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Hi there!

Great theme! I have a little question. Please help me.

How can i put the background not static?, that mean when i scroll with the mouse in vertical the website i would like to continue scrolling the background with the same website. Because today its static the background and when you scroll vertical the website all move to the up so i would like to put the same background with the all content website. I hope i describe my idea. Please help me on this. Thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for your comment!

The good news is that it can be done.
The other good news is that you can join our Support Forums where you can post this request and fill the form with the information we need in order to help you out.

So I gues there’s no bad news here :)

Here’s the forum URL: http://support.duotive.org


Great theme !

i noticed in the full background slideshow images are not resizing .. i use images 1920×1080 ..

is there a way to re-size the background image ?



First of all, thank you for your comment!

If you’re using the Duotive Full-Screen slideshow, we can tweak the code to get the results you’re looking for. For this, you need to register on our support forums, fill the form over there and post this request.

Here’s the URL: http://support.duotive.org

also i have a second question

is there a way i can add gallery slideshow in to a page content ?


The main slideshows have their own area, so you cannot place them anywhere else than their original position. However there are a lot of shortcodes that can be used to have a slideshow/gallery within a page/post’s content.

Hey, I really am enjoying your theme so far. Also, thank you for all the great video tutorials. I have followed your video instructions to set up blog style 5 and all that shows up is blog style 1 unfortunately. I do not have any extra plugins installed other than Coming Soon Pro; I’m running 3.5.1 of WP and your latest theme download. Any idea what could be causing this?

Hey. Please trash that page, delete it from page, delete the entry in duotive blog panel, and create it again. Also thanks for your kind words and please for future theme support, join us on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Does this theme support any E-commerce Plugins?

It has not been tested with any, so i cannot tell you if it works or not. Sorry.

Greetings, I wonder if there is any way to automatically rotate the Nivo slideshow that appears with the shortcode “dt-slideshow”, no matter if I have to edit the jquery, I just need to know how to do it, thank you very much.

Greetings. Do you mean auto-play? We can take a look at tell you what to do on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

yeah, that meant, thank you very much, I followed the instructions on the forum and I did it without problems

You’re welcome.

Hi and congratulations for the excellent work! I have a request if feasible … you can make sure that only the background in frontpage follow the flow of the page rather than stand still? thanks and congratulations again!!

Hi. Thanks for your kind words. Please join the forums – support.duotive.org – post your question, and shared your website’s URL and let’s see what we can do.

Hi…......i’ve already registered on your Support Forum; now i’m no longer able to login; says user does not exist??

fyi…If I logon here, I am “Unable” to logon [Says User not Found] http://renklibeyaz.com/forum/bb-login.php fyi…If I logon here, I am successful: http://support.duotive.org/

What’s the difference between the forums?

oooops, please ignore this thread…..my mistake

I have really liked working with this theme. Congratulations. So. Are you looking to produce any new themes, particularly responsive ones that also are compatiable with eCommerce plugins (WooCommerce, Shopp, etc) and BuddyPress ? And if so is there a timeline ?

Hi. We do have a theme almost finished, but it’s just responsive, no ecommerce or buddypress inclusion unfortunately, because it was a lot of work without them. Maybe our next iteration will have such features.


Really love the theme. I have a slightly older version, 1.43, and the drop and drag functionality isn’t working when I try to reorder on frontpages. I saw there was a fix to the admin panel on v1.45 so I was wondering if there was something I can to update the admin panel without buying a whole new license. I got this theme here on Themeforest, and it was either a free file of the month or part of one of their birthday bundles (don’t remember which) but the theme’s license.txt file is blank and the key from the birthday bundles didn’t work, so I have not been able to access the duotive forums for help.

Not sure what to do next and I’m not strong enough in javascript & jquery yet to mess around with the backend. What are my options?

Hi. Thanks for your kind words. Just send over a screenshot proof of purchase for the bundle over to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will send you the update.

Thank you so much, will send right away.

You’re welcome.

my twitter feed on side bar and footer are not working it says recent tweets and below that….15813 days ago via, help a sucka out

ok ill give that a shot

everything is updated is still says it @ salonartiginao.com

Ok. Join the forums – http://support.duotive.org – and i will take a look.


I bought this theme along with the “Envato Birthday Bundle 2012”.

I would like to know how to download your last theme’s update.

Tks, Ricardo

Hello. Please send me a screenshot purchase proof and i will send the update. The email is duotive at yahoo dot com.

how do you video from youtube to the content slider?

you do not. does the demo have this feature, and i did not understand you?

ok i just want add a video from youtube to one of my slideshows, how do i do it.

Does the demo have such a feature? It does not, so it is not possible.

Hi Vlad and Duotive Team, I used to have access to the support site for Duotive Fortune, but now my old username and password don’t seem to work and the login screen on http://support.duotive.org/ does not appear to have a “Lost password” link anymore.

Am I missing something? How can I retrieve/reset my password?

Many thanks!

Hi. When it tells you that the password/username are wrong, you are redirected to a wordpress login screen. There you have a forgot password link. Use that. You’re welcome.


Glad you solved.

i just tried to post question in the forum , i guess it didnt post, the question , on my front page is there a way to get my latest work with description area to get the user to click on the pic and video pop up? salonartigiano.net….if not is there a way when the click the pic that the featured image doesnt appear behind the video…prefer first option, thanks.

Try posting again on the forums and a more shorter and correct description because i did not understand.

Hello I have been using 1920×1080 pics for the background but when i went to a bigger screen(i mac 27”) i could see a white frame..what dimensions sould i use or what settingw are there to cover this white frame?? Thanks

what is your mac 27” resolution? use that resolution.

thanks alot…what a dumb question…thanks…

You’re welcome.


How far away is the responsive version of this theme?

Regards Chris

Hi. Of this theme it will not come. Sorry. Only our next theme that will come out soon.

Good Afternoon,

I bought Duotive Three last year and I’m very happy with it, but I would like to make some changes. Therefore I want to buy a new theme. Because your support is great, as well as your templates I want to buy one of your themes. Can you tell me the most important differences betwoon Duotive Fortune and Duotive Five? Is the latest theme always the “best”? How long do you support the older themes? Further, I can’t seem to log in with the support page. Is there a way I can change my password? Thanks!


We’re very pleased to hear you enjoy our work. As far as support goes, we’re still answering question for our first theme, so we always try to help, no matter how old the theme is.

The main difference between Duotive Fortune and 5ive is that, the latter is more advanced (better code, custom styles, better typography and visual balance, etc.). Yes, you could say that our latest theme will be the more advanced one.

There is a Forgot password method on the forums, so feel free to use that one. But, you can always create a new account if you have a new license key.

Hope this helps!
Best regards.

hello I have built http://enduromediterraneo.com/. How can i put a partner scroller and a latest work slider?? Thanks

Hello. Please watch the tutorial videos on a guide on how to create a front page. That is why we spent the time to create them.

ok found it…...but can i add 2 partner scrollers??

Sorry, only one Partner scroller per Frontpage.