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Hi, it’s again me..

I don’t understand how to do…Do you agree to give me mail or mine to echange on my subject ?

Thanxs :)

Hi. When you have the theme, feel free to join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi again,

I got it pretty much set up, just two small problems.

On the contact page the menu shows twice and there is a “Not Found” error: http://www.jewelmymoon.com/contact-us/

And when on a page the text on that particular page’s menu button kinda shrinks like so: http://imgur.com/5oQ7z OR http://imgur.com/7FFhr

Any ideas?

Sorry to bother you again and thanks!

Hi. For that i need your WP details and FTP details. Please if you have the license use the forums and if you have the bundle, than use the email as you used it before.

Hi Duotive,

Could you tell me how to install the widgets?

Thanks GlassFrog

Hi. You do not have a purchase badge, so i might presume that you have it from the bundle. For both cases ( you bought the theme with another account or bought it with the bundle ), watch the videos. That is why we created them. They will show how to install the widgets. They are in the documentation folder – double click the index.html file, and watch them.

For more support if you have the theme with another account please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ and if you have the bundle send questions via email – duotive at yahoo dot com.


I love your theme. I just had two quick questions. Is it possible to add a form on the main slider (full screen view, as shown on the default live preview) and video that will fill the screen when played?

Here’s an example of what I am asking.

Form: https://squareup.com Video: https://squareup.com/register

Thank you kindly!


Hi. Thanks. I am sorry, but none of the sliders can do what you showed me in those links. That is more a custom website than a theme.

This is one of my favorite themes! Does this theme work with buddypress? If so which buddypress theme and are there any installation tips or steps? Also, which caching would you recommend and are there any tutorials I may follow to optimize site speed without affecting the theme?


Thanks :) The theme was not created to work or tested with buddypress. You can try using – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/w3-total-cache/ – but this is useful if your host can handle it, if not it will just slow the website down. You have a panel that checks the compatibility inside the plugins page in wordpress.

Also, I lost my support password is it possible to create a new one for me and provide me the log in info and inbox here privately with the log in? Thanks

You have a password recovery field – http://support.duotive.org/bb-login.php?action=lostpassword – please use that to regain control of your account. If you do not even remember the username, than send me an email with the email that you used for registering the account and the purchase code and i will give you the best solution. The e-mail to send the info is duotive at yahoo dot com

Just had a simple question for you before i would make a purchase.

With this theme for the video players could you have it act like the main front page image sliders where you could have multiple videos scrolling?

I am sorry, but that is not possible. However a work around is to use the gallery slider for example and link every image to a video on youtube or vimeo.

And i would really recommend this approach with any theme because loading a lot of videos on the frontpage will slow the website down a lot.

Thanks for considering our work, and if you have more questions feel free to ask them.

hi man great theme , but i have this problem , images are not display you can chek hr http://chouihmohamed.com/cuisine/

Hi. We offer theme support here – http://support.duotive.org/ – please join the support forum.

Another question for you. For blog posts or any other type of page with a large image, could the images be replaces or have a video via youtube or vimeo instead of a image? This would be nice if this was possible? Thanks ahead of time!

http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-fortune/2011/11/many-possibilities/ http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-fortune/blog/blog-type-2/

This theme cannot do this. However we have another theme that has a much better blog layout. Check it out: http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/blog/ + and a video post – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-5ive/write-your-everyday-blog-in-a-simple-yet-powerful-enviroment/ – you can have youtube videos and self hosted videos there.

BEautfull theme but I have a problem

The general settings do not change the fonts, background color and background images

I click, the page refreshes but nothing changes

I buy the bundle and the site is http://www.tiaocabeleireiro.com

Thanks. Make the folder wp-content 755 and not 777.

Thank’s it’s worked perfectly


The support is great, fast and perfect

The theme is amazing. Very simple and intuitive


You’re welcome and thanks for your kind words!

Nice work “Duotive”!

May i ask where you found the source for the background images?


Thanks. I think you have it from the bundle. Is that correct? The background PSD file i located in the theme pack -> duotive-fortune-source-PSD-files.rar -> 03.duotive-fortune_custom-backgrounds.psd


Before bying this theme, I would like to ask is it compatible with third parties plugins for forums and business directories?

Hello. Thanks for considering. That is not something the theme was designed for, but they should work.

I am grateful to the author of this theme

This is the simplest and most complete theme i already bought

He is perfect and I will be purchasing other themes by this author

I do not know him, because i live in Brazil, but for me, it is the best author of Theme Forest

Thanks for the great job

Thanks for you kind words of apreciation :) we are glad that you like our product :D

Can you have different bg images on each page or just the homepage? Thanks

You can set a background image for any page, or if you are referring to the full screen slideshow, that is also possible on multiple pages.

When I attempt to add a front page to my site, I follow the directions on documentation video for adding a Front Page, I fill out the “Frontpage Name” and “Frontpage Description” and when I click “Add Frontpage” it loads and my page isnt added to the Frontpages. Please help me as soon as possible.

I am using WP 3 .4.2

Please use – support.duotive.org – for support and if you have the theme from the bundle send me a screenshot of your downloads area where the bundle is and your problems to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Please check your email.


It is also not allowing me to “add a new blog” under the blog tab.

Please use – support.duotive.org – for support and if you have the theme from the bundle send me a screenshot of your downloads area where the bundle is and your problems to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Please check your email.


hi there, what can i do to remove the bullets from this list on the home page?


and just keep the arrows?

Hi. If you bought the theme please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ . If you got the theme from the bundle please send this question to duotive at yahoo dot com

Dear Sir, Is this website plainly on HTML only as well? Please keep me posted.

The theme is only wordpress, it does not have a plain HTML version, because for 90% of customers it will be almost impossible to manage such a theme with plain HTML . :) Wordpress makes life easier :D

Hi i love your theme but i have a problem with the widget area, when i create the area sidebar and then when i use the fill on some page doesnt work. So i create a 3 sidebars and then i put different informtion on each sidebar but the wordpress doesnt take the information and also i erase all on the widget “General Before All Widget Area” so what i need to do. I think its not work for pages and also for post? please tell me. Thanks in advance.

Hi. Please post your question on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/. Also when you signup please add your WP and FTP details so i can take a closer look.

Hi i made my post on your support forum. Thanks in advance and i hope you can fix the problem and also to comment how to fixed. Thanks in advance. And really great work! Regards

Hi. I have a small problem.

I followed the tutorial videos to create the portfolio But when i click on the image to see details of the project the image does not appear on the page. Do you have any solutions?

Thanks and i Buy the bundle

The site and page is http://www.tiaocabeleireiro.com/?project=alisamento-de-uma-cliente

Hi. Support questions for the theme in the bundle are handled via email – duotive at yahoo dot com