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If i buy the WP version, will it include the HTML5 version also? I need the ability to go-offline with the page. I’m not sure if WP does this

I believe it’s included in the pack, but if it’s not, and you purchase the WordPress theme, I’ll gladly send it to you! You can however install WAMP or XAMPP to your computer and test the WP Version locally.

hey, how do I add tabs in this theme? thought you could?


Hi, thank you for your purchase!

The demo doesn’t showcase any tabs, and they are not a built-in feature of this theme.


Hello, 2 questions before purchase: 1- This theme is compatible with ssl cert ? 2- I can instal a php script without issues ?


whether this support with woocommerce?

By default, it’s not! Altough WooCommerce is a plugin, it can be adapted for it, but we don’t provide WooCommerce support.

Requires own Wordpress install or works with pre-existing install?

Separate installation.

Hi I like your design for this app. I have a few questions. I never worked with and mobil app so…

1. Do this installs as a normal WP theme… same procedure? 2. I like to add a icon for paypal donation. Is that possible? 3. I will use this to upload photos and I would like to have a share button on each photo so people can share my photos on for ex. facebook, can or? 4. I have to work in iPad, iPhone and Android. Do this theme do that? 5. When the app is done I like to upload it to the App & Android store – can I do that or?

Hey there! I’ve notified our WP devleoper. He’ll answer your question, right bellow my reply as soon as he gets my email.

Hi Mrnicoo:

1) yes, this theme can be installed just like any other WordPress theme. Instructions are included in the main ZIP.

2) sure, you can add a button if you want, but you have to write the code for it since it’s not a default feature

3) a share button can be added, or you can create a custom gallery page (or use some existing plugin) if you wish

4) yes, theme should work on all 3 devices/platforms

5) to be able to do that you’ll have to purchase the extended license.

You can customize the theme as you wish, it all depends on your skills.



Great theme. I am running into a challenge however.

When I try to install the theme, it returns with the following error:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5240460-duodrawer-mobile-retina-wordpress-version.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi, thank you for your purchase!

Please make sure you are uploading the theme ZIP only, and not the main ZIP that contains the documentation and other assets.

Download the main ZIP, extract its contents and you will find the ZIP with the theme, a folder with the documentation for it and other assets.

Let us know if you have other questions.


Hi Team!

I am about to purchase the theme… just a couple of short questions… I am looking at your Slidebox and I really like some of the functionality I see there, but I need it in WP: 1. Am I be able to create pages as those under “App Specific/App Styled” on Slidebox? 2. I like a lot the loader and “on/off” buttons at “jquery” of Slidebox – am I going to be able to implement them even if purchased separately? Not asking for additional coding – just the source files. 3. The DuoDrawer – does it come with a redirect plugin? 4. As any WP theme I assume I will be able to install other plugins as well, right? – I am looking at OWL carousel and WPML. 5. In the description it says ”... Splash Screens for iOS devices …” does it matter if Android?

... and a recommendation if you allow me… It will be very helpful if you create a barcode to load the demo on a phone as you, guys, have it on the Slidebox demo page …

Thank you! Sincerely, Iliya Todorov

Hey there! This item comes with the features available in the preview. Each item has it’s own features and can’t be switched in between! So the features of Slidebox, work only on Slidebox and not on DuoDrawer. Cheers.

Are you going to update this for Wordpress 4.1.1? Just worried about possible security issues since it says the latest version of Wordpress it works with is 3.5.

Hi, thank you for your purchase!

The theme works with WordPress 4.1.1. If you spot any problems please open a support ticket here.


Hello I have question before I buy your theme. Does this theme read the shortcodes that’s already build in to the current theme I already have for desktop?

Hey there! This item requires a separate installation. Cheers! :)

Hi, if the shortcodes are part of a plugin and not part of your original theme then no.

This theme, as mentioned by Enabled, requires it’s own WordPress installation.



Is this compatible with WP 4.5.2 ? a lot of changes since last year.

Yes, exactly! :)

Well, if so… how does my “main desktop site” recognize mobile users and direct them to the subdomain ? Do i have any options to specify the mobile path ? If so… how this theme can “see” mobile users if it’s not a part of the main site ?

Do you have a guidline or a tutorial to show me? i’m pretty confused.

You can use a redirect script to redirect your desktop users to the mobile version. Being a separate installation, the mobile and the desktops have nothing in common with each other, so you can add a redirect plugin to the mobile version. Cheers! :)

How would do we know if the mobile theme is compatible with our current theme? Can you give me an explanation on how this works?Our site is built on an Ancora Theme in WordPress. Thank you.

You have to install another WordPress CMS and upload the theme there and add content to it there. It doesn’t pull content from your original theme. Cheers!

Ok. got it. Now one more question if you don’t mind. So I can’t have the same domain for the Duo theme as my original theme? I’ll have to create another domain?

Yes you can, but it needs to be installed in a separate WordPress installation folder. example domain.com is the main folder where you desktop page is domain.com/mobile/ is the second WordPress install where the theme is. You can redirect users from one to another using plugins available in your plugins section of WordPress. There are plenty available out there to choose from. Cheers!