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Nice theme, I am really impressed. Good luck with sales

Thanks you very much.

Very slick looking theme, nice work duotive!

Thanks you very much. You can check out the colors too now. :)

Nice work Duotive. Can we expect a html version in the near future (1 – 2 weeks)?

Good luck with sales.

Thanks Massix. We are waiting for feedback and requests for the html version. If we have more we will make a html version too.

awesome theme…

Thanks :)

I also agree with the previous comments … quality theme with some nice touches. Well done ;-)

Glad you enjoy it :)

Felicitari! :)

P.S.: you already have pretty much of the HTML ready, so I’d say why not go ahead and submit that too? ;)

Merci! :) The quantity of work we did for this theme is a lot. We need a little break and maybe if we have requests we will start on the html too, because we started coding direct for wordpress and no html was in plan.

Hey Duotive,

My compliments for this theme. It looks real nice!

I have two questions though (I’m pretty new at this)

- Is it possible to manage this site in multiple languages? - Is it possible to change the upper background color on a couple selected pages? (with css)

Thanks in advance!

hi. thanks for the compliment. the theme dose not have those functions but if you have plugins that do that i can help you with that. for the colors is a custom job, i can name the price when i get more details, but im preaty sure that it can be done:D vlad

HI does this template work with mo/Po file for translation?

That is not integrated.

duotive, we are here in Germany. Translating everything in your code is no good idea. The next Update kills everything.

Mo/Po files are Wordpress Standards. Why do you ignore the big market in Germany, Spain, France etc?

Your theme is very marvellous, but here in continental Europe we cannot use it.

Can you make an Update with translation files?

I think i will make a translation panel in the weekend. So you can change all the texts in the theme. I cannot promise a deadline because it’s a big theme.

Hi, multilanguage would be super!

One question – can the gallery images be set to link to individual posts rather than light box? Thanks!

Hello. You can use the portfolio pages for that. You can select in the admin panel where to go: modal or to post. The galllery uses wordpress gallery shortcode so it links to the picture only.

Wow. This is getting purchased as soon as possible!

Glad you like it :D

A quick question, can you add video to the home page slider?

Cheers Bigbambi

We did considered that, but failed to find a suitable slider that provides video content as it should be. Other themes let you play 2 videos at a time in the slider. We want to be professional and could not allow that. When we find a solution the theme will be upgraded. As a extra info so the readers are informed we will upgrade the theme to use WPML .

Nice work. The addition of video in the slider will be welcome.

Is it possible to darken the titles in the menu bar at top? They are a bit too faint for my purposes.


the color setting is with the color schemes css, maybe another color? or i can make the small change on you theme instalation. :) whatever you like. thanks for the intrest

I get this error when I activated the theme.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting T_STRING in /customers/domain.nl/domain.nl/httpd.www/wp-content/themes/duotive-two/includes/duotive_front_page_manager/duotive_front_page_manager.php on line 172

hello. could you send an email with the ftp details and i will look into it as soon as possible. thanks. vlad ( support [at] duotive [.] com or via the profile page.

Beautiful theme congrats! One question can I config it with a blog on the front page?

Best Regards,


hello. thanks. yes you can. with the default template. that is the one available for the front page or i can add one of the other ones for you with ease. thanks.

1 in 30 WP themes are original. This is one of them. Good Luck.

thanks you very much. your feedback means a lot to us.

This theme looks refreshingly different from most of the themes here! Nice work!

I’m viewing it with IE8 – the drop down menu and the search bar looks off alignment, can this be fixed?

Another question is – I love your choice of stock images for the slider, may I know where can I purchase them?

i will take a look on ie8 but i think its oki. if not will fix on the future update.look at the bottom. we are linking were we have the illustrations from. talk to him, you may sort out a deal.

Great theme :) job well done… I will buy it when the translation panel is in place!

will be done as soon as possible. keep a close eye on the updates.

I have a meeting with a client after 2 hours. I have added your theme to my VIP list :) amazing work

:) we feel good about that thanks :D

I found it Very fresh & Distinct from others. Great Theme!

Thanks very much