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Hi, quick sales questions

On Frontpage example 1 – can I adjust the height of the slideshow? (it’s a bit too high for me). What are the dimensions by the way?

Plus: I need the whole top header to have a white background – is that possible (currently on the menu background is white with rest transparent).

You’re welcome.

1. I sent you a message with the documentation so you can take a look of what it can do. 2. Exactly. 3. Yes. :)

You guys rock!

:D Thanks

Several questions for portfolio section. 1. on the individual project, how do you keep the featured image from showing on the single project page? I want a specific crop for the thumbnail. 2. Is there not a way to create a slideshow of several portfolio items from within the project post window? I have a large portfolio, and it will be very tedious if I have to make a separate slideshow for every project post, just to show multiple images.

All theme support is handled on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

people are downloading my images from google images. Can i protect these in any way?

There are two things that we can do but a full protection is impossible because images are downloaded to a pc when a customer is viewing the website. We can disable right click on your website and we can stop google from indexing images from your website. If you want these please join the support forums – support.duotive.org

that’s not really an answer. You need top quality images to upload to fill backgrounds and then nothing can be done to protect? I have spent a fortune buying these officially, and now people can steal and I can do nothing about it?

And my fault over how images are managed on the internet is? This is not a theme issue and not even related to wordpress, but i offered to do something, so i really do not see the point of your attitude. If you really want to stop them add warermarks on the images as we did on the demo.

Sorry if you think I have an attitude. It’s not what I intended, maybe lost in translation. just very frustrated by doing things by the book when other don’t.

Appreciate your prompt response I will watermark.


Believe me i know :) my partner spent 15$ for an image that we used in the demo, that is why we watermarked them. Do the same :D

You’re welcome

Is it possible to have a sidebar on the front page? I selected the sidebar on the actual home page but it doesn’t show. Just checking. Thanks.

That is not possible because the frontpage template does not have a sidebar. Sorry. Also for more theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hello Duotive!

I really love the aesthetics of your theme and have spent a lot of time looking it over and trying to decided if this is the right theme for my portfolio. Is it possible to put videos in a lightbox type gallery? I am mainly just looking for 4 thumbnails of the videos on the same page and a player to pop up so a visitor doesn’t have to go to go to separate pages for each video and it doesn’t look like a blog.

Thank you.

Hello. Thanks for your kind words. That is not possible, but i advice you to look over big artists portfolios and you will see that professional portfolios go to a new page. And that is way better for google search. If you do not have an url for every portfolio, you loose a lot of searches, and therefor visitator and potential customers. That is why we decided to go with nrw pages. Do some research and you will see that what i say is true.

Thank you for your quick response. I will mule it over. Great theme either way though!

You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words.

Beautiful theme and options!! We are thinking of purchasing it for our new website, but have a few questions before we buy…

  • Is it possible to include a different Full Screen static background image on every page?
  • Is it possible to include a different Full Screen background animated slider on every page?
  • Do you know if your theme is compatible with the popular Quform – WordPress Form Builder? We need to use this form on our new website.
  • Our logo is significantly larger than your logo in the demo. Does the theme allow for large logos? Our logo is approximately 300px by 310px


Thanks for your kind words and thanks for considering our theme :)
  • Yes, as long as the style does not have a background color/image set for the header, content and footer areas and the website body is viewable. So yes, but with the correct style selected or created.
  • If you are talking about the full screen slider, yes you can have multiple sliders attached to different pages.
  • It should be. The css for forms is created and jquery is on compatibility mode so it should work.
  • The theme does not limit the logo size, but your menu would be smaller if the logo is that big.

My pleasure

Can I get access to the instructions for this template if I am helping a client to customize their theme?

You have them inside the theme panel -> Docs.

Thanks….I wanted to check before I took the job.

You’re welcome

Hello again!

Another question for you this theme since you pointed me into this theme, I like the feel of it a lot, even though I enjoyed the other one with the custom background per-page. Not sure if you can do that with this one or not but that would be one of my questions is that possible to have a custom background per-page?

Also if i wanted to have just a image on the main page where the sliders are would this be possible to do, vs. having a slider of images with information? I hope this all makes sense and sorry if I sound a little picky, I’m just trying to find a good theme for my snowboarding (video) site.

Thanks again for all the great help with answering my crazy questions!

Hello. That is possible. You can have a background on each page, just like fortune. And you can have a single image in a slideshow and remove all the controls and that lives you with a single image :) You’re welcome

Sold! Thank you i will be buying this real soon!

You’re welcome and thanks!

Do you have dummy content of this theme?

Replied to your email.

How do I enable layout background? My site is only with the references of widgets.

I could not do by looking at the manual.

site: www.ti1.com.br

I do not understand the question. Please explain betger when posting a support ticket here – http://suport.duotive.org

Hi Just wanted to check the slider option of thumbnail images .In that the thumbnail image can be expanded or not ?

Thanks . Its a beautiful site :)


Hi. Unfortunately those cannot expand, because they control the slideshow above and you cannot have two on click gestures that do two different things. Thanks for your kind words :)

I’m really interested in purchasing this theme, but I noticed its not fully compatible on my ipad 2 which is running on OS 6 . Will this be something you will be working on in the future.

I do not have an iPad 2 with OS6 on it, so if you can show me the errors i can tell you if we can fix them :) Thanks.

Hey really loved the theme and bought it, but know that the website is online the contactform does not seem to work. When the send form button is used the “loading circle”keeps cirkling and form is not send, i did put in the correct destination e-mail address.

link to page is: http://lesgoacademie.nl/?page_id=28

please let me know how to fix this problem, and keep up the good work.

thank you for help on this,

kind regards,


Hey. Thanks for your kind words :D You just need to redownload the theme, remove the older one and install the theme again, as explained in the update section in the theme docs. :) Please for more support join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ . Thanks :) and you’re welcome

Thanx for the quickreply, but does this mean i will loose all pages i made in the old theme, would be a hell of a job making alle pages again..

You’re welcome. You did not read the docs. Nothing will be lost.

well i did update the theme, but know my complete homepage with widget and information is lost, i only updated the theme. How is this possible?!



I love your template! I have a unique application and would really appreciate your input (as in you would save my life:D) So here it is: I need to have a video slide (not the kind that has a static image and you click to play video, but the actual video (vimeo) embedded on the slide. I need to somehow make this site scale down for mobile devices. Now before you tell me it is not supported, which I understand, I would just like a pointer in the right direction for a script or plugin that would generate a mobile version worthy of this Duotive 5ive full version ;).

Thank you in advance for your advice, A.

Hi. Thanks for your kind words. We disagree with those type of slides because they are heavy and slow the website a lot. Sorry about that. And the website is not responsive :( unfortunately. A mobile plugin? No plugin can do what the theme does, unfortunately. If the website is not in a hurry and you enjoy our work, i suggest waiting for our next theme :) it will be responsive and i think we will make a post slider that is responsive and with post content so vimeo videos can be an option. I do not have a deadline, but as soon as we can. I thank you for your interest and i am sorry we are not all that you are looking for.