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Hi IKreativ,

I was wondering how i remove the responsive nature of the theme? (i.e. so it is not responsive)


Choose the size you’d like to use as default from assets/css/responsive.css and paste that at the very bottom of assets/css/application.css then open assets/css/minified.css.php and remove the line that references responsive.css

hi i have purchased this, howeverlike charcoalwarden I am getting two titles on the portfolio and the posts.. Not sure why? How do I get this to be removed? Thanks

my client purchased do i have to ask him for his login details?

Yes, it is just to prevent offering support to users that have not purchased the item.

ok i will get that from him.. and come back

Hi. Please help me. I installed the theme and it is not completely working. Can you please look at what’s wrong?

You need to explain, “cot completely working” tells me nothing.

The first step would be follow the documentation, install the sample data included with the theme, then you would have a base to start from.

Sorry, I thought that it is obvious from the website. Of course I followed the documentation. Please look at this picture: Namely, the errors are: Pictures float incorrectly, not displaying the whole part and titles are blow the picture instead on the picture – like it should be according to your example layout. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Ok, firstly disable the frontend admin bar from wp-admin > Users > Your Profile, sometimes this can break javascript.

Secondly, as per the Docs use the portfolio posttype, what you have now is the blog.

hi- on the portfolio item, i am getting two there a fix for this?

ahh ok.. i have updated to the new version of duo and it has fixed it

what is the optimum featured image size for the homepage?

I tend not to go bigger than around 1280×1024 for loading.

i am using torch browser and the images on the homepage are very skewed/blurry are there any fixes for this

The social media links at the bottom… these are not working.. what is the format for the twitter, facebook, linkedin?

It keeps getting error on twitter..when i just put the end of the url of my profile .. it adds % and numbers? not sure why linked in just redircts back to the homepage? thanks

Paste in the full URL. For twitter & dribbble just usernames.

Hey guys, me again.

I was wondering if you would be able to tell me how to make the portfolio images the same width and height when listed together. That would be amazing!

Cheers. Byron

You’ll need to modify the CSS.

Open assets/css/application.css and look for this:

#portfolio ul li img
        width: 100%;
        height: 100%;
    -webkit-transition: 250ms linear all;
    -moz-transition: 250ms linear all;
    transition: 250ms linear all;

Set the width and height to whatever pixel value you want, i.e: width: 150px; height: 150px;


The images don’t seem to display centered now and the preloader is also appearing to far to the right?

It will because you’ve changed the width, modify the other positions to suit and reflect the changes to the image sizing.

Hey! 2 questions!

1 – is it possible to get the navigation to not “bounce” – as in when the page loads its already there?

2 – Is it possible to link to portfolio filters in the navigation?

Site is

Through Appearance > Editor, open header.php and look for the navigation section, remove the animated class.

The filters automatically work on their own.

Back again! I wanted to find out how to have the featured image on the homepage for the portfolio but not then not to have the image on the portfolio itsself. Thanks

Open template-portfolio.php and remove the featured image.

thanks! I managed to find the required part


hi, Is there a way of arranging the homepage that it is organised by date or alphabetical?

is there a way to have it alphabetical?

the masonry will assemble the portfolio so it looks aesthetically pleasing rather than stick to the date published?

It tries to stick to publish date but varied post length dictates the order overall. A way around would be to modify the excerpt length and set the post height to a static value, even then it may not be 100% perfect due to the layout and responsiveness.

Hi, I want to create a simple page to display pics with portfolio. I created my page as portolio model , created my porfolios with pics included, but I don’t see where to assign my portfolio to my page ? Thanks for the feedback (that makes me made …)

Then you’re either not doing something right, or there is something wrong with your server config.

Doing something wrong with the import … I don’t think so. Any idea for the server config ? Everything runs ok except that, that’s strange.

Server config could be one of a million things. Debug and log errors, check server logs.

Hi, I was wondering if you could let me know exactly which code in the portfolio template php that I need to remove in order to stop the portfolio thumb then being the featured image on the individual project page, ie the one that zoom bounces on rollover.

I essentially want the individual project pages to be content free for me to control fully, if that makes sense?



If you want it removing from the individual page then that would require changing single.php not portfolio-template.php

Remove all this from single.php:

<?php if ( $featured_image[0] && $format != 'video' ) : ?> <div class="featured_image"> <a rel="prettyPhoto" href="<?php echo $featured_image[0]; ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>"> <img class="featured" src="<?php echo $featured_image[0]; ?>" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" /> </a> </div> <?php endif; ?>

Brilliant, worked perfectly : D thanks

Excellent, enjoy!


I think you’ve got an error in the social.php


w :

No worries, I’m on it!

How can I change style of menu button? (iPhone / iPad size) I’m going to change to style with no radius and change background. Thank you.

Ohh, sorry.

It uses uniform.js to style the dropdown, if you remove that then you will need to style the select box manually, which usually involves CSS and pseudo selectors.

Thank you.. But, Could you show/tell me some detail explanation? if you can… sorry..

Not really, if you don’t understand JS & CSS then you will more than likely break something.

how to turn pop up window in the gallery? it does not look as beautiful as in the demo, maybe I am doing something wrong with the configuration? You can ask for help? Please take a look how it looks at me now

You need to login with the purchasing account to show you are a verfied buyer to get support.

Dont add the items directly to the page, use the Portfolio post type in the left menu, its explained in the Docs.

how to turn pop up window in the gallery? it does not look as beautiful as in the demo, maybe I am doing something wrong with the configuration? You can ask for help? Please take a look how it looks at me now

You need to login with the purchasing account to show you are a verfied buyer to get support.

Hey, I’m sorry but before I logged in August with my other account, that account bought the template very please help on the previous problem. Thank you very much!


Hello I’m sorry but even though I have updated the files, social icons do not work. where is my mistake?

2. I have a video without the jpg above? example


sorry, can i have a video without a jog above?

Social icons are there:

For the video, open single.php and remove the reference to $featured_image

Sorry again!

The link to the social icon does not work

For video, I would like to delete the jpg above, but I would like him to stay in the other pages where the content is not a video.

Thank you so much!!


I still dont think you have the latest version, the social section is missing the z-index.

Open application.css, find the #social section and add z-index: 99999;

For the video you will need to use an if/else statement to filter it out just for videos.

how to change the favicon ? Thank you.

Just drop a favicon.png in your root directory.