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Hi DT,

Is it possible to make the content background (let say dark theme) become little bit transparent? so then we can see the picture of the background if we set it under full screen slideshow. So it can look so cool.



That is not possible, because the elements in the theme overlay at some points and making them transparent will only show the overlays and it will look horrible. I am sorry, but it was not designed for this.

How do I update the theme if I bought the bundle?

With the theme from the bundle updates are not included. I have asked them to update the pack from the bundle, but they did not really care. So… please email me and ask me for the update and also send me a screenshot purchase proof and i will send you the updated files.

Hi like urbanimages I also purchased this template in a bundle. I went to the website to enter the code for the update and it did not work. May I also receive this update as well.

Hi. Than do what i told him to do. Send out an email with a request and a screenshot purchase proof to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Will this theme be made responsive?

Is there a filler files for this theme? Like a content inport file? I cannot seem to locate it if so. Thanks in advance :)

I would love to know how to do that, but unfortunately i do not know how to make it work with extra features that we added, so the importer does nothing for the theme, and therefor we have no import file.

Nevertheless, i think that this is better, because without it customers will watch the videos and get a better idea about the theme and not start asking questions without considering the documentation.

For theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

This theme was bought as bundle package (Envato Birthday Bundle 2012). But PURCHASE CODE from this bundle don’t work. Some suggestion how can I join to support forum? Thanks a lot.

You cannot join the forum with that key, because the bundle was sold as is and without support or updates. However i can help out with a question or two, if you send an email to duotive at yahoo dot com.

Is there a way to add a data field to the contact form built into this theme?

Do you mean an extra field? If there is only one i will be happy to add if for you on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi, absolutely love the theme, gonna purchase it right away. I just have a question on customization, seeing how there are tons of options. I am a web designer, i haven’t switched up navigation designs in wordpress templates before. But I am wondering if i am able to customize the navigation header/links?


Thank you for choosing our theme! We’re delighted to hear that!
Customizing the theme is fairly easy if you have experience with CSS. We encourage theme customization by including the Custom CSS field inside the Duotive Admin Panel.

Please keep in mind that using the Custom CSS field is the better choice, rather than modifying the theme’s files (if possible). Updates will become more easy to deal with if the files are unaltered.

Thanks again for your kind words and support!
I hope this helps!

Best regards!

How can I get a phone number in the header beside the search icon?

By editing the header.php file. I can give you a hand on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

I have the latest version just downloaded it yesterday and for some reason the emails are not working. Any suggestions ?

None. I can take a look and give you a suggestion if you join the forums, add your FTP/WP details when you sign-up and post a question. :)

What i ment to say was the Contact form emails are not working

I understand but the answer is the same. I need to see it.

Hello, Good Day,

I bought the theme of you with a package Envato Birthday Bundle 2012. Now I’m in trouble and I think we need to update it. How should I do?

Hello. Good day. Like i answered on this comment page for some tens of times. Send over to duotive at yahoo dot com a proof of your purchase and a request for the update and i will send it to you.

Are you going to make responsive template?

In the future yes. Our next theme is responsive. This theme will not be converted to responsive.

I’ve currently purchased this theme. I’ve uploaded all the files and my word-press admin has given me a white screen and also the site I’m working on has given me a white screen. Please could anyone help me with this as I cannot progress


Thank you for purchasing our theme!

Please register on our support forums and we’ll try to sort things out as fast as possible. Here’s the link: http://support.duotive.org. Follow the instructions there and also add some details about your website (fill the form fields accordingly), so we can actually have a look at what you’re dealing with.

Thank you!

Dear duotive,

First of all, awesome design!

But is there a way to reduce the size of images that are inside a portfolio? (without changing the orignial phoo size) Because they all appear full size when the portfolio opens :(

Thanks for your kind words. Is this a support question and you have the theme from the bundle? If so please send your question and a screenshot proof of purchase to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will take a closer look.

Hello!! First off great design! Just finished purchasing it and i’m looking forward to finally getting my site up.. I’ve had the worst of luck with a previous site and let me tell you the fact that their is a response to every customer’s post is what convinced me! I’m not exactly a web design genius but I can hold my own and it’s nice to see that questions will be answered. :-)

Thank you for the purchase! We’re very much pleased to hear that! We usually answer only quick questions in the theme’s comment section, for more extensive ones we would like to invite you on our Support Forums. Here’s the link: http://support.duotive.org

Hopefully there won’t be any need for that :) and everything goes well with the theme, but as much as we like to be optimistic we must still keep an open mind.

Thanks again for your support!
Best regards.


When I change the permalinks on my website the blogtypes don’t work. They automaticaly change into the normal blogtype. Also in the blog title it changes into Category archives:.

Also when the permalinks are changed in the portfolio the permalink beomes: www.mywebsite.com/prtfolio-item/post. I don’t want portfolio item in the permalink. How can I remove this.

In waiting for your respons.

Hello. Theme support is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi, I am wondering if you have any plan to make this great theme responsive/retina ready at some point! Thanks!!

Hi. For this theme no, we have however a future theme almost ready that will be responsive. Thanks for your kind words.

I upload simple gallery. I can see small pictures, but when I click it, message is displayed: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist.

How to solve this?

Edit your page with the text editor, and for the gallery shortcode add the parameter: link=”file” . Also theme support is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/


You’re welcome!

hello ….i have purchased the theme and built www.afoitouloumi.gr…...i have one question. how to i create a page with no slider??it seems as if i have created all the pages with sliders…too must lost space thanks in advance


Thank you for purchasing our theme! :)

If you open up the Duotive Admin Panel > Slideshow > Slideshow settings > General > there’s an option there called “General slideshow”. Set that to “Use on page / Off”. This way a slideshow will appear only if you select one from within the Post/Page edit page (Duotive Options Panel, below the Visual Editor).

For further support questions, please register on our forums at http://support.duotive.org

Best regards.

Thanks alot it worked….but how can i place it only on the frontpage??

You need to select the slideshow from the dropdown menu when editing the Page that is asigned as a frontpage. The location of that options is described above. You’re welcome! :)

Hi, duoGiants My client loved dt fortune with fullscreen slideshow and wants it. 1. FORM He needs a form with custom fields for a job application. The dtfortune form is exclusive for Contact page or is customizable and can be used in two pages (Job application and Contact)? If it is exclusive for Contact page, does dtfortune accept any form plugin? Or do you recommend some form plugin for the Job application? 2. MAPS As my client has a brand and 3 stores, he needs 1 page with a Region Map of the 3 stores and 3 pages with a Map of each store. We don’t need the map at the Contact page. What would you do in my place? Does dtfortune’s resources allow that or do I need a map plugin? Does dtfortune allow any plugin or it has restrictions? Thanx and congratulations for your work. mantf

No problem.

Hi, dear friend.

1) I’m using dt-fortune and a dt-gallery on Frontpage. The pop-up window that opens when I click on a photo shows a word “Undefined”. I’d like to eliminate it. Could you show me how?

2) As I said before, I’m having trouble with the Contact Form 7 and I’ll appreciate your help in this. If you could take a look, please, send me an email adress. If you can’t, please let me know.

Thank you, very much.

Hi. We replied here than because the forums where under renovations. Please come to the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and we will see what we can do.