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Great Work! GLWS!

Looks awesome ,Great Minimal work :)

Hi, superduper theme, looks like the one I’m looking for. Just one quick question: is it possible to have a thumbnail-gallery in a portfolio post? E.g. if you open your demo site that you not only have the one picture but a gallery with small thumbnails under the picture (or a rev. slider or smth else)? I am a photographer and have mostly series which I want to show…

Thanks and good luck,


You can put whatever you like in the single page content.

Clean, elegant work.
Kind Regards,

Great minimal theme! :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Hi, Can I also include videos in the portolio? Ad regarding the portfolio design, is it possible to have less space between the images and to make the portfolio full width? thanks, Jelle

Once you click through to a portfolio item you can add videos with the video shortcode.

You can adjust spacing and widths via the CSS.

Trying to change the background image that is displayed when abstract background is turned on. I’ve tried to set another background to #background-box in custom.css. The footer doesn’t show either, I’ve added social links. Also, is it possible to turn off the menu effect?

Override the background image in inc/customizer.php

Footer, I’d need to see.

Menu effect, modify assets/css/application.css

Can I delete features image from a single post? I do not want to delete the thumbnail from my home page

That’s the widgetized sidebar, add items from Appearance > Widgets.

thanks! love the theme

Excellent! Don’t forget to rate & review from your downloads:

Hi, im very new here, and im learning already to use all those kind of stuff, but i have som problems to add this file on my worpress page, its said: upload_max_filesize en php.ini. I had payed already, so i dont know if im doing something wrong or what can i do? Thanks! Great page!

Filesize issues will be a restriction from your host provider you will need to contact your hosting company.

Ok! Thanks a lot! Im trying to do my best to understand in two days all this new world for me, coz i never had the option to study how to do a web side or to know what is a host! So im doing all by my on. Its really great all those things! Thank u so much to respond me! Its really beautifull you page, diferent and very easy going! Love it!

How do you enable the “filter” option on your demo-site for this theme?


Hi, have you pushed the update yet and have I missed it? Or is it pending or something…

You must have missed, I pushed it already. Just re download and you should get the latest.

No galleries possible in this theme?

You can add default wordpress galleries in pages like a normal theme.

Hi, i have been using chrome so I didn’t notice the safari bug until a friend took a look at my site. Will Themeforest be sending all purchasers an update when this is fixed?

This is the screen shot that my friend sent me when she views my site in safari.

All I can suggest is updating to the latest version of Safari, it’s impossible to support every version of every browser, also supporting older versions increases security bugs.

Can I have your email address to talk about this further?

Hi, I just installed your theme, it works well. Now I would like to change the background with a picture of my own, I don’t have a single clue of how to do that, can you help me ?

The theme automatically generates the abstract background and the color comes from the accent color in Theme Customizer.

In Theme Customizer you can turn on/off that background, if you want to add your own image then you will need to modify the theme to do so.

Hi, I just installed this and am liking it, however I was wondering how to go about moving the title on the portfolio pages to under the featured image rather than above it? Cheers :)

Edit: Sorry, on the single post pages.

Figured it out, missed the obvious. headdesk


I’m trying to change the abstract image on the right of the page. I have overwrite the abstract.png image on assets/img folder but i can’t see the changes…. Please can you instruct me how to change it?

Thanks, Albi

Hmmm to me it looks like is rotated… The image is a little big but is possible to make a autosize code there so it fits to different screen rez?

Your best option would be to create a full size image, say a white background with your image aligned right and then use something like this: to keep it fullscreen.

The way the theme is coded, it’s really only meant for something abstract.

Also to stop the rotation remove the CSS transform properties.

Hallo, on safari 5.1.7 don’t works good. All previews and images are stretched.

On Iphone 4 4S and 5 you do not see the logo.

It’s my problem? or it’s a bug to fix?

thanks so much, it’s still a great job!!! ;)


pease check the site

ok! i’ve just read the post on safari… ok now update safari ;) but for the logo? it’s possible to have it on mobile version?

last question, my social icon not appear even if I compile the url fb linkedin etc…


Grab the latest version, there was a bug with the social icons. As for the logo, modify the mobile media query in assets/css/responsive.css

Hi! Great template! Is it possible not showing featured image after clicking on image in portfolio page, only post body ?


Yes, very easy to remove from the portfolio template.

Hi ! Is it possible to visualize several images in the same way the featured image does ? I would like each of my images to be displayed as a gallery, I hope I am making myself clear. One more question: Can I remove the “zoom and rotate” effect on the featured images ?

You want to remove ALL of this from each section within index.php:

Ok, thanks !

No problem.

Hey guys! Great theme. Just bought and installed last night.

I was wondering if you would PLEASE be able to provide me with a fix (code) so that the logo shows at the very top (above navigation) on the iPhone version. That would be fantastic!

Thanks Byron

Did you manage to do it?

Yep, thank you!