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I have tried to register on your support forum – approved my license key – and I never received a confirmation email. So when i try to register both my user name and password fail and no way to recover. What do you suggest?

Hi. Probably it’s in the spam folder or you inserted an incorrect address. The server does work and sends 10s of emails every day. I can reset the password if you tell me the email address or the username, send them to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Thanks – I probably made a mistake with my email address. My user name is: cvcasalena (your server says it does recognise that user name) and my email address: chris@imagine-advertising.com

I cannot find your mail and your username. Did you try registering again? If it says you are blocked, send me the purchase code here – duotive at yahoo dot com – and i will make it available again.

Can I set the background image on individual pages and gallery pages? I saw this was a feature on some of your other themes but don’t see it explicitly written on this one. Just checking before I buy. Thanks!

Yes, that is possible :) sorry for the delay

Hi Just pre-buy question – is there an option in full screen slideshow to resize images (to fit browser window) instead of only cropping? AFAIK there is no such option in yours Fortune. thank you for answer. Mic

Hi. If you resize your browser and see the page – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/slideshows/duotive-full-screen-slideshow/ :) you will see that indeed it has that options.

Help I need to see can I hire you to install theme and demon content for the home page and inner pages?

Did you try reading the documentation on how to use the theme? We do not have freelance work at the time :( and also we cannot distribute the images from the demo because we do not have a resell license for them.

Will this theme support paypal or ecommerce plugins?

The css for such plugins was not created, but i presume that they will work, but you need to add CSS .

Do you think this would be difficult for a beginner to do? I would like to incorporate a shop for downloadable files, but am not familiar in writing CSS .

For a beginner any CSS is hard to write :( so if you want you can ask for a freelancers help. It should not be a hard job for someone who is familiar with woocommerce, for example.


I am considering to buy the theme as it looks really great and has some great features:) Just a pre sales question from my side. I see that the language switcher and the theme is addjusted to use qTranslate. Would the theme be compatible with WPML ? Would it be easy to adjust the lang switcher to use the WPML plugin ?

Thank you,


Hi. The problem with WPML is that it will not translate the sliders and the frontpage elements, because it does not have the language short-tags as qtranslate has. Also i do not have any experience with it, because it’s a premium plugin and we do not want to force customers to invest in plugins. Qtranslate does the job and it does it well. :)

Hi, thanks for the reply. I have already purchased the theme and just wanted to say good Job:). Works perfect, especialy the admin panel is amazing;) Just having some issue with qTranslate(not able to add additional languages), but it seems like this is not related to the theme, but a general problem with qTranslate.



Thanks for the purchase and for your kind words. If you want i can take a look at the language problem. Just post your question on the support forums and when you signup, add your WP and FTP details so i can take a closer look. The forums are located here – http://support.duotive.org/

installation message: Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-2575024-duotive-5ive-for-wordpress.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.


You need to unzip that file and inside you’ll find the file that needs to be uploaded. When you unzip the main file look inside the Documentation folder—you’ll find a file called documentation.html. Open that up and follow the instructions there. :D

LATER EDIT : Also, make sure you unzip the files into a folder and not open the documentation.html file from within the archive. If you do this the Docs won’t have any style applied.

I am sorry if this question has already been asked – but I have spent hours trying and not succeeding – how do I change the font sizes in I tried making a new style – editing current styles but they allow the font to be changed and the color – but I can’t find the sizes anywhere. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your reply – I am a little familiar with editing css style sheets in dreamweaver – but am olny just now learning wordpress and each theme is different – Can I download the css make the changes in dreamweaver then upload – or do I have to use the custom css option through the admin panel?

If I can download it – can you tell me which style sheet to alter? Thanks

Never mind – thank you – I found it – I needed to make the title font on the full width slider a bit bigger – and it was right on the css style sheet for the full width slider – great documentation and wonderful theme – I am still exploring all the different things it does – thanks for the good work and the fast response.

You’re welcome. I am glad you found the solution and thanks for your kind words :D You need to explore the theme. It can do a lot :D

Hi, I love your theme… one question, How I can set the side bar on the left side?


Hi. Thanks :) unfortunatley you cannpt. The theme does not have that option.

Is there a way to create a page without using a slideshow>

Please read the documentation, the slideshow area and the general settings area. It will explain how to put slideshows only on desired pages. If you want just to disable it on a page, than it’s impossible. You can just activate it on desired pages.

Hi, can i put content boxes in the front page? And do you have support for the one social login plugin?

Hi. You probably need text widgets, and the answer is yes, you can. I did not test and social login plugin, but if it’s coded properly it should work without problems.

can you recomend a social login pluguin that works with your theme?


We haven’t tested such plugins, so I can’t say much about that, but those are more Wordpress related, rather than theme related I believe.

Hi, just a few last questions: 1.- Can i use disquss plugin? 2.- I want to show a login text in top of the web page so the users can login and comment on my blog, using the default wordpress account or the from one social login. 3.-Can i change the menu nav colors and color effects, size? 4.- Do you know how to create custom wordpress pages using php?

Thanks :)


1. The theme uses the standard comments functions inside some tabs. If the disquss plugin works with that than it should be fine. I never used it, so i do not know what to say.

2. Login text? I do not know what you mean by login text so users can login. Maybe a link to a page where they can login? If that is the question, the theme out of the box cannot do that. Maybe using plugin.

3. You can change any colors in the theme :D

4. Yes, i know almost everything that you can do with wordpress, but what was the question about? :)

Excellent theme. This is the 3rd Duotive version that I’ve purchased. Can you give some guidance regarding image size to be used with Gallery Slideshow. It doesn’t seem to automatically size them.

Thanks :D The theme actually resizes them as long as you upload them prior to the theme activation. Without the theme active the image sizes required do not exist, so please upload new images. Also for more theme support please join us on the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

I am testing the effect of portfolios but why the “Grid layout” setting appear in my site is so different from the one shows in the live preview?

I know there is no image yet, but why the grid is only one grid per row (and make the page keep scrolling down with the development of site/increase of no. of project) ? and there are so much spacing between each grid? Have I made sth wrongly?

URL :http://aperture.hk/?page_id=95 so different compared with yours “http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/portfolio/grid-layout/”

Thanks in advance!!

Hello. That is simple. You did not attach images to the projects. For that you just have to click the upload button, located on the top left part of the visual editor ( right outside the visual editor ) and upload images that you want to appear there. Than click the save changes button and the theme will do the rest. Also for more theme support please join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

This theme is compatible with Woocommerce plugin?. Thanks for your assistance.

The theme should work with woocommerce, however the css for it is not created, so if your website will have a shop and will rely on the shop, i suggest a theme that has everything that woocommerce needs.

Love the theme and would purchase it in a heartbeat, but it doesn’t display properly on an iPad. Scrolling doesn’t work—there is no image beyond what initially loads. Any idea what’s wrong?

Thanks :D It should not be a problem,i think that is caused by the fact that you where viewing inside the demo changer. Try viewing the direct demo – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/ :D

Thank you—that works better!

You’re welcome

How Can I insert a youtube video on a widget or on a page?



Using standard methods, as explained in losts of videos on youtube. Here is a search for that topic : http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=how+to+embed+youtube+video+wordpress :D If you have more questions please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hello, is it possible to get the demo content xml for import? robert

Hello. The XML is useless. It does not import the dt panel settings and only makes a big chunk of useless content. Also we cannot give away the images, so i am sorry, but that is not possible.

OK. We also have a problem with the qTranslate language switcher. It works in Firefox but not in Chrome: http://www.lange-maschinenbau.de/2012/?lang=de It is visible but you cannot click on it.

Wops… missed the comment. Please post a question on the suppor forums – support.duotive.org and i will take a look at the issue. Also when you sign up please add your WP and FTP details so i can investigate properly.

Is this theme responsive?


Sorry, but Duotive 5ive is not a responsive theme. It works as it should on mobile devices and looks great, but the content is not responsive.

Thanks for asking!