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Morning How long will it be till your next theme release? As We are considering buying this theme again or awaiting your new release. Keep up the great work!


Thank you for your interest and support! The new theme is almost done, we’re working on the Demo websites and fixing/retouching here and there. We’ll then write the documentation and prepare the theme for launch.

Stay tuned! We promise it’ll be worth it.

Best regards, Duotive team.

Great -Will this be a march release?

I really hope so! We’re working hard on finishing touches and it’ll be worth to wait for. Thank you!

Hi there,

I would like to ask how could I translate Duotive Fortune theme? I have installed Loco Translate plugin for translating, translated some sentences, words, but nothing is happening, no changes are visible. Could you give me some advice, please?

Thank you very much! bonabo


Do you want to translate the theme strings or the content inside the pages or posts you have created? Did you have a look at the documentation that comes with the theme?

I’m sorry, I have already found what I was searching for – the Back To Top button, now I know it was an image and not needed translation, I’ve changed it. Thank for your time! :) bo

Oh, okay then :) You’re welcome!

Hello – I saw the comments from three months ago about the next theme release. Can you please tell me if the release will be ready soon?


Yes, that is true. We will be releasing the theme soon. There have been many things to polish and we’re still at it. We want to deliver a great product that will be helpful and flexible for many users. The launching demos are complete, we’re working on the main demo website right now.

If you want to receive an email when the theme will lunch, you can subscribe to our newsletter by going to our support forums and filling the form in the footer.

Thank you so much for your interest and patience.
Best regards!

hi, when it will be responsive design?


Duotive Fortune wasn’t built to be responsive. It was designed and developed when responsive wasn’t really a thing. The fact that it uses a lot of graphics as element backgrounds and — the main reason — it doesn’t have a responsive “skeleton” underneath it, making it responsive would require an entire re-write.

These are a few reasons why we can’t just “convert” the theme to be responsive.

We’re developing a new theme that is the best thing we ever created and it will be released soon™

We’re working on the main demo website. All the “other demos” (hint hint) are complete.

If you’re interested make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. http://support.duotive.org

Best regards,
Duotive team.

Four months ago your new theme was almost ready? Is there a chance it will be obsolete before it’s released.


Thank you for your interest and patience! No, the theme is good and it will be even better as time goes on. We’re still working hard on some finishing touches, trying to verify that everything works fine and as intended and we’re finding bugs here and there that we’re trying to iron out before release.

Demo websites are done, main demo website is nearly finished and we still have a small list of bugs to take care of.

I promise it’ll be worth it. We’ve been working on the theme for more than a year now and the amount of “stuff” we’ve put into it is something that we never done before. We’re only two guys with a very ambitious plan :-) The good thing is that we’re getting there!

I will try to hold out until it is released.

Thanks again for your support! We’ll deliver a great product!

Don’t now why the sidebar is out of place, going to the left: http://www.argentinetangolab.com/gabriel-argentine-tango/ Can you advise? Thank you.

Go to the duotive admin panel – advanced – custom css and paste the code below:
#content .page { width: 650px !important; }

You’re welcome.

Thank you, I did try with the code in but did not work. I found that the culprit is a plugin in installed, ‘ultimate pop’ which I like. After I deactivated the plugin everything went back to normal. Is there any way around this, so I can use the plugin as well? Thank you very much!

You’re welcome. Please join the forums – support.duotive.org – post a question and i will login and activate the plugin and see what i can do.

My slideshow on the homepage just disappeared. I can not add a new slideshow nor slides. Did not work in other posts too. It did not work in Wordpress 3.9 and I thought and update would help, so now I am working with wordpress 4.3.1 and the website is www.leclubmaritim.nl. Please help me.

We can take a look at your problem on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ . Please join, add your website details when signing up, create a question and we will take a look.

On the iPhone while viewing the Demo, block content is shifted to the right relative to footer sidebar, it also be the when looking to buy a theme?

Maybe we can fix that. What iphone version are you checking the theme out on?

I am using Version 1.47 of Duotive Fortune theme, the problem I’m having is that I can’t view/insert or upload picture into a new post via “Insert Media” except I switch to another theme.

Please what is the solution to this? Thanks in advance!

You will have to have the latest version of the theme. Also if that is the case, please join the support forums and post your question there.

Hello I try to submit a new ticket on your support page but Its seem that its not working…

So I put my question hear


I can’t access to general setting. I can see only general but not : Background, header and footer so I can’t personalize teh theme

When I click on background or header fo example I have a blanck page

I join you a photo

Kinds regards



What do you mean you cannot post on the forum? I need more details to know what is up and those details come from the forum when you signup. I can see the forum and it’s working. What is the problem when signin up?

How can obtain an update asap?

The installation fails with the message “Are you sure you want to do this” even with deleting the whole duotive theme with ftp and disable all plug-ins.

The problem was and still is that when I put a url link to a picture the theme is still trying to open the image path. When you click on the picture the redirection goes to another url. The first time it opens correctly. The second it won’t open again. It tries to open the image path. By disabling the theme it works well with basic themes.

To reinstall the theme is not working. It at least doesn’t solve the primary problems yet.

I managed to install the theme after I unzipped to mayor download file. After renaming the old version of the theme via ftp. So I can use the latest version. The thing is it didn’t solve the issue with the image. First I receive this extension in the address bar: /#!modal-window/0/ and the the pop up (In Chrome): “Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.” After closing the pop up the extension in the address bar changes in /#!prettyPhoto

Do you want to link an image to a page? Can you please show me the problem in more detail on the themes support forums: http://support.duotive.org/

Hi, Are you planing to update this theme anytime soon? Your last Update was 20 November 15 – Thanks !


Do you have issues with the theme that require an update?

hi, yes there is an issue duotive-> Background Header Footer Post settings Project settings Advanced not working

Hi. I can take a look at your issue if you join the support forums and post a question there. When you signup, please do add your WP/FTP details, so if there are fixed required i can make them.