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It may have a template for configuring the subject of the same shape as the demo?

Try entering a support (http://support.duotive.org/) and asks me username and password.

Please help


Please read the Documentation. It has everything you need to know to recreate our Demo website and more. Go to our admin panel (Duotive Admin Panel) and click on the “Docs” icon.

We’re sorry about the support forums, they’re down. We had some trouble with the host this weekend. We’re working on it, so it should be up soon.

If you need further assistance, please tell. Best regards!

I’m getting a malware warning on the demo site!!!

Pushed the wrong button and flagged it. Sorry. If you go with themeforest yes you get a malware warning. Please go here – demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive – until they fix it.

your support forums are down? I’m trying to remove that default lightbox effect on all images because I would like to link and image to a page.

use the email for the moment – duotive at yahoo dot com

the forums are on a redesign process.

Is there a way to disable the intro paragraph on my homepage? I just want my nav bar, logo, homepage slideshow and social buttons to be shown I don’t want an intro paragraph. Thanks for the help. Any word on when the support form will be back up?

I’m good I figured it out. Sorry for bugging you. Thanks for the quick response.

Glad you figured it out! :D

A few questions:

1. Is the support forum still down?

2. Through the “backend” their seems to be no option to change typeface sizes in various parts of the site like the menu, content page title text etc. Do we need to edit the CSS file directly??

3. The page title text type seems to be tied to the menu text type – if one changes the style Heading font-family type it changes for the page title and the menu text. To do separately – CSS edit again?

4. Can one extend the width of the menu bar to facilitate more menu items??

Thats it for the moment :D


1. Yes, we are working on it. It’s complicated to make it look good on everything, like IE8 and phones + tables.

2. Yes, that is because the sizes where tough to be just fine for the design, and we did not see the point in adding 10s of size selectors.

3. You are correct. You can always use a child theme to make the changes. And you will be able to upgrade in the future if needed.

4. It extends it self if there is room for it and the logo. I can give you custom css to make more room if it’s possible. Show it to me and i will try to give you a solution.


Will email you the link – its a site not “live” yet at a temp URL ,

Cheers Aidan


“3. You are correct. You can always use a child theme to make the changes.”

Could I use the custom.css just as well?? Same kind of idea??

You can use a custom css file, but the theme does not have that, only a custom css textarea. It has a childtheme.

Ops, wrong theme. Send me a request over email so i can add a custom css file if you want. Also provide your FTP details.

Sorry yes, I meant the “custom css textarea” under Home Advanced. This overrides the style.css once I copy the css I want to change into it from the style.css???

Yes, the code you’ll enter there will be added in the head of your website, overriding the style.css rules.

Sorry – I should have said – its the duotive 5ive for wordpress theme.

No problem, didn’t notice what theme it was.

I am using the Duotive style under Home, style.

My prob is whenever I try change the Heading font-family from Capsuula to Arial the Contact Us in the menu goes down onto 2nd line under HOME.

I see the mainmenu selector has a width set to auto. I have edited some of this via custom css under advanced – the top margin

mainmenu {

clear: right; float: right; height: 62px; line-height: 62px; margin-top: 1px; padding: 0 15px; position: relative; width: auto; z-index: 40; }

So how to change the menu width to accommodate the font change and size of the menu items which push some menu items down to line 2???

If there isn’t enough space for the number of menu items, I’d suggest either making the links smaller in font-size or reducing the padding. Capsuula is a very condensed font-type and arial is a standard Sans serif font-type. It is to be expected of Arial to take a larger space.

I’ve changed my theme to duotive 5, but can’t see any featured images on blogpost listing. Need help! http://www.markflorquin.be

The website you have shared is not using our theme. Please send me the question and the website to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Found it: Had to change post content type to “image”. Is there a way to apply this setting to mutiple posts at once?

I see. That is not possible. Only if i override it using php.

Regarding the Audio Player:

Can we hide the MP3 source from the HTML somehow on this page or on blog posts?


Thanks, Tim

Not really possible with a HTML5 player. Maybe using a 3rd party flash player.

Does this theme have a mobile version?

We’re happy to announce that the Duotive Support forums are now back on-line. Since we had some technical difficulties with our servers, we thought it was a good idea to redesign and improve the functionality of our support forums, making things easier for you and for us as well.

Duotive Support Forums

We wish you all the best!

Kind regards,
Duotive team.


The Slideshows don’t work correctly with the wordpress 3.5. I can’t upload images for Slideshows.


Can you please update the theme? We fixed those issues. If you update the theme and still have problems, please join the support forums and i will take a look – http://support.duotive.org/


With the update of Duotive 5ive, the image upload for Slideshows this working in Firefox and IE, but in Google Chrome continue doesn’t working.


It should work. That is caused by chromes nasty browser cache. Please clear it’s cache. Also for more theme support join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

thanks, now this ok.

You’re welcome!

Hello Author, I can’t rearrange any slide order and/or sort any element on the front page options… I erased the whole browsing history,cache and cookies but I can’t do these changes… please help me…

Hello. Please update the theme and also for more support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – we already announced there that there will be theme updates if needed.

Hey, wondering when you will release your next theme. You have some of the most beautiful and customizable themes available here, but I am looking for a responsive one and from the comments you posted I noticed that your next theme will be responsive. Can you let me know approx when it will be released.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hey. Thanks for your kind words. The theme will be released early next year. We have some issues with the sliders and making them run properly on phones, because we do care about how fast they run on phones and not only to look good.