar widget? Currently I can set the widget with the number of Artists I want to show, but it always shows the first two Artists. Can I feature for example; DJ X by using the post ID? Otherwise I’m struggling to see the worth of the widget if It always only shows the first Artist and therefore the same artist all the time. Its the same with Albums, Videos & Galleries as well. However with Events you get a dropdown to select from. But as I say, if I could use the Artist Post ID that would work perfectly.

Thank you.

Hello. The Recent Event Widget won’t show the number of events I’ve set in the widget. Any ideas whats gone wrong?

Also, in the wordpress Reading setting when I select ‘News’ as my posts page from the drop down I’m forced to use the layout with each news image above the headline instead of the square image to the left of the headline. If I don’t select anything from that drop down it uses the correct layout, but that means I don’t have a Posts Page selected.

If I select the ‘News’ page in that drop down, when I look at the ‘News’ page in the Pages section it shows a bunch of drop downs for Artists, Discography, Events etc is that correct? (I can send screengrabs)

Underneath the Reading Settings, what should the number be set for ‘Blog pages show at most’ & ‘Syndication feeds show the most recent’, should this override the theme settings?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated.

Hello! Would it be possible to paste your issues in a new ticket at our official support channel at http://cssigniter.ticksy.com ? Thanks :D

Ah sorry, I just noticed the previous conversation. I’m afraid the length of the answers would fall out of the free support mandate and are a bit too much for me to answer here, this is something the support should handle :(

Does the layout Include having both left and right sidebars on each page with content in the middle of the page and can have sidebars disabled on pages you don’t want them on?

Hello! Pages have only one sidebar I’m afraid either right or left and you can turn it off by choosing the fullwidth template if you don’t need them.

Do you have or could you do support for RTL languages?

Hello! Unfortunately not, it’s in our plans but I can’t promise an exact date I’m afraid.

Do you have any RTL themes?

Not at the moment :(

Your theme (Dubstep) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.

Hello! This is fine and you don’t have to worry, you can safely dismiss the notice. There were trivial updates to WooCommerce and we’re releasin an update soon, but in any case there are no issues with the theme or with WooCommerce compatibility.

Hi there, how do I download the latest update from 7th April 2017 (2.0)?

I’ve downloaded the latest theme and I’m checking off the files in the changelog but they still say last modified 24th Feb which was from the last update you did.

I presume I have to manually update each file, and there isn’t an automated process.


Hello, you should be able to download it from your downloads page here in Themeforest. Please open the file style.css and make sure it says 2.0 as the version at the top of the file. Not every file is edited so some should correctly still say 24 Feb.

Regarding the update itself, if you haven’t made any custom modifications in the theme files or if you’ve used a child theme you can just replace everything. If you have indeed made modifications then it would be recommended you transfer them one by one to the new theme yeap.

If you have any kind of difficulty don’t hesitate to open a ticket at our support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com :)

Hello, if I create a new page with the slug ‘events’ then it always uses the List with sidebar layout no matter what I select from the Events listing style drop down.

If I create a new page with a different slug e.g. ‘new-events’ you can select whatever layout you like and it shows correct on the front-end of the site.

Its been driving me a bit crazy. Have you seen this issue before?


Hello! :) If you can open a ticket at our official support channel at https://cssigniter.ticksy.com we’ll be right there to help :)