Discussion on Dulce – A Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

Discussion on Dulce – A Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

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This theme isn’t installing properly with the latest version of Wordpress?

That’s when I have uploaded the child zip. The main theme uploads fine. But no styles show too.

Also, when will this theme be responsive?

The child theme doesn’t need an index.php, it should install fine once you have the parent theme installed.

And you’ll need to go through the theme options before any styles show up. The included help file will walk you through those.

And I don’t want to put a date on it, but we have plans to make Dulce responsive soon.

If you want to open a ticket at http://designcrumbstoo.ticksy.com we’ll be able to help you a little more over there.

Hi again!

Any plans to make the theme responsive for Google’s new changes about mobile friendly?


Hello! Yes, we do have plans to make this theme responsive, though we don’t have an ETA for that. We have 25 themes across two accounts and release updates as quickly as we can.

Wordpress didnt allow me to install the theme. It says every time i try it

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”


Sounds good! Thanks for checking back in!


I have a weird problem going on when I share my posts that are written in Greek. Have a look here plz http://www.geekay.gr/ekloges2014/

Any ideas?

Kind Regards, George

Ok, thanks for your time an swift responses! ;)

Sure thing! Sorry I can’t help more.

No problem! I will figure it out! :D

Is there a way to demo this theme before purchasing?

You can demo the front end but will not be able to demo the back end.

Hi! I’m interested in purchasing the theme, but have a few questions before purchasing. 1) I would need to make the width of the main column (blog section) smaller in width and the right-rail wider in width (to fit 300 pixels for ads)

Can this be done? Both columns would look exactly the same I just need the width to be different for each.

2) Can I add a widget for banner ads at the very top of the blog? What about a header that is an image?

The width of the sidebar is 210px.

When you mention the extensive customization and edits to the child theme was that just in reference to changing the width of the blog section and right rail? At this time the widths work I just need to be able to add a large banner image above the blog and have it appear on all pages. How is this done?

Thank you for the purchase. All customer support questions are answered at http://support.wearepixel8.com. Head on over, sign up for a free account and post your question there.

Thanks again!

post-sales questions :)

purchase and installed this theme. have a single problem. top menus css is incorrect or I did the wrong place. I’m not sure. Can you help? At least tell me the error?


We answer all customer support questions exclusively at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

Pre-Sales question. How hard would it be to modify so that instead of Category graphics being assigned to each post, the date in an orange box would be automatic? A friend is heading off to a Peace Corps gig and it needs to be simple for her to post up but she will not get the Categories thing.

Any customizations should be executed in a child theme. The level of difficulty is wholly dependent upon your working knowledge of web development. From our understanding of your question, this customization should be quite simple to execute, but that is based on our knowledge.

In its tumble functionality…will it pull images into the tumble/frontpage automatically …. OR do these images need to be set as featured?

Unfortunately, we do not understand the question you are asking. Could you please elaborate?


A Mobile Version would be great, also Retina Support! =) Is it in planning?

We are in the process of planning an update for this theme and we value everyone’s input. Please post your feature requests in our forum so we can have an archived record of it.


I really loved the theme, so I purchased it. but seems like it wont install to my WP… It always gives error says, “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” Could you help me with that?

The error you are receiving is the result of attempting to upload your download package and not a byproduct of WordPress 3.5. Please see page 6, under the heading “Uploading Theme Files,” for detailed instructions.

I do not know how to use FTP… I have installed FTP , and I cannot login to my web server.

Please post your question at http://support.wearepixel8.com. Thanks.

Have figured it out, but already have one question…

how can i short the titles in recent comments sidebar widget?


We will be more than happy to answer any customer support questions over at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

Great Theme!

One question: how could i change the height of the post-picture for the normal posts?

I also changed the blue charcoal theme to a red one. Is it possible to set the red style as an theme skin, so i didn’t have to override the original blue charcoal theme?

THX greetings

How long until you get this updated to be responsive?

At the moment we have no plans of converting this into a responsive theme anytime soon.

I was curious if you can add a gallery to a page, not just a post.

As it states here, http://demo.wearepixel8.com/dulce/images-in-posts-pages/, on the demo, you can add galleries to posts and pages.

If i want to show a gallery but not the thumbnails on the page how do i do this? Need some help. Thanks.

All customer supper questions are answered at http://support.wearepixel8.com.


I installed the theme following your instal guide, but a lot of images won’t load… this makes the whole theme look not as intended… is this a common issue? And how can I solve this?



All customer support questions are answered at http://support.wearepixel8.com.

Hello. Before I purchase, could you post a screen shot of your widgets? Since this doesn’t support shortcodes I want to be sure that I can what I need to. Thank you!

Unfortunately, we will not be updating any of the screenshots and our custom widgets are on the demo. Is there a particular function you are attempting to perform that you are accustomed to doing so with a shortcode?

Thanks for the reply. The main things I need are a calendar of events and a newsletter signup. If you think I should be able to do these without shortcodes then I’d be fine.

Without knowing the full scope, you might want to consider a plugin for events management or a custom post type. The same would apply to your CRM solution. For example, MailChimp has a great WP plugin solution.

Any chance that the theme will be responsive? It’s the only thing holding me back.

No. We have no plans on making this theme responsive.

Ok. I’m sad to hear that. :(

Thanks for your response, and sorry my question wasn’t clearer. I am wondering if this theme is coded like a typical blog, where I could post several images in the post, for example, like this post: http://www.cjanekendrick.com/2012/03/folka-dots-in-green-room.html

Another Tumblog style theme I was looking at automatically puts them in a gallery and cannot show multiple images in one post, or multiple images with text.

Thanks again!


No. With this theme, how you decide to display your gallery is entirely up to you. Here are some of the different ways to do so: http://demo.wearepixel8.com/dulce/type/gallery/

What’s not included in this list is you can also not have a featured image at the top of the post and stack all of your images in the post itself.


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