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I set up and deployed the blog but for some reason it’s saying the page cannot be found, can you help me? I believe I followed your video tutorial exactly and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks.

Hello. Please post support question on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and when you signup please add your WP and FTP details so i can check what is wrong.


great theme! 1 quick question.. i’m using fullscreen background. is it possible to have it not fixed. I cant find that in options anywhere

Hello. Thanks. :) That is not possible, because the background scroll is only possible with the body of the website and the theme does not use the background on the body. Sorry. Also for future theme support questions, please post them on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi! I purchased this through the bundle. Is it possible to rearrange projects within a portfolio page? For instance, if I’m using the portfolio – full – slideshow page template, can I change the order of the projects on the page instead of the default sorted by time posted? I want to reverse it, and put my earliest post FIRST on the page. Thanks!

Hi. Just send me a request on the mail ( duotive at yahoo dot com ) with the page where you have it and your FTP details and i will try to make the change for you.

Just wanted to say I’ve been running this theme for several months now, and it’s pure genius!!

The even better part is the folks at Duotive (mainly Vlad on the forums) have given me support at a level I’ve never received. I WILL buy more themes/products from them as needed. By far one of the best themers on the envato network. Thanks again!! :)

Thanks for your kind words. We are glad you enjoy the theme and my support on the forums :D

Ciao. I purchased this through the bundle. To register to the forum I have to use the license of the bundle? Thanks

Ciao. On the forum only theme purchase codes can register. I can help you with one, two problems using email. Contact me if needed and if you watched the documentation video on duotive at yahoo dot com

Hello, I purchased this theme through the bundle pack a few months age, i am using the theme now but i can’t get into the support website. My code doesn’t work. Is there a way i can access it? I am needing some support.


Hello. In the support forums no. I can answer 1-2 question over email to duotive at yahoo dot com. Before that please watch the video tutorials.


First of all thanks for creating such a beautiful theme. I got the theme from bundle, I have found out that twitter is not working. I have mailed you please reply fast.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. You a reply. For the future please reframe from time constraints. Thanks.

Hi, I purchased this template in a envato bundle offer…. I have a problem with the Duotive Recent Tweets widget: I’ve put it in the rightsidebar but only appear the time difference text and bird logo but not the tweets. How can I fix it? Thank you very much and congratulations for the template. So far it is the best I’ve seen.


We recently released an update for this issue. Twitter changed their API so the older files aren’t valid anymore. Please send us an e-mail at duotive [at] yahoo [dot] com and I’d be glad to send the file to you. Make sure you include your current post in your message for future reference.

Kind regards.


I used your theme for a customer website. Its a great theme and the customer loves it. But I have a problem, the website pages loads very slow… I dont have this problem with the other websites on the server.. Can you please have a look at it and let me know what I did wrong that cause this so long loading time.


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I opened the URL you posted and the website seems to load normaly, but I have to admit I have a pretty good broadband connection. Usually, I would recommend using less images for slideshows, since the sizes are quite large. Also, make sure you use low resolution images and not pictures that come straight out of the camera (~6, ~8 MB). The bigger the images, the longer the time for processing.

I hope this helps! For further support, please visit our Support forums: http://support.duotive.org

Best regards.

Hello. Replied on the forums. Thanks for your kind words.

Hi, I’m having a huge problem when changed permalinks from default to / postname /. I get the 404 error, file not found. I looked through the forum and seems to be a lot of people with the same problem but not solved. Checked the ‘cache’ folder in the theme’s include folder and is writable. Don’t know what else I can do. Any idea? Thank you.

Hi. I do not consider that to be a huge problem, but if you say so :) I will take a look if you signup on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and ask a question there. Also add your FTP and WP details when you sign up. You probably made mistakes while configuring wordpress. The theme does not touch the permalink structure.

I understand what you’re saying but it is a problem for me because I spent so much time on it. I checked the WP and is fine, I also update it. I’ll try the forum again. Anyway it seems that others were having the same problem. Thanks anyway. I don’t have this problems with any other Themes i bought before. Strange. URL : www.argentinetangolab.com

See you on the forums. Also please post a question there and not just look around :) So i can go in and see what is wrong.

Hi! I purchased this theme through the bundle. Is it possible to update the theme? What do I need to do please? Thank you.

Hi. You probably need the widget. Send me an email to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will send it.

Why buy this theme from “Envato Birthday Bundle 2012” but can’t use license certificate register at http://support.duotive.org

Why buy it? Because you paid $1 for it. However there is no access to support or updates for it.

Can you tell me if I can set up a registration page and password protected content section using this theme? I read you have issues with people screwing up the theme with plug-ins, so I do not want to do that. I want to ask you, before I buy, if your theme can support this and how. Many thanks. (Beautiful and incredible admin BTW )

The theme out of the box does not have this functionality. If you have a plugin that does this, you can try it and if it fails i will take a look on the support forums, but i cannot guarantee that it will work. Thanks for your kinds words.

Hi, anyone know, how to setup the Duotive mini gallery widget? Thanks

Hi. Did you take a look at the video tutorials? If you did and you read what we told you to do after the textarea in the mini gallery widget, than come to the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and tell me what you did and i will tell you what is wrong.

Hi, I’ve added a frontpage. However, part of the intro is a passive. what is the reason. Thank you

Hi. Sorry, but i do not understand the question. Please post a question here – http://support.duotive.org/ – and elaborate more.

Hello, I need to change the element.style css that the full screen slider sets into the html automatically. How can i do this? I need the background pictures to be fullscreen and responsive, so i need to set the values to 100%. But the element.style overrides it.

Thanks, Spenser

Hello. Just add !important after the background size declaration. So it would be:
.selector { background-size:100% !important; }
Also please if you bought the theme, and not using it from the bundle, join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Thanks for the quick reply. I have already tried that. But the element.style always overrides it. Any other ideas? Or what can I change it to in the duotive-slider.php file? here is the website i am working on. http://parlor424.com/hair-designers


You’re welcome. You did not answer my question about the purchase of the theme. If you have it from the bundle send me an email to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will ask my partner to help you with the place where to add your background-size property and if you purchase it individually, come to the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

insert youtube video to portfolio its possible???

Go here – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-fortune/portfolios/portfolio-columns/full-width/3-columns-landscape/ – the theme demo and hover + click on the 3rd thumbnail, and you will see that it can hold youtube videos.

Is there a way of putting this web theme into HTML ? Please keep me posted. Regards.

It’s a wordpress theme. We do not make site template, just html because they can be stolen and used by anyone.