Discussion on Ducan - Start An Online Store with WooCommerce WP Theme

Discussion on Ducan - Start An Online Store with WooCommerce WP Theme

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Your theme advertises demo content install yet I dont see this anywhere, nor is it referenced in your documentation. I’m not looking to build a site from scratch. Where is this demo install and if one doesn’t exist, can I be refunded? Thanks.

Is it common for the Author to take 9+ hours to respond to things? Thats not good.

Hello, we have given the demo installation system in Ducan, we are sorry that you got a little delayed response and we will make sure that you get the answer quickly from us. You can install demo content through theme option. For better understanding see at below link for screenshot. http://prntscr.com/dv01qq We make it sure that our response don’t delay more than 24 hours according to the support policy of themeforest and you can see it in the support tag. Thanks a lot for your patience.

Also we have a ticketing system at https://webinane.ticksy.com where you can directly contact with our support staff and get the response faster. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Theme Options/Utility tab . Tried all stores to export demo data , none of theme is exporting . Do you have XML that I can export manually ?

I am not asking support. All I need is DEMO DATA theme option is not importing it . I will email

Ok dear, we will provide help, our support session is started now and you get quick reply if you send an email now. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Once again I am not asking support or help . Theme is not functioning properly . Under your theme options , on utility section your theme is not importing demo data. I sent email still waiting respond

After the update to ver 2.7 all my headings are white text. instead of like before . red as per the theme.

You should have latest plugins installed before updating the theme, if you are using the latest plugins then please send an email to support@webinane.com and cc to sugotech@gmail.com and our team members will look into the issue and solve it. Thanks a lot

your theme does not function with woocommerce 3.0. I think its time to update it.

We are working on the new version of theme which will be compatible with WooCommerce 3.0 and this will be launched in the current week. Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Hi is it possible to add only amazon articles? (amazon partnernet). and if a user want to checkout, he will redirect directly to amazon store?

Hello RotaryPower, thanks for taking interest in our product, here are some of the questions from our side about your requirements. 1- Do you want to redirect to amazon on each product add to cart? 2- Do you want to redirect to amazon from check out? Thanks for providing the information. Actually at this moment these features are not given in the theme but we can easily add it within two working days if you want to buy this product. Let me know about your opinion.

Hello. I can show you a theme where its working like I want. Link: https://demo.azassociate.com/beats-by-dre Hope its ok that I posted it here. You can delete it, after you read it.

Add some products to card and checkout.. You will be redirect to amazon directly and get provision if he buy it.

We have checked it and found that our theme is compatible with these options, you can easily develop your website for Amazon with the help of Ducan. Thanks a lot for your continued interest. Let us know if you have further questions.

your support site is not working and I have not been able to receive message for the ticket that was posted 2 days ago

Our support page lies on https://webinane.ticksy.com can you please confirm on which URL you are visiting to enter your ticket. Thanks a lot

I am also talking about the same link; I was trying to open this since past 9 hours and yes it just got opened now, but still, I do not have any response for the ticket that was submitted 2 days ago, ( You replied 2 days ago on Saturday at 5:25 pm)

Ok let me contact the team and inquire about it. Please be patient we will surely respond your ticket as soon as possible. Thanks a lot

Hi . I want templated support RTL & Css .. is supported Arabic language ??

Hello, thanks for your interest in our product, yes it support RTL and you can make a website in Arabic language too. Thanks a lot

Hi, I just purchased theme yesterday and installed it on a website. Product page header image is not working. How to fix or update this. Can you please help?

Thanks for your purchase please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com our team will reach out to you in the next support session. thanks a lot

​Hi, 1) In footer alignment is not good. 2) When we search product in search bar, (for e.g.bruma), its showing only 6 products, but there is space for 8 products.

I am facing issues with the theme.Website link is http://ukfragrances.uk/


Thanks for contacting us for help, please increase the number of posts from Settings >> Readings to 8. This will solve your problem no.2. For the Footer alignment issue you will have to submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our team will guide you resolve this issue immediately once they will start their next support session.

Thanks a lot for your cooperation and patience.

Hi, From where can I add the “NEW” or “OFFER” button on products?

Can you please share the URL where you want to show, this will help us see the shortcode, then we can guide you properly. Thanks a lot

it wont load demo data i can see many others had those problems to and it takes very very long of loading but there issent come anything in of demo data

Hello brother, we are so sorry for the problems you are facing, can you please send your ftp and wp-admin information to us so that we can diagnose the problem and give you a viable solution of this hitch. Please send it to our admin email address of sugotech@gmail.com Thanks a lot

Where the hell is the documentation?

Nothings here: http://www.webinane.com/support/ducan-documentation/

I was trying to do a quick page, I guess down the drain with that.

I need a refund so I can purchase a theme that’s complete. I convinced someone to get this theme so we can finish the page NOW, to no avail. I should have learned my lesson before as this is not first time I purchased a dud.


Really sorry for the delayed answer, please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and we will help you solve your issues right away.


I bought this theme years ago when it was new and didn’t like it. I’m going to give it another try, but so far this is disappointing. The Ducan logo continues to appear as the header even though I’ve entered my company info in the customization.


Thanks for your purchase and we are happy that you are using it again. Please send your problems at support@webinane.com and we will solve all of your problems and give you a brand new version with these adjustments.

Best Regards

Hi, for the inner pages, I’d like to adjust the height of the header / page title row (it’s too slim for the background I’d like to use). Where do I find the setting?


Thanks for asking us for help. Firstly click on the Inspect Element option after Right Clicking on the section which you want to change. You will see the following selector as shown in the screenshot. https://ibb.co/mJsYqfP Changing the value of this selector you can get the desired change in the height of the header. After making adjustment please go to cssdashboard > appearance > customizer > additional css and add the changed code as shown in the screenshot below. https://ibb.co/6Y9jb0W You can further ask about the help in our support forum as well at https://webinane.ticksy.com

Best Regards, Webinane Team

Thank you, that worked!!

You are welcome bro. let us know if you face any other problem. We will surely help you in these testing times of COVID-19. May Allah keep you safe and secure from this deadly disease. Thanks a lot

Hi, the website does not seem to be fully support WP Bakery as when we add some WP Bakery items, the mobile version of the website gets messed up. As an example, please open this link on a mobile phone and scroll to the bottom—notice how the accordion gets cropped midway on mobile & the footer overlaps with the body content…


Every page is facing this issue.

Please let me know what CSS to add so that the footer content never overlaps with the body.. and instead the body on mobile phone expands to fit all content.

Hello I am Senior Support Manager of Webinane. Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and i assure you that we will give you the latest version of theme with these fixes. I will assign my team to make its new version and give you its fix as quickly as possible. Thanks a lot

It was too urgent for us and I got someone to rush & fix it over the weekend. Highly recommend releasing the new version of the theme, with the fixes on Themeforest so that others do not face this issue. The other problem is that all the header backgrounds do not fit within the screen on mobile devices—which our CSS guy also had to fix.


We do realize the importance of your suggestions, we are working on preparing the updates of 3 themes this week and the update of Ducan will also be given by our team. Please be assured that these issues will surely be addressed.

Thanks a lot


Your footer widget for “Ducan Social Media” does not include Instagram?

Also, if we leave a field blank in the “Ducan Contact” then it should not appear in the frontend. Example, if there is no fax number entered then “Fax: ” shouldn’t appear on the homepage.

Please talk to the experts directly in our support ticket system at https://webinane.ticksy.com and they will provide you the guideline accordingly. Thanks a lot for your patience and cooperation.

Hi, when i install the theme and try the demo content most of it doesn’t install and looks messed up:


Please submit a ticket at https://webinane.ticksy.com and our team will provide a solution to you. Thanks a lot

Done thanks.

Hi, can you supply the install instructions? The documentation file is a .js file and it doesnt work.

What themes are required to install? THanks.

Yes we will provide the information.We have documents available to help you. We will send you within 12 hours. We also have received your ticket and we will reply you through ticket. Thanks a lot

Its ok now thanks!

Hi, When we tried to click on product gallery thumbnails from product page, the images are not switching. Looks like the images are loading on page but the click functionality is not working. There is a option in admin panel to enable product gallery in product page. But product gallery is not working even images are loaded.​ Can you solve the issue? Here is the URL https://ecus.smartmindsteam.com/product/aaa-excellent-quality-moonstone-bead-bracelet-for-men-or-women-on-stretch-8mm/. Thanks in advance.


You have submitted your ticket on our support forum. Our technical staff is working on your issue. They will give you a proper solution.