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I can create a theme child, will it work?


Hi. If should work, but i think you have to copy the css folder over to the child theme. If it does not work, assistance is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

I have made a newe styl and uploaded a image background. I cannot save it??

Replied on the forums!

Bought this solely based on the freebie of 4tive in the Pack I bought. If you guys were willing to give away that one, I’m willing to make this one my next project.

Thank you very much for the clean and attractive Front Abilities & REAR END Appearance as well. Very nice.

Thanks for the purchase and we are glad you like the themes :D

Congratulations!! Excelent theme!!. I’m happy for the purchase. And is my first buy!!

Thanks for the purchase and for your kind words. And i am glad you like it :D

Hello. Trying to delete slides and slide shows with this and the confirmation window has no BUTTON to select and confirm deleting the slides. Anyone know of a bug or what the issue is?

Hello. Did you update the theme to the latest version?

I believe i do. How can i be certain, i assumed WP would notify my of updates? A friend has the same template (which we both are happy about!) but is having the same issue.

Please read the documentation on how to update. We do not have notifications unfortunatley. If the problem occurred when updating to wp 3.5, than you need to update it. If you needmore guidance please join the support forums and ask your friend to do the same. Thanks for choosing our theme and i am glad you like it!

I am happy to send you a screen shot if needed. It is almost as if you can’t scroll down to the “yes” “no” option. There is no place to select yes to delete the file on the bottom left.

Please read the documentation on how to update. We do not have notifications unfortunatley. If the problem occurred when updating to wp 3.5, than you need to update it. If you needmore guidance please join the support forums and ask your friend to do the same. Thanks for choosing our theme and i am glad you like it!

Will give it a try then. thanks.

You’re welcome!

(worked like magic) THANKS!

You’re welcome. And please in the future join us on the forums! :D


Hi I am struggling with the project section I really want to have a larger series of images in the main section of the project or embed a larger video or an external slideshow like this http://www.joelskinglephotography.co.uk/project/photographers-faves-one/ but as you can see the theme seems to cut it off due to the sidebar bit. All sidebars are turned off but it seems to still do it please advise. thank you

Hi. Join the forums and i will take a look.

Hi i just upgraded from duotive fortune and purchased duotive 5 for my site. I have been using the presentation slider, as an integral part of my site, but it seems it is not part of duotive 5. Is there any way i can add a presentation slider in duotive 5? Thanks for your help.


To add a slideshow to a theme involves these things – design, coding for the jquery code that drives the slider, creating the html slider with the php inside wordpress, adding controls in the admin panel, debugging and maybe some more that i have missed.

In short that is not something that i can do as part of the theme support. We decided that the presentation slider idea will not look good with the 5ive theme. You should use the complex slider. It looks good too :)

Also please for more theme support, join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

hi there.

Awesome theme! I have narrowed my options down to this one. I have 2 questions tho.

1. Rather than using qTranslate, will it be possible to use WPLM ?

2. Based on your release history, are you planning on releasing a duotive s!x soon? =] I’m asking because i wouldn’t like to buy right now if i will have a different option to consider later.

3.Have you consider a responsive option? Just wondering.. :)

Thanks in advance for you answer.

Have a good day!



Thanks :)

1. The sliders are multilanguage and they use something like [:en]text in english [:de] text in german, if WPML can do this, than it will work. Hoever, as i know WPML, there will be a lot of issues, and i really recommend qtranslate.

2. We are working on our next theme. I cannot tell the time it will be ready, because i do not know. :)

3. For the next theme yes. The current themes’ design is not good for that.

You’re welcome and sorry for the late reply.

no problem! Thanks for your answer, is there any discount for repeat customers>? id like to get the next version, but i need a template now :D

Sorry for the late reply. They did not come up as recently commented. Bug in the new comment interface here. We do not control the price or the selling policy here, so unfortunately there is no such thing :( I am sorry.

Hi, there is a problem in the admin panel for the slideshows/slides. If i have a long url for a link or a image, the slider controls wrapper dissapear and we can’t have access to it. For the moment i hide the url text in “duotive-admin/duotive-slider.php” to have access to this control box.

Is there a way to have this slider control wrapper in foreground in front of slider text an slider url(link), perhaps in advanced css ??


I know what you are talking about, but i need you to guide what to change in the files, because the custom css textarea does not get included in the back-end. No need for it there.

So i would like you to join the forums, share you wp details when sign-in up and i will see what is going on there and i will tell you what to do. The forums are here – http://support.duotive.org/

Duotive 5 is an AMAZING theme – very flexible, easy to setup, and the admin interface is the best I’ve used. The designers are very partial to slideshows, so it has a variety of styles available.

I’m using it at http://www.americanantigravity.com – it works & looks great. Expect to spend at least a couple of days setting it up, because it has so many options.

Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Thanks for your kind words, i really appreciate it :) And yes, your website looks great and is a perfect example of what you can do with the theme! Thanks for sharing.


How can I set up a slider similar to the one on your demo site “frontpage example no. 5” on my frontpage ?!


Hello. Replied on the forums. No need to post questions here too.

How do I register for your support forum? I have been trying, but it asks me for a purchase code, it does not accept the number. How do I find this number? I purchased the theme (Duotive 5) via Theme Forest a week or so back. Thank you.

Please read the text above the input textbox and click the link to view the guide. You have everything prepared there.

Just wanted to say again, love the work, and find your groups product to be incredibly versatile. After using the free version of D4, I have purchased D5 twice. Likely be back. Thanks for the wonderful work. Well worth the price.

Thanks. Than it means that we achieved what we wanted to do. :)

lol, soooooo when you dropping the new one?

As soon as we think it’s finished and ready for use. At the moment we still have work to do, and a lot of it, so i cannot tell when we will be finished.

Hi, I downloaded the template “Duotive 5ive” but when I try to upload it to my wordpress website it fails producing the following statement:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”

Might it be a corrupted file or what? I tried to download it again but same result. Do you know which may be the problem?

Thank you


Thank you for purchasing our theme! To install it, you first need to extract the main package. Inside you’ll find a documentation folder. Please consult with that file for the proper way of installing a Wordpress theme.

If you’re trying to upload the package (the one you downloaded) you’ll get the error, because there are more than just the theme files inside it.

I hope this helps in understanding the problem.

Hi, I’m trying my new fantastic duotive five but when I try to use any of the shortcodes in the visual editor what I get is the following result:

“Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

Can you give me some advise on how to solve this problem? My provider is ARUBA (Italy)

Thanks a lot

Hi. Thanks or your kind words and your purchase. I have replied on the forums to your question. It’s probably caused by the host and file permissions.

Dear admin we have purchased duotive 5 and it runs like magic on our server , now we have decided to add google tracking code on it , the problem is when we tried to check for the tracking code from google side it always say Status: Tracking Not Installed , we have tried all the options , we have put the code in the footer as welll , we visited the admin panel advanced and in the js text area we have paste the code and update and still nothing our website is http://www.multiglass.net/

regards and waiting for your prompt feedback

Hey. We are glad you are pleased with the theme. Please remove the script tags around the tracking code. The theme adds the script tags on it’s own. Also if you have more questions please join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

hi we have removed the script tags and still the same

regards elian

You have added it two times on the wesbite. One in the script area in the theme’s options and the second in the footer. Leave just the one in the footer for example, and please for more questions come to the forum, i look there more often.