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I love Duotive5 for it’s extensive choices for setting up a site.

I understand that a part of it’s brilliance is it’s flexibility with the sliders. But is there anyway to produce a page that does not display a slider?

When working through my process funnels from page to page – some pages would work more effectively if I can disable the use of the slider.

Is there a way I can do this… as I can not find an option to do this.

(Sliders are great for grabbing attention and offering choices and bullet pointed messages… but going through a funnel you need to focus attention towards a very specific message and CTA – having a constant slider presence becomes counter productive – so a solution here would be a great way to make a great theme greater)

Yes, that is correct :) we try to offer as mush as we can.

You can add a Text widget inside the “Toolbar Language Area” widget area, that contains a h5 for example with the telephone number. If you’re using the Full-screen slideshow, I recommend adding a custom rule inside the Custom CSS field taht will increase the z-index of that widget, so the image doesn’t sit above the text.

If you need help with that, please come by our support forums and we’ll help you out.


Thanks – found it. I will test it. :-)

Okay, sure thing! You’re welcome!

Can I use “Duotive gallery slideshow” > layout 1 in front page ?

You can use it on any page :) And on the demo what you see there is already a frontpage.

I bougt this theme for 6 months ago. After a WP upgrade my sliders was gone. When i no add new images in a new slider, i can`t change the orders on the images. How do i upgrade to the newest upgrade of the theme without loosing the design?

I am sorry for your troubles. You will not loose the design with a theme update so feel free to update.

Is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.5.1? After the upgrade couldn´t upload pictures anymore… I don´t get an error, it opens the upload window full screen, choose the image, and then can´t click done, or save anywhere, I Just have to go back.

I hope you can tell me something soon. Thanks

You need to log in with the account you purchased the theme and re-download it. If that username is owned by another person, please try to get in contact as we don’t control these kind of things.

If you can’t get a hold of that person, please try Envato’s support.

I hope this helps.

I did log in with the other person username, and there`s nothing there. I`ll try with Envato’s support then. Thanks

You’re welcome.

Hi, your Duotive 5 is a really an amazing theme, wonderful esthetic quality and packed with features… considering to buy for a client. Also looking forward with anticipation to your next theme which I saw you mentioned will be responsive. Questions – in Duotive 5, can I: 1) use the gallery slideshow in the frontpage, and 2) do something to make it swipe-able on smartphone and ipad? I know Duotive 5 is not responsive, but it would be great if there were a way to make the gallery slideshow behave a little differently, sliding horizontally in response to touch on smartphone and ipad. Is this possible?

Hi. Thanks for your interest, but that is not possible. The sliders are hand made and when they where created that option was not created. Sorry. The future theme will have such features.

Hi I upgrade to wordpress 3.5.1 and the theme stop working properly. For example I can not open a widget that was already created. In any page I can only access the Visual part nor the HTML

Hi. Please update the theme and it will solve your issues. If you do have issues after the update, do start disabling plugins and see what causes the issues.

Hi I upgrade to wordpress 3.5.1 and the theme stop working properly. For example I can not open a widget that was already created. In any page I can only access the Visual part nor the HTML

That is the only way to update. As explained in the documentation.

Hi Duotive, I upgraded to Version 1.07 and deactivate all the plugin and still have the same issue. I activate the default theme twenty eleven and everything works, but not with your Theme… Please advise


Hi. You might be mistaken. I do not know. Please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and i will take a look.

Hi I have done a w3c scan of my site and it shows 28 css errors. So I did a scan of your demo site and that shows 17 css errors.

Is this something to be concerned about – a web consultant has said I should pay to have these fixed.

So I am confused – does the theme naturally have w3c non-compliant coding?

Should I be concerned about this like my consultant suggests?


Hi. Make the same scan on google, microsoft and apple and you tell me how important those are and how impossible is to make them 100% happy. Take a look. Also you might want to select html5 while scanning.

Hi, Wonderful work. I just updated my wordpress to the latest and uploaded and activated the theme. I immediately get an Error 500 (Internal Server Error).

“The website encountered an error while retrieving http://MYWEBSITE.com/wp-admin/themes.php?activated=true. It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.”


Thank you. I have done so. Please reply quickly as this is quite urgent.

Hi, I have sorted this issue out. It was due to a plugin confliction. I am yet to recognise which one it is though. I have disabled all plugins and activated the theme. And it works.

Thank you for the wonderful support.

Ah, glad to hear that! You’re welcome! Don’t forget to register on the forums for futher support requests.

Hi, can I change the size and number of thumbnails in grid layout? if so, how?

Hi. We can take a closer look at your change on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi I have created a project and portfolios in Duotive 5ive for the first time. I have it as a scroller on the home page.

Each project includes a gallery of work (images).

However when I try to view the projects I keep getting a 404 page. I have checked the documentation and reviewed the settings but I can not see why I would be getting a 404.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Issue solved.

It’s OK – I have fixed it. It was all my fault. I was using an add extension plugin to make the pages have a .html extension.

When I disabled this it worked fine.

Ah, okay :) Glad you solved it. For future support requests please sign up on our Suppor forums: http://support.duotive.org.

Best regards.

I got some font error. Font type is changed when you try to add latin characters as: ú, í, à, ñ… How can I solve it?


You need to use a font that support special characters. The font you’re currently using is not one of them, unfortunately. :(

Can I use an ecommerce plugin with this theme? I would love to purchase it if that is the case.

Some plugins may work, but if you want to create an online shop, i would suggest you go with a theme that was designed for this. Thanks for your interest anyway :)

Hi, This might be one of those stupid questions, but here it goes:

I want to insert and image that when click will go to an external URL (like Facebook) but instate is trying to open a pop up window and gave me an error: “image can not be loaded”

please advice


Hi. Remove the images class attribute and you will be fine.

Hello, I am interested in this theme. I would like to ask if the photos in the home page slider, can have a diffrent proportion in height and still full witdth in the home page. In my case would be photos with a 2:35 proportion, which a bit higher than the pictures in the theme demo.

In instead of the description box, it is possible to show only characters?

Thanks for your help

Hello. Thanks for your interest, however none is possible.

Hello! Thank you for the theme! I wanted to ask before buying if you could tell me if there are no problems with the change of languages. Can you explain how the system works in a nutshell? I have to write 2 times the same things in different languages???

Hello. It uses the classic po/mo file combination and the qtranslate pugin for content.

Another question:

I really like the style of font that you entered on the “Story”. Looks a lot like the logo I have for my site. you can change the color, font, or in any way personalize the site with its own style? For example I would like a different background with a different color than the green that you’ve put it another color. Example: I would like the font of the “Story” style “Denim”. is it possible?

Those are just example styles. You can change them in any way you want. Also the background images are not included, as the images used to create them are copyrighted.


I bought this theme a while ago and just got around to creating my site, (can’t remember my old udername and password and so I won’t come up as a buyer).

Great theme but I do have one question, and it may be a silly one, after making changes to the style, how do I save them?

Thanks, Mo

Hi there,

Please read the theme’s documentation. You’ll find the menu once you’re in the Duotive Admin Panel (“Docs”). :-)


I have, it says that the save option will appear once I have applied changes but this doesnt happen.

Than i cannot tell you what is wrong. Post a question on the forums, add your WP/FTP details to the profile and i will see what we can do – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi, Nice theme! I purchased it and am using it to build a site for a ski club. I used the gallery slideshow (layout 1) on the home page. it was working fine for a couple of weeks. It loads nicely when you first open the site but now it hangs every time the home page reloads.

It hangs in Firefox, Chrome and IE, both MAC and PC and on fast and slow connections. Works like a charm in Safari though.
I updated the page again, all images are optimized. Cleared the cache on the browsers, still hangs on reload. Not sure what to do next. Any ideas? The URL is : http://hungrynomadmaps.org/osc/

Thanks in advance for any help, Rosemary

Hi. Thanks :) I am glad you like it! The problem is that for the last slide – “Home Sweet Home!” – you do not have any image added. Please make sure that you have an image added using the upload button and also make sure that the image inserted is the full sized one and not smaller sizes. Also for theme support, if needed, please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Thanks for the prompt reply. Can’t believe I missed that! Works great now. Thanks again for the nice theme, very flexible. I plan to use it for another I’m developing.

You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words and also for considering to use it on another website. What i have to say, is to remind you that you need a license for every new website you use the theme on.