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how do I insert a link to a youtube video on the portfolio?

Project >>New Project >>> Add Media….....

where to put the link to youtube?

You do not have any purchase badges. Is this a support or a pre-purchase question?

Hello, I am a happy client of your theme I only have 1 current issue. The pricing table does not load as clean, the price seems to be formatted badly with the description. Check out my page:http://bootcampmontreal.com/bootcamp-price-plans can you please provide me a clean sample code of the box pricing style? Thank you

Replied to the other post.

fixed it! great!

Thanks! I am glad you like the theme and i am glad you solved your issue. If you need assistance in the future, please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi there , tested the theme , from a friend. Couldn’t get it working in Internet Explorer , shows all over the page. Before I buy , need to know that it works. Works on Google Chrome. Thanks

Hi. Thanks for your interest. I need to know, on what IE did you test?

Hi there , tested with IE8 and IE9 , Fierefox as well. Have a look in those browsers: www.ddproductions.co.za/defying-gravity

Thanks for the feedback!

At the moment all our websites are down. After they will be up i welcome you on the support forums – support.duotive.org – and ask qyestioms there. I tiught these where presale questions as i do not see a purchase badge.

Just thought I’d let you know for some reason your Live Demo site is down… On my PC it come through as an attack site and wouldn’t let view it even after I confirmed it wasn’t and on my Mac it takes me through to some random Raging Bull website… :/

Just thought you’d like to know.

We saw that. Used scanners and did not find anything. We will investigate more. Thanks for letting us know.

Also the next time I tried to open it on my Mac it automatically tried to download count13.php file…

We saw that. Used scanners and did not find anything. We will investigate more. Thanks for letting us know.

Dear users,

You might have noticed that at the moment our demo and support websites are offline. We are aware of this and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on solving this issue as we speak. Please have patience and hold your support requests until we have everything up and running again.

Thank you for your understanding!
Best regards,
Duotive team.

Is it possible to link an image to a URL instead of PrettyPhoto opening the lightbox?


Yes, that’s possible. Make sure the image inside the anchor doesn’t have any of these classses:


How can I have the search field open on page load and not having to click on it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Open the file /wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/js/jquery.custom.js and search and remove the code below:
    // search widget animations    
    function search_inactive() {
        $('#header-search-wrapper').stop().animate({width: '189px'}, 340);
        $('#header-search-wrapper').find('form').stop().animate({width:152, 'padding-left': 24}, 400);
        $('#header-search-wrapper').find('form input:text').stop().animate({'text-indent':0}, 200);        
    function search_active() {
        $('#header-search-wrapper').find('form input:text').stop().animate({'text-indent':'-200px'}, 100);
        $('#header-search-wrapper').stop().animate({width: '29px'}, 340);
        $('#header-search-wrapper').find('form').stop().animate({width:0, 'padding-left': 0}, 400);
    $('#header-search-button').click(function() {
        if($(this).attr('class') == 'inactive') {
        } else {

Hi, Does not open Support page. Do you have renovation work? thank you

Yes, we are making changes to the support forums :) It will be back as soon as possible. If you have problems that need immediate attention, just email me and i will take a look.

Hello, still unable to get on the support forums so I assume you guys are still sorting out stuff. I need help with my problem so I’m going to have to repost the problem on here as it’s been a week so hopefully you can help :)

I’m using the ‘Latest Work’ gallery element on the front page. When you hover over the images you get two icons that pop up one to view the image in lightbox and the other to go through to the portfolio item. Well I have no use for portfolio items, I just want to use this element on the front page as it’s a cool feature, so I just uploaded some gallery images to portfolio items so I could use it.

Could you direct me to where I need to go to remove the left icon that links through to the portfolio item, as I don’t need it and it goes no where? Also once removed the icon to view the image in lightbox will look odd going to the right so can you also direct me and tell me what code I need to edit to make the right icon appear centered rather than going to the right?

If I haven’t explained properly, let me know and I will try to explain better. Thanks.



The main site is nice yes, but we are redoing the forums as well :)

You’re welcome.

Yes, that mail is correct, but i reported your comment, because in that format it can bring spam to our email and we do not want that :)

Sweet, looking forward to seeing the new forums!!

OK, great! I’ve sent the email, subject – “Read More Icons – Support” easier to spot incase of spam!


Thanks! We will reply as soon as possible.

Quick question: I’m posting an image in the widget section of my website and want it to link to my Ebay store. When I click the image it tries to pull up the lightbox version instead. Any idea how to remove the “lightbox” from showing up so it just goes to the link? I’m not using any additional plugins for a lightbox.

Thank you.

Sure. Just remove the class attribute that the image has :)

You’re welcome

Hello. I found your theme really interesting. I have a construction company. I would like to ask if i can promote my work on the frontpage in a rather static form(what options are there) and not like posts and also have a different page to post my blog posts(either publish them through the website or getting a feed from my other blog). Thanks in advance

Hello. Thanks :) You can use porfolios and projects that have their own are in the admin panel and they are not the same as post, so you can have them separate.

hello i have a question please why thumbnails not working in any slide show ? thanks

Hello. Please ask the question from the account that you purchased the theme with and also share your website url so i can see what is wrong.

Hey Duotive,

I am unable to create a portfolio. I watched the video you provided in the help files, but whenever I click “Add New Portfolio” and click save changes, it doesn’t do anything. I have downloaded the latest version of this theme. Thank you in advance for your response.


Hey. Because the forums are down, please send me your problem along with your WP and FTP details over to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will take a look.

Hello, on the front page where in the demo you have the arrow image just after the text “read more”...how can I add in this arrow? There was no example of the code to placing the arrow in the tutorial videos…if you go to my site http://bootcampmontreal.com/, you will notice on the front page on the top widgets, I manually put in arrows beside get started; however, they are not aligned and as clean as the demo arrows.

Thank you in advance!

Replied below.

I got it!

Good work, i am glad you solved it :D

Hello, I’d like to customize the top navigation buttons, and make it transparent. I desperately tried to change values here and there (“firebugging”), replaced the “main-menu-*.png” images, but bellow there is a coloured block I really don’t get how to remove / hide. Could you please give me some tricks ? Thanks Seba

PS : Besides…. what a fantastic theme !!!!!!! ;)

How to get the demo content ?


Sorry we don’t include our demo content with our themes. On the other hand we have video tutorials which will help you greatly in achieving what you need to do, beyond our demo website.

Hi, I might have the same problem als ReaShantael: cannot create a portfolio. Please post the solution here. Thanks.

Jeroen | het Duikhuis | http://www.hetduikhuis.nl

Hi. The solution is to change the SQL_MODE to ”” for the database. The other solution that does not involve the host to change that setting, is something that i thought of some time ago and without a test on a problematic website i cannot tell if it works or not. If you host cannot change the mode, i will ask you for your FTP and WP details and i will try the idea. The mail to use to send the info is duotive at yahoo dot com.