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this is awesome… one of the best here.. good luck!

Great work!

WOW ! So clean, so complete…SO GOOD !! Great work, duo! :)

Thank you! It means a lot! :D

This is incredible! The perfect theme! Congrats! You really deserve it! :)

Impressive, congrats! :)

Insane amount of work! It’s awesome

Outstanding work, congrats :)

Guess who’s back?! :D

Congrats, looks awesome!!

Duotive strikes again! Very evolutive admin panel : you understood everything! Keep going this way. Approuved for bookmark!

Wow, you guys are great! Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to us. We are truly humbled.

congrats, great work :)

Glad you like it :D

I thought that Duotive Fortune was awesome even before I purchased it, but Duotive 5ive is absolutely awesomeness at its best.
Will definately be purchsing this one also.
Congrats to the Duotive Team.

Thank you :D

Impressive theme and great options. However, I tested on Android tablet and portfolio doesn’t seem to work. I’ve noticed a lot of “Responsive” themes have ajax features that don’t seem to work on tablets and touchscreens. Have you tested features on mobile and tablets?

Keep up the good work.


Thank you for your comment! Are you referring to the portfolio filtering? If that’s the case, we didn’t add the filtering animation plug-in (we had some problems with it in the past). Please tell us more. I’m currently writing this from an Android mobile device and it works as it should.

Thank you!

I bought it without checking it. Then I checked it and guess what? It is better than expected. Rock solid effort. Keep up the great work.

That’s so nice of you! Thank you very much! We hope it will serve you well! :)

Big fan of your work; Loving the full screen slideshow.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for the comment! We’re very pleased to hear that :D

Great work again!

Good luck, bud! :)

Thanks :D

Nice design. Regarding the Work (portfolio page), is it possible to have a sorting (ajax) effect. It seems to me that the page is reloading each time a category is selected. I really like the duotive-fortune masonry layout. Is this an option? Also, any chance for a responsive layout?

Thanks for your kind words. Yes, for the filters, the page is reloading, because that effect is way overused and very very buggy. :( So we had to skip it.

The theme, because of the typographic and spacing design and structure, cannot be responsive. However, the theme works good on mobile devices. We tested it out on an android phone and an iPod.

Dude :O

You have done it again. I bought number 3 and will buying this soon.

Thanks :) I’m glad you enjoy our work :D

I’m already on the line for this one :D Just too busy to work on it right now. Next week will have time.

Short questions: If I import theme to my existing website, will it work? I currently use duotive 4 and would like to upgrade it to 5.

Or should I buld it again from scratch?

Is it possible to have Duotive Gallery slideshow also on main page, as in 3 & 4?

Can we upload custom fonts?

And oh..almost forgot, GREAT work again!!!

:D Thanks! and thanks for your kind words.

In general it should work. I mean the posts and projects are still the same. There might be some work involved with it, but it’s a pleasure to work with :) we made sure of that. I cannot guarantee that it will be smooth to transfer all the data, but the documentation and the support forums are there to help you as always :D If you want from scratch than it will be easier. It depends on how much time you have :)

Yes, as you can see in the demo there are 3 layouts for the gallery slider and they can all be placed on any page, just like fortune :D

Yes, you can upload font faces as many as you want :D

Thanks :D