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Quick question :)

In the contact form, there is a “Company:” field. How to change the wording to “Address:” instead?

I love the theme ! Very elegant and has tons of variations to use :bigsmile:


You can do that in the Languages panel inside the DT Admin panel. :) For theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and also thanks for your kind words.

Hello I want to add a translator for Greek language.All the webpage is written in English. I need it to be a custom translation written by me. Can i do it with a plugin??

Please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – as that is the place where we offer theme support.

i have to login with my purchase number..where do i find it?


When you’re on the Registration page, there’s a blue informational box. Here’s what the last sentance says: “Don’t know where to get the code from? Find out!”. Click the “Find out!” link and you’ll see a diagram on how to acquire the license key for your copy of the theme.

Best regards!


I need to say, that this theme is awesome….but I have problem with timthumb.php. No image is displayed when you call this file. All settings are OK, persmissions set, and I get error 404. Do you have any idea how to solve this? Could be problem, since the site is at the moment on temporary address like ~sitename.


Hello. The problem is the ~ in the site URL. That i am sure of. Maybe some other problems, but that is surely a problem. Also for theme support please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi Thank you for prompt replay. I will wait till we move to regular domain. In meantime, please, could you provide information, where can I change some code for Galleries? I found for slider file php but cant find for Galleries.

Thank you for help. We will register on your forum later.

Hi. You’re welcome, but i told you where you can get support. I cannot see a purchase code on your account here, so please come to the forums. If you have the theme from the bundle, please send proof of purchase to duotive at yahoo dot com along with the question and we will talk there.

Hi, Duotive. Like your theme, love it, it’s really powerfull and tremendously entertainment

Have a problem – and I don’t see anything similar in the comments. The issue is – theme works OK on the remote server but on local host (I use Denwer last version with Package of additions for PHP5) the sliders don’t show images and miniatures. They show headings, description, arrows, timer, scroller, etc… but instead of images and miniatures there are only their “ALTs”

Because everything is good with remote server I suppose that problem is in the local server, though other wordpress themes and CMSs like Opencart, for example, work without questions

Build a site remotely is not convenient for me. I do it on local server and when the work is done and site is tested – upload it on remote server. So I need your theme to work without issues on local host. I am even ready to change Denwer for smth else that you know will not give issues with your theme

I bought your awesome theme with Envato Birthday Bundle and I am ready to pay $50 separately for your theme to get your support.

But there is one condition: I need your guarantee that you’ll help me with my questions and will not say that you are stuck with my problem and don’t know what to do.

Sincerely hope, that your answer make me buy the regular licence for your theme, and that I didn’t vainly spend my time studing your themes documentation (I am really lack of time working on current project), and I won’t have a need to seek for smth else.

Waiting for your reply, Thanks in ahead


Thanks for your kind words.

If your localhost environment does not have GD library the image resize script does not work. I have no idea what you are using for the localhost, as i have never heard of that. It’s a russian product and i do not read russian so i cannot help you more than tell you that you do not have that library installed.

Developing preferences are for choices that everyone does. I understand your choice.

I can try to help, but i have no idea what your problem is, like the localhost one, i cannot go overboard and promise that i can fix everything. I am not a wordpress/server God. As said, i will do my best to help you out, as i do any other customer, but this to my knowledge and THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE CUSTOM CHANGES TO YOUR WEBSITE. I can help with some small change questions, but big customization IS OUT OF THE QUESTION.

You’re welcome. PS. Caps are for important stuff and not shouts :)

Hi, thank you for answer!

I’ve checked info.php locally and remotely. Local server has gd-library installed. The difference with remote one is absence of “XPM Support” parameter: don’t know what it serves for.

Perhaps you can advise turn-key english-language package for localhost with latest PHP5, Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin. Of course, experienced people can install all these without need of use third party packages – but I never did it and don’t know how to do

Really, it will be frustration for me if I couldn’t use your theme cos it’s one of the most spectacular and hooks the eye.

So, will you give an advise?

Hi. You’re welcome. You can try http://www.wampserver.com/en/ or http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/ and it will most likely work.

Hi Duotive, installed XAMPP – and have the same problem – sliders don’t work locally

I forgot to say that galleries which are created by shortcodes are working OK but sliders (fullwidth, content, etc) show ALTs instead of images.

I could suppose problems with your theme in Envato Bundle – but it works OK on remote server.

Perhaps I am doing smth wrong. Cannot realize where to seek for.

And if it work for me what can i do? Try wamp and if that does not work either, view the image source and tell me what error message it gives you.

Hello. I have the website www.enduromediterraneo.com I have installed the Polylang plugin which works good 100% perfect. The only problem i have is with my frontpage. The main language is in English and the secondary is in Greek. Thus i have created all the pages in the website two times (one in greek & one in english). I have also created two frontpages for this reason. But when i turn the language to Greek, although posts,galleries & projects turn to the greek version, the main title of “Latest work with description” for example stay in English. i tried changing the frontpage on the greek version of the Home page but is seem that both the greek and the english page turn to the same frontpage i assign them to…


Please join our support forums at http://support.duotive.org. We’ll try to help you out there. Also, when you register your account, please fill in the access informations to your website so we can take a closer look at what can be done. Hopefully this is not a hassle for you.

Best regards.

Could you please tell me where you get your stock photos from? I’m working on a salon site and the owner loves the photos in your demos.



We got the stock photography from Dreamstime [dot] com.

Best regards.

Hallo, I did a website with the Duotive theme over 6 months now and its all been good untill 2 days ago when all images are suddenly not displaying. A quick check on the backend shows all images are there and even inspecting the links on the site shows the images are there but they are not displaying right from the slider to the scrolling projects and products.

What could be the issue here?


Without access to the WordPress installation we can’t say much about it. Please join our support forums at http://support.duotive.org, register—while doing this please take your time to fill the WordPress access information, so we can save time in the long-run—and post your issue there. We’ll try to take care of it as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you!
Best regards,
Duotive team.

Hi there :)

I am having problems with my front page art popping up in its own page rather than “opening in modal” which is what I have it set for. Please help. Thank you!


Theme support is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/


I purchased your Duotive Fortune theme as part of the Envato Birthday Bundle 2012, but I have only just started using it. I tried registering on your website but the purchase code with the bundle doesn’t allow me to register, as it says the code is invalid.

My problem is, when I add a url link to an image on the front page, it seems to always try and open the link in a modal window instead of directing the browser to the page. What can I do to stop this from happening?

Kind regards


Thanks! That is because the forum accepts codes that are for the theme and the bundle code does not represent the theme. Support forums are only for theme purchases and not bundle purchases.

To remove that effect, you need to remove the class attribute that the img tag has. For example you can have <img class=”alignleft ….” src=”....” />, and you have to remove the class=”...”

Hi: A pre-buy question. Is possible sort the proyects by category or tag, instead of filtering? What I need specifically is that when selecting a category of projects, the other proyects are not remove only be located at the end of the thumbnails. Thanks.

Hi. I am sorry, but the most important part of the question, does not make sense to me. Please try giving a better explanation.

Hi. I am having a problem adding links to pictures on pages. What can be wrong??

Hi. Well because you are using images inserted with wordpress, those images are usually linked to bigger images so the modal window comes and wants to open a bigger image. To make it stop doing that you need to remove the image class attribute. Also theme support is offered on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – please join for theme support.

thanks you very much…you are always spot on….

You’re welcome

I didn’t bought this theme separately, but I bought with bundle and I hope that it’s not a problem to ask you something:
I’m following your tutorial right now, it goes well so far, but I can’t “click and drag” like you done it tutorial “11. Duotive Fortune – Frontpage” on timecode 7:27. I tried in chome, firefox and ie, and now way to rearrange items :(
Of course I’m not trying to move “Intro paragraph(not sortable)”, but others below…

Will reply now. You’re welcome.

It works now! Thanks \\

You’re welcome. You really like upside down stuff :D

Hi there. I received the following information from my programmer. Hope you can respond with a solution. Thanks.

“I purchased the theme “duotive-fortune” and found plugin and widgets are missing in it. I can say these are missing because you have file change log mentioning plugin and widgets: http://themeforest.net/item/duotive-fortune-wordpress-theme/895089"


They are not missing. You did not hire a programmer. :|

Unzip the duotive-widgets.zip file into wp-content/plugins/ and your widgets will be there.

Does this theme supports multi level menu? Thank you

i want to make projects sortable. with 3 multi lvl menu

You are asking about the main menu right? If it can have drop downs on more than 1 level. If so that is correct, it can have more than one level drop downs. BUT the theme already has a filtrable portfolio style. Go here to see it – http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-fortune/portfolios/portfolio-masonry-layout/


Tweeter is not working in the footer http://sabalindia.org/ please provide the update.

You hqve to send me a prrof of purchase to duotive at yahoo dot com and i will send you the update.

I have mailed you the proof please send me the update as soon as possible.

Replied with the update and the instructions needed for the new twitter widget.

Nice work. Very unique! I am looking for the ability to have a image background or slide show background as your live preview front page shows with a ‘gap between the header/ menu and main content. Can you control the slider so that thumbnails on right and controls are not viewable? Thanks Mike

Thanks! Yes, you can set the height for all the sliders in one place and you can remove the thumbnails and the content and just have the simple image slider.

Hello, I like your theme.I have one prepurchase question. Does your theme suport Czech language.I’m leaving in the Czech republic so I need my webpage in that language.

Thank you Gabriela

Hello. Thanks! I am happy that you like it. Yes, it should work fine. If characters do not show up, you just need to chose another font that might have them, from the drop down menu.

hi, I also bought bundled with the theme …. it is possible to update twitter? thank you, Angelo angsalerno@hotmail.it

You’re welcome. I have also replied.

you can update with bundle 2012?

Sorry for the delay. I do not understand the question.

I’m having an issue with the full screen slider within my wp-admin. When I upload the images they are not loading into the slideshow to show onto my website. I spoke with someone that believes it is a glitch within the template and was wondering if there is anyway to fix it?

We can take a look at your issue on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ . When signing-up please add all the relevant details, so i can take a closer look.