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We have integrated a preview control panel in all our themes. You can now play with it to customize the design live!

Please make sure to clear out your cache before checking out the preview if you are a recurrent visitor!

Thank you.

Your page is completely incredible :shocked:

Very beautiful design. Congratulations and good luck…

Thank you so much!

Good Day,

I just purchase the Duct template. would it be possible to disable the countdown timer, we are not sure of the launch date but we love the template and would like to keep it as is but with the countdown timer disabled for now

Thank you.

Thank you so much for asking.

  • In functions.js, line 26, set:
this.animateDisks = false;
  • Lines 118-123, remove:
$('.info').hover(function(){ _this.animateDisks = false; $('.info').removeClass('active'); },function(){ _this.animateDisks = true; });
  • Lines 95, 99, 103, 107, set all the “info” divs as “active”. Example:
<div id="days" class="info active"><div class="disk">...</div></div>

The countdown values will not show but some estimated date would still be necessary so that the dials animate correctly.

Have a nice day and thank you for your purchase!

Thank you for the help.

Your instructions worked up until: Lines 95, 99, 103, 107, set all the “info” divs as “active”.

Then nothing would load, I can only see the background images.

I went over the lines but can not find the one that is causing the problem.

Sir, please not the example

class=”info active”

Thank you.


It is working now, I missed a few lines but have now corrected them.

Thank you again, I really love your work and support.

You are welcome.

Have a great day!


It’s possible change or remove the mouse over effects of the background?!

Thank you for your help and for your work!

Hello! Sorry for not answering this sooner.

You must remove the “shrink” percent so that there is no effect visible on mouseover.

This is simple to achieve, set data-shrink=”99” on the #page_wrap div.

There are internal boundaries, though; you wouldn’t be normally allowed to set a 99 value. To change this behavior, please edit functions.js, line 588 and replace:

userOptions.shrink = userOptions.shrink < 10 ? 10 : (userOptions.shrink > 90 ? 90 : userOptions.shrink);


userOptions.shrink = userOptions.shrink < 0 ? 0 : (userOptions.shrink > 99 ? 99 : userOptions.shrink);

Have a great day!

Hello Stephino, thank you for this awesome template! I have two problems… please help me:

1. Why stop progress bar at 33% and 2. where can i change Countdown color 2

thank you in advance


Sorry for the late response.

1. Progress bar width; set data-progress=”40” in div with ID page_wrap for 40% or another value between 0 and 100

2. Change the countdown color 2 by setting color2=”#a41b22” in the div with Class countdown

We hope you enjoy Duct as much as we did creating it. And please let us know if the documentation is not clear or seductive enough so that we may improve it and next time you won’t have to ask us for this info.