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Hi – we are having issues with checkbox and radio button values being submitted. Initially, they did not appear, but that was resolved with some CSS tweaks. The big issue is not having the values being passed. Any ideas?

<form action="test.html" method="post"> <input type="checkbox" name="test" value="1"/>test <input type="submit" name="sub" value="go" /> </form>

Hey there. The forms are only styled as a hrefs. You need to create the value pass. It’s only a template, remember!

After the iOS 7 update there appears to be a black blank status bar on top of the screen. This is only visible when logged in via the home screen bookmark. Wondering if there is a way around to this.


Hey there, thank you for your purchase! Please add <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black"> this at the top of your page, where the meta tags are, and your issue will be resolved! :) It’s a new tag that appeared with iOS7.

Hello, Thank you for your prompt reply. I have one final question, I placed this on index.html and has fixed the issues. Is it just index.html that i should be concerned with or do I place the above code on every pages that contains the meta tags.


No worries, feel free to ask whatever is unclear to you! The code provided must be updated in all index files. Theoretically, if the user bookmarks the homepage, the issue will be resolved for all pages, but if the users bookmarks another page, the issue will appear again. It’s best to add the meta in all .html files related to the item just to make sure!

Hello. Love the theme! Two questions…

1. How do i remove the SMS on the right sidebar 2. Where does the Newsletter sign up go?

Thanks, Dawson

The newsletter address is found in the PHP folder, check the documentation for information on removing icons.

Is there a way to increase the time between slides on the home page?

Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! Yes, you can increase the time, by editing framework.js and locating the //Image Slider settings. The “speed:400,” value can be increased to whatever you wish it! Let me know if I can assist you in anything else!

Hi Just wondering how do I enable the walk through overlay. Thanks

? anyone there

. any chance of a reply..

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! As for your question, we have this documented in zip. Please read the documentation. The arrows are positioned manually due to the fact that the combinations possible are endless. Check the given example and follow them! :)

hi, get in touch with me on sanjeev@intechcreative.com. I need some custom front end coding to be done. we can discuss the cost through email. regards

Just sent you an email.

I am having trouble getting the contact forms to work. I have not edited them. On form submission the validation comes back with “name required” each time, even though that field is filled in. When I open the navigation on the left side under the “send email” link, it shows that email message was already sent??? It appears these two forms are conflicting with each other. I have submitted a request thru the support link, but never heard anything back.

Any chance of a reply here or thru the support forum?

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! The item works properly in the demo and on our server and for all our customers. Please redownload the item and try again, might be a corrupted zip. If the error persists, please contact your host and ask them to enable full PHP support!

Hey Enabled,

Does the iPhone vector follow? so that the template appears exactly the way as in the preview?

The preview / demo window is not included in the pack.

Hi I got your template but im having a little bit of a problem with the right and left sidebars im writing in Arabic not English so as you know Arabic unlike English its from Right to Left but English is from Left to Right so when I write something Like the work home but in Arabic it gets moved to the right and when I open it on a mobile web browser it only shows half the word could you please help thank you

Sorry to comment inside another comment but had 2 more things to say even in the notifications part in the side menu when i write things get moved and only part of it shows thats due to the reason of Arabic is right to left so let say this is an example of an arabic html file: <!DOCTYPE html> <html DIR=”RTL”> <head> <meta charset=”utf8”> </head>

This is arabic ?? ???? ???

see it has the RTL so what should i do ??? Thnx again :)

The item doesn’t work on RTL, we have text classes setup for this, but elements that are set to the left require code to move them!

This is an amazing template. Has anyone had success in porting this over to phonegap? Any issues I should be aware of? (I am making an educational app, to be made freely available to the public)

Thank you for your purchase, and kind words, as far as I am aware, there haven’t been any complaints on porting it! :)

Hi there,

Is that possible to add more icons to header. remove logo and add more icons


Hey there, and thank you for your purchase and sorry for the late reply, we were on holidays for 10 days! To answer your question, yes, more icons can be added but that being a custom feature we can assist you for a freelance fee! Please feel free to send us a message through our profile if you require our assistence!

Hi there,

I need the accordion and tabs but is not in this theme :(

Please help me


Please read the provided documentation. Only the features in the item get support. For any custom added feature we create separately for the item, freelance fees apply.

jQuery +/- Toggle ( retina ready ) jQuery Tabs jQuery Classic Notifications ( retina ready )

Jquery tab in the items features but not in the theme


They are included in the jQuery Page. I’ve just checked. Sorry for the late reply, we were on holidays for 10 days!

Hi, great work. I need this template for my free browser game. I took the regular Licens it. This is so right? Do I leave the copyright? Do I have in my Contacts list to Author? Later, the user is scheduled, small virtual additives can buy. So not a commodity. Which license would then apply this, since the game is still free? Is it also may be possible by arrangement for a transitional period to have up to the acquisition of any necessary license Great? Sorry for my English. Google Translate from German ;)

Hey there! You can remove the copyright. You can leave it there if you want to advertise our product! If you will sell the modified version of this product to multiple users you need an extended product, otherwise, regular license is okay.

Hi I am thinking of buying this template, can you tell me if it can be easily used on mobiles? On which type of mobiles can it be used? Do you provide support if there is any issue?

How easy it is to customize for eg: adding horizontal navigation on main page.

Thanks Vamshi

Hey there!

This template will work fine with all versions of Android, above 4.0 , iOS 6+, RIM 7 , and Windows Mobile 8 or higher! Yes, we provide support with the item itself, adding extra features to the item that are not present there will be charged at freelance rates.

Hi I could not wait till you reply me, so I bought ur template few hours back.

As usual you maintain the quality, keep it up.

Am able to load the template with remote url inn webview , works like charm.

But, am facing a small issue when I copied the complete code into android assets directory and try to load url locally, I see few errors on console D/chromium(7926): Unknown chromium error: -6

any idea?

I’m sorry, I really don’t understand what you are trying to do there. This is a site template, please upload it to your server, and navigate to that link. If you want to run it locally, you’ll have to use PhoneGap to convert it to a native app.

Got sort it out. Thanks

can you please get in touch with me on indvamshi@gmail.com. I need some custom front end design to be done. we can discuss the cost through email. regards

Sure thing! Sending you a message now! Please let me know if you didn’t get it!

Hi the left and right navigation code is repeated in all html files. can you please suggest how to avoid that.


This is how site templates work. Each page is a copy of the last with edits specific to that page. You can change this by integrating the page within PHP! Thank you for your purchase!

Hi _ Can you provide the mediaqueries so that the sidebars stay visible on the desktop version?


Thank you very much for letting us know! We had a small error that was causing that problem! Many thanks! We’ve received you support email and we’ll send you the code you need soon! (max 24 hours)! Again, thank you!!! :)

Hi Enabled. Thanx for the swift support. Great service! Five stars worthy.

Thank you mate! I really appreciate your feedback and patience! You’re awesome! Again, many thanks for your purchase and feedback! Cheers!

jQuery Tabs?

Can you show examples?

Hey there! We checked the code to see where the tabs are, and indeed, we forgot to include the code! Can you please send us a message through this form and we’ll deliver you the code you need instantly! Thank you very much for your patience, and sorry for this honest mistake!

Thanks for this GREAT Template

For Undecided (maybe) Buyer DuoDrawer with Some Modification:

1080p YouTube VIDEO

Wow! Thanks for the awesome feedback and rating and purchase! Really appreciate it! :) Thank you!!!

How can I change the header height? I’ve uploaded my logo at several different sizes but even at 32px tall, it’s still getting cut off.

Hey there, first you’ll have to post from the account you purchased from. Cheers! :)