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Hello, What a refreshing delight to see this awesome theme. I have my eye on it…(I own a web business). Best regards.

Hello. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to post a comment.

Have made purchase ~ Awesome theme!


Beautiful work duo, beautiful. One thing you might wanna take care of, though, is that the site doesn’t always fade in. You don’t wanna show an empty website do you :D?

Keep it up, I’ll do my best to spread the word about this masterpiece.

Thanks man. We are working on it. The host is having issue with the amount of traffic. The dedicated server cannot handle it at the moment. We are upgrading as we speak.

Yeah I imagined the traffic would be insane.

Hopefully it will break the updated server, again! :D

What a beautiful theme! Another masterpiece by duotive :)

Wow! Thank you! That means a lot to us!

Amazing theme, good luck with sales! :D

Thank you! :D

What a shame my banks server is down for maintenance tonight – can’t deposit credit right now – but will definely buy your wonderful theme tomorrow. This must be the best I have seen on Themeforest (ever). So looking forward to tweek this theme around. Good luck with sales!

Hi, ours was down too and we had to upgrade super fast to a better hosting solution, fortunately it worked out well. Thank you so much for your kind words! We greatly appreciate it! :)

Hi duotive,

very fresh and nice Design and to be honest an outstanding piece of work. Wish you good luck with sales mate! :)

Thank you! We really help everything goes well and our customers will be satisfied. :D

finally ;)

You can say that again! :D

I give up! Breathlessly gorgeous. A masterpiece. Taking out check book now!

Thank you for your generous words! :D

HOLY COW !!! Best theme on Themeforest to date – no comparisons!!! :) Thank you guys for caring enough about your customers to give them something that is functional, feature rich, and beautiful!!!! This is a rare gem in deed!!!

Working out a deal with a client right now. This is the theme I’m gotta go with!!!! May have some pre-sales questions soon after I look this over again!!! :)

We’re very pleased to hear that! See you soon then! :D

Mate, shouldn’t that be “Fourtune”?

Yes but, fourtune isn’t exactly a word :) (the green piece of the logo continues the letter t :D )

Awesome theme ! Please, can you explain how does language work ? For example: I have some plugins, for FORMS , and so I need to know if just changing the language in the dropdown, all site will be in another language and if I have to translate EACH post, or I can have some posts in one language but a complete different structure of categories and posts in another language. Thanks.

Hi! Thanks for your feedback! :D

To translate the theme we’ve created a section inside the Duotive Admin Panel v2 where you can edit each string it uses, like read more, search, form labels and so on. If that’s now what you’re looking for you can use another plugin to generate mo and po files.

The language dropdown widget is for qTranslate plugin, you can search for it to learn more about how it works, but the main idea is that you can translate everything. For example when you edit a post, you’ll have multiple tabs on the editor which represents each language you added. It’s a little hard to describe, I hope you got the idea.


Some Unique stuff going on.. Congrats Duo ! Great Work !

Thank you!

Wowww! Speechless… :) :)

We’re very happy you like it! ;)

awesome! one of the best theme here..

We’re very pleased to hear you say that! :) Thank you!

Firstly impressive but is there a loading speed drag between pages? Also how does it render on ipad, phone etc?

Will purchase immediately if these things are cleared up? The speed at my end is a bit of a worry? Was the reason why I didn’t purchase your previous theme but I must say the style and elegance of this is pure class.

Finally has it been tested with any cache plugins ie. w3 Total Cache?

Thanks for you interest. The loading speed are good, believe me. Maybe it will lag a little from the high load on the host. The website is fine on the iPhone or iPad. The theme is not designed purely for mobile devices.

@graphicencounters I am finding it works fine on my first-gen iPad. Looks great, too. Speed is not a problem at this time. I notice that when you click on a menu that has submenus on the iPad that is way over to the right, the theme seems to adjust for this and move. Very nice.

ah, wait a sec. Find that the Tom Cruise video player item is not loading on my iPad.

thanks for clearing that up. the video player is HTML5 . We supplied only the m4v video for it and safari on the iPad might not like that. With all the files supplied it should work just fine.

Here are a few pre-sales questions:

1) Can the text color be changed from the yellow/green color? 2) Are there any font alternatives included? 3) Is the presentation Slider the only one that allows video? 4) Can audio be played in a lightbox? I see video but not audio. 5) Can elements within each of the different frontpages be mix-matched? 6) Any chance of some Admin Panel screenshots?


1. You have a color picker and you can change them to any color you desire.
2. Yes, there a are a few fonts and you can upload your OWN fontfaces.
3. All of them, except the content slider, can open videos in a modal window. I will change the demo to suggest that.
4. The mp3 player, here: http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-fortune/styles/audio-player/ can only play mp3 like you see it. Not in a modal window.
5. Only some of them. Not all can be changed to be full width or half width.
6. We will update the admin panel screenshoots as soon as possible. It looks great :)

Thanks for your intrest in our theme.

Thanks for the feedback thejapanobserver. How is the loading speed?

The loading speed is fine. You may lag because of the high load in the demo. :)

Very Nicely Done!

Thanks :)

excellent work!

Thank you :d