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Hello, any way to make this website responsive ? Any plugin could help ?

Hello. No, that is not possible. I am sorry. No plugin can make the theme responsive.

Hi, do you have a DEMO CONTENT for it? Cuz i think i can’t make any layout for that….if yes, i’m gonna buy that.

Hi. Well the theme is easy to use, so you can get up and running quickly. Demo content is not available because it will only make stuff harder.

Hi There,

Any chance of making duotive5 responsive & mobile compatible?

Hi. Nope. Sorry.

I have purchased and I can’t log onto the forum! I reset my password and still no luck. I am having trouble making a slide show for my home page. thanks

Well did you register first? There is no account auto created on purchase.

Hey I just see your Demo website it is Simply awesome. I want to buy it but is their any scope of responsiveness in next version or any way to do it.

I am searching from a week for a good theme for me This is the best theme for features i got but one major feature is absent :crying: .

if you are going to add responsiveness then i will think for this.



Thanks for cosidering the theme, but unfortunately we do not have plans to make the theme responsive.

You can also look at this theme – http://themeforest.net/item/duotive-keep-for-wordpress-/4930953 – it may suite your needs.

Dear Duotive, I’m choosing theme for photography portfolio site. I really like your themes but don’t know what to choose. I need light box gallery to provide easy access to photo albums and quick image viewing. So I saw it in Fortune and Three themes, but couldn’t find it in Five. So, is there any option to set lightbox gallery like in Fortune? As for me it’s not really suitable to close one picture to see another, like I saw it in a demo here. Or is it better to chose Fortune because of it? What would you recommend me?

Thanks for considering our tgemes. If fortune has what tou are looking for go with it. All features are shown in the demo, so if 5ive does not have what you need go for the other. Thanks

Will this work with WP 3.7.1? I recently updated and am getting the white screen of death. Thanks.

Support is offered on the support forums – support.duotive.org

Thanks for the information. This doesn’t answer my question. Is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.7.1?

You’re welcome. It should be fine with wordpress 3.7.1, that is why i will look at the support forum question and see what is wrong with the website.

Hello, I just had a look to Duotive 5ive. At the moment I am working with three. Do you hava a list with the changes from three to 5ive? At the moment I am having this problem: I can’t use your galleries because I am working with NextGen Gallery. It is very hard to change all the galleries in my post. Is it possible to work with both galleries in the new version?


No need to change the theme. Come to the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and i will do my best to fix the theme to work with the plugin you are using. It should be an easy fix, to save you form the need to upgrade/change.

My twitter feed has stopped working after the introduction of api. How do I add this info to a duotive 5 site?

Just update the theme.

My twitter feed has stopped working after the introduction of api. How do I add this info to a duotive 5 site?

Just update the theme.


On my blog I have a sidebar with archives etc It appears on the side but on the bottom of my blog and I would like it to appear on the top. I am wondering if this is happening because of something else I have done, e.g. a plugin. My website is paulstott.com

Regards Paul


The <section> with the ID of “sidebar” is not where it is supposed to be. Please disable all of your plugins and see if one of them causes the issue, if you can’t pin point the problem that way, please consider posting your issue on our support forums: http://support.duotive.org

Best regards, Duotive team

What a pity that this template haven’t a responsive update ;-(

:-( we will have a new theme that will be responsive and up to date with features and design in the future!

Is it possible to have a layer slider above the menu?


No, that is not possible out of the box. Only if you edit the header.php file.

This theme is outstanding!
I have developed a few websites with different themes, but 5five is simply a lot better than most others. Has great visual impact and flexible ways to present your content with minimal effort. Once you have your style sorted you can build a site very quickly. ooooh and by the way the support team are very prompt and efficient and will go out of there way to make it happen! Great theme, for my next project will have a look at the new duotive responsive theme – Keep. D

Thanks for your kind words! We are really glad that you are pleased with the theme!

I am using this theme on my website and it’s great but I have one small (ish) problem. I can’t access the support forum as the website was initially set up by an agency (Opencc) and they have since gone out of business. The lady there who bought the theme on our behalf (tania.halban@opencc.co.uk) is also nowhere to be found. Can you help?

Thanks for your kind words. If there is a small issue that we can get sorted here i will help out. If there are more issues, i will have to ask you to insist in contacting her and getting the purchase code.

Hi , all I need to know is how to set an accordian so that it is closed to begin with (not open). Thanks in advance, Jamie


Open the file wp-content/themes/duotive-5ive/js/jquery.custom.js and search for the code:
jQuery(".dt-accordion").accordion({ collapsible: true, active: 0, autoHeight: false });
and change it in this way:
jQuery(".dt-accordion").accordion({ collapsible: true, active: -1, autoHeight: false });


The read more tag does not work in your template. Can you tell us how tio fix this?

B.T.W.: Great theme! Thumbs up to you.



Please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and tell me more about the problem there, by posting a question.

You’re welcome.

Problem with visual edit post or page , the visual options of theme like (add html video, add html audio, pricing, tables, slideshows, gallerys, etc (all the visual options of duotive5) DON´T WORK on wordpress 3.9. Please i need a solution soon as possible. Thanks

Replied to the other post.

i cant download the update. i buy this theme for pooljardin.com. Please help soon as posible

You can download it with the account that you have purchased the theme with.

Hi! Is there a way to display the portfolio description on a portfolio page? I’m really struggling with that… Thanks for your attention!


We can take a look at your issue, but for that we will need you to come to the support forums and post your question there – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi does the theme is compatible with Wordpress 4.0 ?

it stopped working on WP 4.0. The author says it is compatible up to: 3.8.3 So i guess i have to retrograde to WP 3.8.3 to still use the plugin.. Or perhaps you have tested with WPML and the theme’s working with it on WP 4.0 ?

return to 3.8.1 because version after this one qtranslate is not working ;-(... So now i’m on version 3.8.1 for wordpress and version 1.12 for Duotive 5ive theme and the contact form on the contact page and contact form widget doesn’t work anymore ;-( Any idea why ?

Please come to the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – so we can solve your problems quicker. I look for questions on the forum much often than here.