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Hi; On the portfolio section(3 Columns landscape) of your Demo, 3rd thumbnail has got a youtube video embeded. When you close the popup without stoping the video, I can still hear the music in background. Basically video does not stop. Will you be able to provide me with a fix if i purchase the theme. I am happy with the rest of the theme.

Replied below.

Same issue as above in the Gallery Slider. Tx

Hi. Thanks for your interest in our product. I tested in Firefox, Chrome and IE, and it’s working fine. There are three things – maybe you are not letting it load all the way, maybe you are middle clicking on the link too and making it open in a background tab or maybe a browser plugin. This is the first time i hear of this issue and i am sure that the theme is fine. Make sure that what i said above is not the cause.

Hi you have the dummy content for this theme?

Hi. There is no dummy content unfortunately.

I buy it in the Bundle envato. But not listed here with buyer :(

No problem

Man I got no complaints. Got htis as a bundle item, will be buying more Duotive products within the week. Backend additions are slightly diferent to work with than those I have used with wptitans and some other favorites, but once the learning curve is over, this is well worth the price. Feel guilty getting something this good for free! Thank you so much.

Thanks for sharing your thought on our theme :) we are glad you like it and i am glad you think about using our themes in the future. Keep in mind that fortune and up have the flexibility you liked. Three does not. Thanks again.

now it’s v1.43 if i want to download v1.2 what i can do

Nothing really as it does not exist any more.

Hello, we want to buy this template, some questions:
1- Is this WP 3.5 ready?
2- Can we have an unique background for inner pages?
3- Can we have only 1 background instead of an SLIDE for HOME page?
4- Do you have, recommend or know any way to make your menu and sticky menu like the bigbang theme or similar to that template?
5- Also i dont see this theme to be responsive and is not looking very nice in the iphone, are you planning to make this responsive?, when?

Wait for your quick answer, thanks!

Hello. Thanks for your interest.

1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. You can have a slideshow with one slide or just a bg image as any other page.

4. Not possible because it looks horrible as it was npt designed for this.

5. It is not responsive and the design does not allow for this.Responsive themes, as you can see, have a lot simpler design.

You’re welcome!

Thank you very much for answer so fast. We are agree with all the answers, but regarding the responsive question (5), is not important to us to be responsive, but should be looking good from the iphone/ipad, and now is not looking very nice because the footer is not centered and the image background is also not looking very nice. Is there a way to fix this to look like in the desktop?

You’re welcome. I cannot make promises that i can fix it, but i promise i will do my best to make an update for it.

I purchased this in a bundle… I tried to register at the support forums but my code does not work. May be it has been answered already but there is no way I can know for sure… What about adding the Pinterest sharing url?

I’m very sad about the theme. Though it is true that it came with a bundle and I understand that the support is null, the version provided is worthless. It doesn’t work at all and even though the developer is willing to provide limited support, the version is so full of bugs and useless, it shouldn’t be provided at all. And although it was, again, in a bundle, I didn’t got the bundle for free. For all potential buyers out there, take your time and consider seriously the direct purchase, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a useless and unsupported version.

Issues: Background color options not showing, Slideshow not showing. Thumbnails in gallery not showing, nothing is showing! Upgraded to wp3.5 to see if anything worked and now all menu options are showing only half… Frustrating!

The theme in the bundle is an earlier version. At the time wordpress 3.5 did not exist. The bundle items where sold with the description “NO UPDATES, NO SUPPORT, SOLD AS IS”.

However with customers that have asked for it, i have sent the updated version of the theme. So what you are doing here is USELESS and childish. If you read the theme update log, you will see that there was an update for wordpress 3.5.

Potential customers, the theme is fine. If you bought the theme, and even the bundle, you can always update the theme to the current version and ask for some help, and i will help. This is just a bad example on how to handle things. Take notes on how not to approach an author.

I purchased it in a bundle and was pleasantly surprised to find this gem! This is by far the BEST Template I own (and I have purchased a lot)!!! The main reason is that this theme is SO thorough and packed with features and layouts that it reduces the amount of plugins you need to install! Less plugins = faster site. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Glad to hear that! :) We’re happy our work suits your needs! Happy holidays!

Hi, I bought the theme officially, but for some reason the slideshow doesn’t work, images are not shown and it says ‘Please upload image’ on a slide. The URLs I entered for the images are correct and I only use the Akismet Plugin, no other plugins are used. Anyone knows what’s wrong?

Hi. Please post your question on the support forums – support.duotive.org and when you signup add the info requested so i can take a look at the problem. Thanks.

Hi. Please post your question on the support forums – support.duotive.org and when you signup add the info requested so i can take a look at the problem. Thanks.

Hi. i want choose the theme for multi languages: Persian, Arabic, and English. and my main language is Persian (Farsi). In Persian, if everything is symmetry? is this Compatible to RTL languages? Thanks.

Hi. Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately the theme does not have an RTL stylehseet, so it will be inverted. However the characters will work, so if you have someone to make the css/html changes it should be fine.

What happen with the ‘menu setting’ for the time. After updating to the latest WP version adding ‘submenu’ to the main menu is not working anymore. What I mean is, when I try to drag a new menu button I created to make it as submenu, is not possible to drag anymore. You can add new button to the menu but can not drag as a submenu.

Did you update the theme? If not please do update it. If you did update it join us on the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and i will take a closer look.

Hello, how exactly can I make the generated drop down arrow dark on the page: http://bootcampmontreal.com/bootcamp-price-plans it appears so light the drop down arrow you can barely see it.

Replied on the forums. Remember, your deadline are not our deadlines. I just got out of bed to reply to this, and going back to bed now.

I logged into support and Vlad was quick to answer! Thanks

You’re welcome

I buy it in the Bundle envato.

When I using iPhone to view the website full screen slider is no working. how to fix this problem ?

The theme was not created for phones, so no plans where included to make it work 100% with the iPhone. It cannot be fixed.

Hi, We are using Duotive Fortune theme and we update the Wordpress version from 3.2 to 3.5.After updating admin side interfaces not work properly.That is visual editor is gone away and drag and drop is not work. Can you please give me assistance to rectify above problem. its very urgent now


I assume you got the update from the Envato Bundle. Please e-mail us at duotive[at]yahoo[dot]com and we’ll try to help you there.

If that’s not the case, please post the question from the account with which you made the purchase.

The WP3.5 update was addressed in our latest theme updates.

Best regards.

Hi I have installed the theme and the plugins but i have one problem with trying to upload the background and logo or anything at all in the general setting of duotive…... when ever i click on upload logo or upload bg nothing happens. please reply ASAP

Thank you

Hi. I need to see the problem up close, so please come to the forums and add your WP details when you signup. Also make sure that you have the theme updated. The forums are here -http://support.duotive.org/

hi, I bought the template in the package. I do not know if I can ask for help … I’ll try: everything works fine except the plugin twitter ….. I know why? Thank you, Angelo www.tranvieridiroma.it/aiarp/

Hi. That is because you do not have the latest version of the theme. Send us an email to duotive at yahoo dot com, asking for the update and also with a screenshot proof of purchase and i will send you the latest theme version.

You forgot about proof of purchase screenshot and also i reported your above comment because you will get spam.

Love this theme so much! Any chance you are going to make a responsive theme? Is there a way to make this one responsive?..

Thanks :) our next theme will be responsive. This theme is not designed to be responsive, so it’s not possible. I am sorry. Maybe our next theme!?

Hi Duotive.
Used this theme for a client a couple of months ago and liked it very much, but as the client’s needs have changed its non-responsiveness is now an issue.
You mentioned above that your next theme will be responsive. When will that be released, as I like your work and want to keep using your products.


Thanks :) I am glad to hear that. :) With responsive comes new challenges and code changes. We are taking them one by one and we want to have the best that we can offer at the time, so i cannot predict a release time, unfortunately. But i can say that we are working on it and will be finished as soon as possible.

Hi, I have the same problem as:vinaypal

Hi, We are using Duotive Fortune theme and we update the Wordpress version from 3.2 to 3.5.After updating admin side interfaces not work properly.That is visual editor is gone away and drag and drop is not work. Can you please give me assistance to rectify above problem. What is the answer to this?


Please update the theme. It’s as simple as that. And also for more theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/