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When you have the blog set as the front page it says “blog frontpage” where the page title goes. Where do I change that title name when I have the blog on the homepage?

Change the title of the page set as your frontpage :)

For theme support, please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – as if i misunderstood the question or you have other questions, i can take a look, and give a better answer.

Are you going to make this responsive in the future?

Unfortunately, there are no such plans. I am sorry.

Theme not working any more. After trying to update it. Now I always see the same view: http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/Marchius6gc/ScreenShot2013-12-15at93720PM.png I reinstalled WP, re-uploaded all theme – nothing helps. Page works again, if I change to other theme. [URL=http://s5.photobucket.com/user/Marchius6gc/media/ScreenShot2013-12-15at93720PM.png.html][IMG]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y185/Marchius6gc/ScreenShot2013-12-15at93720PM.png[/IMG][/URL]

If that is wordpress 3.8, please wait until tomorrow when i will take a look at all our themes with the new wordpress 3.8. If that is not wordpress 3.8, please join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and i will take a look there.

I am not saying that the theme doesn’t work with 3.8, i am saying that i did not test it out, just yet.

it is 3.8…

At a first glance the theme does not break on the front-end with the wp 3.8 update. Please join the forums and i will take a look at your issue there.

i believe that in your changelog you meant this:

wp-content/thems/duotive-three/images/twitter-widget-favorite.png – added wp-content/thems/duotive-three/images/twitter-widget-reply.png – added wp-content/thems/duotive-three/images/twitter-widget-retweet.png – added

to be:

wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/images/twitter-widget-favorite.png – added wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/images/twitter-widget-reply.png – added wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/images/twitter-widget-retweet.png – added


Yea, you are correct!

When are you going to make this theme responsive?

Unfortunately we do not have plans on making it responsive.

This is such a nice theme. I wish you would make it wider and responsive. I would purchase it. It has just enough elegance to be versatile and classy for many different things. I especially like the way the sidebar goes into the title section. As a designer I can do some cool things with that and it’s a refreshing difference from the flat norm because it looks less boxy that way. The simple little details are what I look for so I don’t have to tweak them myself (simple box details, structural lines, nicely styled text that matches the style, blog image boxes that aren’t too wide for my clients to have to crop themselves, filtered portfolios that transition smoothly etc). I really love this theme (I got it in a bundle). I used it in a website before I knew to use responsive theme and sadly had to look for another theme to replace it (which was difficult because this theme was perfect). I hope you will consider making another one similar to this in responsive form. I would purchase it.

Blessings :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, i really appreciate it. I am glad you like the theme, but the design itself makes it not possible to make the theme responsive :(

That is why you see more and more boxy themes out recently, because those are the ones that can be mode responsive. We have a new theme on the works, but it’s not designed like this theme, it’s more like the three theme in terms of design and like no other theme from us in terms of functionality.

We know that responsive is something that customers are looking for, but unfortunately the interest in our themes is not that high to motivate a 1-2 months of work per theme to try to make them responsive. Thanks for your feedback and i am sad that you are not using the theme for the website, but at the moment the theme was out, there was no trend with responsive themes!


Hi I like this theme and just have a few questions before I buy it…

1. Is it the logo at the left hand top and I just wonder if I can resize it and move it? also if it work with a JPEG or PNG file?

2. This theme have no toggle short code or?

3. I am a little bit worried. I am living in Cambodia and the internet is not the best so it take time to load the site here, anyway I can make it faster? Remove something like that

4. Can I take away all content on the star tpage if I want so I just have one big image like a photo site with the logo and menu

Hi and thanks for your interest.

1. The logo can be bigger, but cannot be centered or right aligned. That size is what we recommend and what looks best with the theme. The logo is png and you can also use jpg, but png is preferred for the transparency.

2. No it does not have a toggle. Only accordion.

3. The theme loads pretty fast, but if the internet is slow it may take time. Also you are seeing a fully featured demo of the theme that has a lot of content. If you want a simpler website it will load faster.

4. You can set a custom page as the front page and in that page’s content have the image, so yes, it’s possible.

Thanks for your interest and i apologize for the delay in answering.


How do I update the theme? I cant find the download in my themeforest account anymore?

Thanks Joe

When you go to your account you have a downloads page. But you did not use this account to get the theme.

Hello, first of all congrats on the creation of this theme. It’s amazing and i just bought it.

Now i have 1 question:

When i activated the theme it cames with just one page called “Sample Page”. There is any manual or way to put my theme just like the theme that you have on the preview and then change the it?

Hope hear from you soon, regards.


I have answered your question on the support forums!

Hi I’m planning to buy this theme. One question first – When you change the pages – there is a little green progress bar – can this be removed easily? Thanks

Hi. Yes, that can be removed from the admin panel. Thanks!

Hi Purchased now how can i have the demo content uploaded ? Thanks


We did not advertise as the theme pack having the demo content, so i am sorry, but i cannot give it to you, because there is no import/export system created.

Hey guys, I am trying to insert a video on the start page. Unfortunately it does`t look as good as this example (http://demo.duotive.org/duotive-fortune/styles/video-player/)

Is there a way to insert it straight on the start page?



I can take a look at what you have at the moment and what i can do to help you out, but for that i need you to join the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – post a question and we will discuss there.

I want to know if this template supports pluging to sell such as e-Commerce or other. thanks

Plugins like that should work, but the theme was not created for it, so if you are looking for a commerce centered website you should get one that is created for this purpose.

Hi, slide order not working. mouse click or drag but not working

Hi. Update the theme and it will be fine.

how do i upgrade this and if i do, will it undo all the post, portfolios, etc i have done.

You have documentation that comes with theme. Please check it out.

Hi, after updating my server to the newest PHP 5.4 Slideshow stopped working (in admin panel all the slides are gone and on the main site the slideshow is not visible). My Wordpress version is 3.9.2


Open the file wp-content/themes/duotive-fortune/includes/duotive-admin/duotive-front-page-manager.php and replace the current check_db_existance function with the one below:
        function check_db_existance($table) {
            global $wpdb;
            if($wpdb->get_var("SHOW TABLES LIKE '$table'") != $table) {
                return FALSE;        
            else return TRUE;

Thanks a lot, perfect solution! Slider is back :)

You’re welcome.

Hi Duotive, Is it possible to add the Partner Scroller to other pages other than the Frontpage? If yes, how to do this? Thanks


The only possible scenario is to set the front page template to any other page that you want and use it there too.

Than for the content of the page you can have anything you want using the page content module.

You’re welcome.

hello this theme why woocommerce support ? and Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined error template ?

and android footer left:0 px ? this bug ?


The theme was not created to work with woocommerce, however i can take a look at the issues on our support forums, if you join and post a question there. The URL is – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi! Do you plan to upgrade Worpress 4.0? Thank you: Katalin

The theme works fine with wordpress 4.0 from my tests.

Hi. I would like to ask how can i show the presentation slider only on the frontpage and not on all pages? Thanks

And something else…..while editing a page…the 2nd and 3rd line of tool buttons seems not to be there…what is wrong?

Where can i find the tutorial videos??


Open the zip file that you downloaded from Themeforest. Inside you’ll find a folder called Documentation. Double-click on the index.html file inside the folder and then you can go through the video tutorials which will explain all the things you need to know about the theme.

Best of luck!