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Hi Guys,

I have duotive fortune and am using the following. Main Menu item links to page with portfolio with previews of 4 projects. I want to click one of the projects and be led to a post instead of opening a page with the portfolio on? Can someone tell me how to do this please.

Found a workaround so doesnt matter

Ok. You are welcomed to join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – to get support faster.

In a post can you design it in multiple columns? i want 3 colums with image text and link in each column so i can display links to other pages horizontal rather than vertical?

got sorted. figured it out

Ok. You are welcomed to join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – to get support faster.

Hi Guys,

My slideshow on my front-page is cropping all of my images, is there any way of taking off the crop to display the full images? Any help would be good thanks.


We can take a look at what we can do on the support forums – http://support.duotive.org/

Please create an account and post the question there.

Hello there,

I have problems with the intallation of the theme. Once the theme is activated, I can no longer access the site.

Can you please help me? best regards


We can take a look at the problem, but you have to join the forums, add your website details when you signup and post a question. See you there – http://support.duotive.org/

Hi there,

I’ve had this theme installed for about a year now, and it’s been fantastic. Recently though, some problems started appearing. Two major issues that I can spot:

It has recently gone out of sync somehow with Visual Composer, causing anything that has an animation, image gallery, or any other type of interactive functionality to either disappear, or break. Any ideas?

And also the Twitter widget that I have currently in the footer is blank. It was in the middle column of the footer, and caused also the third column to disappear. I’ve swapped those two widgets, and the middle column has now reappeared.

Just updated to the latest version (1.196 I believe). Any thoughts on how to fix this will be appreciated.

Many thanks, Ryan


I did not test visual composer with the keep theme, but i have used it for our next theme, so i can take a closer look if you join the forums – http://support.duotive.org/ – and post a question there. Also please share your details when you signup so i can login and fix it, if i can.

Ok great, will make a post on your forum. Thanks, R

You’re welcome.

Will this theme be updated for WordPress 4.0?

It works with wordpress 4.0 without any updates :)


Can I ask, is it possible to add CSS driven text overlay to the images in the main banner of this theme (similar to how you have done in the Duotive three theme).



To make the theme responsive, we had to make the text come on click. On mobile devices there is no room for text over the images.

Thanks for your interest.

Before I buy this theme, I have one question. Im currently running a site on Duotive 5, but we need a responsive theme. If I go with this one, I want to keep the same slider and portfolio content intact. Is it an easy switch? I’d like to keep the reworking to a minimum. Thanks!

The transition should be fairly easy from 5ive to Keep. But if you encounter issues with it, we can help you on the support forums to get it working. Thanks for your interest in our product!

You’re welcome!

Hi, I notice all of your themes have been updated in the last day or so; are you able to post what the updates are and what files are affected – many thanks


Every theme has an update log on its description page, here on Themeforest. Please check them to see what changed and what you need to update (if you want to do it manually).

Hint: It was a PrettyPhoto update, for Keep.

Is it possible to duplicate a section of the Frontpage? I’d like to be able to use the ‘Latest work with description’ block more than one.

Out of the box no. If you want to make it two i can take a look on the support forums, but to make it reapeatable no. Join the forums and pot a question if you want two :)


Is it possible to set the Duotive Gallery Slideshow full browser width? like Duotive 5 > Slideshows > Layout 1


That is possible with some custom CSS. However the end of the row of images will end up in the middle of the screen and there is no easy way for fix that.