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I have tried to register for your support forum, but my email never arrived. It now tells me to contact your web admin, but there is no other option on the support page to get admin information.

simple solution: send me an email with the email that you created the account with and with your purchase code to duotive [@] yahoo [dot] com and i will take a look :D

Is there a tutorial on this theme?

documentation folder inside the theme pack you downloaded from themeforest.

Can you tell me where to download updates please? I can read about the updates but can’t see where to download them. Thank you

Just download the theme again from themeforest. It’s the updated version.

Can you tell me where to download updates please? I can read about the updates but can’t see where to download them. Thank you

Just download the theme again from themeforest. It’s the updated version.

Can I remove the date from the big content scroller in the footer of the home page?

We will try to help you with that, on the support forums. :) Please join: http://support.duotive.org/

Hello I have set up the portfolio: Portfolio pagination templates for four in a row? On page 20. you can increase this value? It would seem so … where can I change it? thank you very much

Hello. Please join us on the support forums and ask your questions there. Also please when you do that, post a link to your portfolio, so my answer is as complete as i can. Here is the link to the forum: http://support.duotive.org/

Sorry but I bought my theme of themefores why I ask for support elsewhere. the answer to my request you may give it to me here. The portfolio is located at this address http://pharmarenie.it/site_it/prodotti/linea-completa/

Sorry, theme support is not mandatory. We choose to make the support on our forums. Read on all comments on all our 4 themes, to see that we offer good support there.


Please respect our rules. Thanks.

How do I update by “downloading the theme again from themeforest”? There is no download link here, and I’m having a social link saving problem which seems to be referred to in revision notes. WordPress says the theme is up to date, but the version number is smaller than it is in ThemeForest. The previous sysadmins didn’t leave any Duotive update instructions.

That means that you need to go to your profile – downloads and get the theme again. That using the account that you purchased the theme with. If you do not have access to it, please ask on the forums for the social fix. The forums are here: http://support.duotive.org/ . If you do not have access to any information, you can ask envato support to help you: http://support.envato.com/

Hello! I love your theme! Is it possible to make it working as a dual idiom webpage. Same theme. Almost the same contents but in 2 different idioms?

I didn’t purchased it, yet…

Best regards

Hello. Thanks! I do not quite understand. Do you mean two websites inside one?

Some sites have the option to choose language of the site. I would like to put somewhere in the top 2 flags so that we can click on them and choose the language…

Best regards

Out of the box it cannot do that. You can try using a plugin like qtranslate and codestyle translation. If might need a little fix to work, but i can make that change for you.

Is Duotive 2WO compatible with WP child themes? I tried the WP minimal child theme (style.css, rtl.css with @includes) and 2WO fell over drunkedly. It was obvious that the header menu went to the bottom, and slides weren’t loading.

Oki. But you said “I inherited the site without the purchase account” so that leaves you without a purchase code. And without a purchase code the theme purchase is not valid, so i cannot know what is going on there.

The purchase was for the company who owns the web site, so the theme is on the site for which it was purchased and is legal. I’m simply a different peon than the one who handled the purchase, and I don’t have the magic word. I can emit words for changes—and we’ve already spent more than this for a different plugin.

Ok. I explained the rules.

Are any of the Duotive themes compatible with NextGEN Gallery? NGG is very useful, but standard 2WO doesn’t use NGG .

Please ask support questions on the support forums: http://support.duotive.org/ . Related to the NGG . It does not work because of mootools library conflicks.

Deciding whether to convert/upgrade to a different Duotive theme is a presale issue, unless one doesn’t have to pay to get another theme. Do all Duotive themes have the NGG mootools conflict, or only 2WO? Should I ask for each individual product?

Duotive Fortune should work with NGG .

The backoffice of Duotive 2WO is poor Furthermore, you really should plan a better way to translate this template. I’ve spend quite much time to find the good strings so my website appear in my own mother tongue.

Fortunately, the Duotive support is good.

Look at the date when the theme was created. And customers who have used it where pleased at the moment of it’s creation and current customers. As you may imagine a full update is not worth while because the theme has some age.

Hi, I am having problems with the slideshow element of the theme. The images just display under each other. Or it just shows the first image. Is there something obvious I could be doing wrong? Which elements create the slideshow function?

This is the short hand I am using (but with image urls in place): [slideshow type="random"] [slide width="960" height="550"]url[/slide] [slide width="960" height="550"]url[/slide] [/slideshow]

website: www.sbp-creative.com


Hi. Please post a question on the support forums: http://support.duotive.org/ and when you signup add your WP and FTP details so i can take a closer look.

Is it just me, Or is the support forum down… I am trying to login, but nothing is happening.

Seems to be fine at my end. Try again?

i cant login to forum

You need to be more precise about the problem. Did you create an account?

i put i Purchase Code but it says that it has been already registered

That means you already created a user on our forums. :)

do you have any russian fonts for this theme?

We will present the options that you have on the forums. Please post questions there.

I`ve got to forum from login user12, it is ok.